Sundays: You Gotta Love Sundays & Newborns!

I love Sundays! In fact Sunday is my favorite day of the entire week. Not only it is my day for sleeping in but it is also the one day when there is no appointments, no rush, no schedule and we usually make no plans so everything is open. It is our family day!
On Sundays we usually have brunch instead of breakfast & lunch and we all wear our pajamas until 11:00 a.m.  LOVE it!

Oatmeal Face + Robot Pajamas = LOVE

Robot Pajamas 

Plus I get to write about our week!

Last week my son and I went to the hospital to visit a friend and her newborn cutie. She had her daughter less than a week ago and we went for a short visit, she is a first time mommy.   I have already forgotten about how tiny babies are when they are born,   seriously!  I am so used to carrying my 23lbs baby that holding an 8lbs newborn was shocking.

Oh newborns are so adorable, tiny and cuddly! All they want to do is snuggle and cuddle and get close to your skin to feel your skin against theirs.  It took me back to about a year ago when my son was born.  Just precious!

At the hospital my son was very curious to see the new baby and he was “talking” to her and just smiling and enjoying the visit (all of this while he was in my arms). Then before leaving I asked if I could hold my friend’s baby. I placed my son in his stroller ready to go and the minute I held her he lost it. He was screaming and crying and just NOT pleased AT ALL.  I had to give her back and rush to console my own baby.

Our experience at the hospital made me think about what happens when you have a second baby. We have talked about a second baby and we know we would love to have a brother/sister for our son (at some point / perhaps a few years from now though). But this really made me THINK about it.  I spend my entire days with my son, he needs me 100%, I am his world and he is mine.  How can I be thinking about bringing somebody else into the world when he IS my priority right now? Plus seeing her baby reminded me about how much time and energy and attention newborns require.

At the same time I know millions of people manage to have two or more kids very close in age and they have a happy family. I am not an only child and neither is my husband so I know it should be o.k., but still, do you feel less “guilty” if your baby is older when you start planning for number two? Or am I the only one that feels some sort of “guilt” even thinking about a having a second baby at this point?

I am definitively not saying it is wrong. Not at all. I am just talking about my own feelings and what works in our family. Besides I don’t know how I would feel in a year or two, when he is more independent and needs me less and less.

If you have more than one child or if you are planning to have a second/third. Was it easy to make the decision to have another child? How many years in between did you wait?

I LIVE to see his smile and share his joy everyday!

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8 responses to “Sundays: You Gotta Love Sundays & Newborns!”

  1. Mmm, I remember cozy days with my newborns… such a wonderful time!

  2. I was really scared to have a second baby. I just had our second and they are almost 3 years apart. It is really funny how it has changed now. After my 2nd child was born I already want another. Not sure how that worked 🙂

  3. There are two years between our first and second and 3 years between our second and third. They are very close in age and get along really well. I knew I wanted 2 children so I had the first 2 without a thought and then we decided we wanted one more which is why the 3 years between.

  4. We have 2 kids right now and hope for another one soon. My 2 kids are almost 2 years apart. My youngest one is almost 5, so the 3rd child would be a big ajustment since there is such an age difference.

  5. Love to play with my kids and would love more

  6. Sunday is a great day to set aside for playtime!

  7. I adore my time with my newborn daughter. We definitly intend to have more children, but likt you, I can’t imagine doing this again with a toddler added to the mix.

  8. My baby girl is 6 weeks old, and so I’m nearing the end of that cozy, cuddly newborn phase. The first three weeks were terribly hard, but now we’re establishing a routine and it’s so much easier to enjoy my baby now that I’m less exhausted and she’s less overwhelmed by the world in general.

    My husband and I plan on having two children, so it’s more a question of when, rather than if. My youngest sisters are only 15 months apart, and I think that’s a little close for us, but maybe 18 months-2 years would be a comfortable gap. I have five younger siblings myself, and while I know that sometimes my parent’s attention was stretched thin, and there was sibling rivalry a LOT, I would never trade my siblings for anything, and I want to make sure my daughter has that experience too.

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