Departing summer hath assumed
An aspect tenderly illumed,
The gentlest look of spring;
That calls from yonder leafy shade
Unfaded, yet prepared to fade,
A timely carolling.


– William Wordsworth, September
Don’t you just love how unplanned days turn out to be the best days EVER?  Like ending up at the park on a beautiful afternoon and having the best time after acting on an impulse?

I am a routine and schedules type of person, I love planning my day and knowing what I am doing, where and at what time. I am always prepared and bring my bag filled with things that I would need whenever I go.  Well, this afternoon it was different.  It was just half and hour before bedtime and ten minutes after my husband came home from work when we said: “Let’s go for a walk,  let’s break the routine!”.

This time I didn’t take my diaper bag filled with “what ifs”. We took the stroller and left on our walk, I didn’t ask questions or tried to figure out where or what we were doing,  we just simply walked. We ended up at the park, a park we have visited before, where I always came prepared, I always had a mat or a towel to put on the ground for us to sit and of course toys, wipes, blankets….

Well my friends, this time it was different.  Little rocks, sand and grass were underneath us. Little hands were touching and playing and no wipes were being used to clean them. There were no toys because the leaves and tiny twigs became toys. It was perfect. Unplanned and beautiful. Organic and natural.

We came home after our little adventure and after a warm bath, milk and story time our son was peacefully asleep.  As I left his room I wondered why our lives were so full of schedules and routines and what ifs. I want my son to have fun and enjoy life and explore. I should really start worrying less about the dirt on his hands or the next nap time.  I should relax and enjoy and live in the present even if I don’t know where we are going next.   Life is just too beautiful to not stop and enjoy the moment.

Time goes by way too fast and before we know it he will be all grown up.  I better sit and relax and enjoy the moment, the precious moments that will never come back!

Oh, what a beautiful afternoon we had!  Now, be sure to enjoy YOURS! 🙂