How to Organize An Easter Egg Hunt

Organizing an Easter egg hunt is such a lovely way to celebrate Easter Sunday as a family. They are fun for children of all ages and they are easy enough to set up. My oldest son is now three-and-a-half years old and he is looking forward to the Easter egg hunt this year. We have gone to community centre and organized Easter egg hunts for the past couple of years so this will be our fist official Easter egg hunt at home.

Here’s how you can organize an Easter egg hunt


  • Chocolate Easter eggs, you can get a variety. (Kinder offers an Egg hunt kit that has a selection of eggs that would be perfect!, you can also get plastic eggs and fill them with candy, smaller chocolate eggs or small toys)
  • Paper bags
  • Craft materials, paint, crayons etc
  • Pen and Paper


  • Set up the location where the Easter egg hunt is going to happen, the backyard for example.
  • Set up a boundary for the game so the children know where to look for the eggs.
  • Hide the Easter eggs in places little ones can reach, you can spread the eggs in the lawn, hide them on trees, bushes etc.
  • Make a list of Β the hiding places, especially the “hard to find” ones.
  • Before the hunt starts get your children to decorate the paper bags with Easter themed pictures and colours.
  • Set up a few ground rules and make sure children understand them, for example chocolate consumption before the hunt ends etc.


  • Hide a few “golden” eggs and have small prizes ready to give to whoever finds them.
  • Ensure all children get the same amount of eggs by having them come to check in when they collect a certain number of eggs, wait until they all return and then they can go looking for more again.
  • If they collect a lot of chocolate trade in some of the chocolate for small toys, colouring materials, stickers etc.

Will Easter Egg hunts become a family tradition in your family?

How to Organize An Easter Egg Hunt