Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

By Contributor Zahra Alani

I recently had the opportunity to explore the beautiful Sunshine Coast while driving in style and luxury in the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus SUV. This mid-size crossover has a distinctive design and extensive amenity options. 

Firstly, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of the sleek exterior. The 2019 is a refresh on last year’s model; now with a horizontal grille and a more refined look. The sculpted exterior gives the model an elegant appeal. Further displayed with a sequence of available lighting that projects the Lincoln logo onto the ground as you approach your vehicle. It’s an extra cool factor and chic presentation.

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV



You can opt for the all-new turbocharged base engine, 2.0 litre 4-cylinder with 250 horsepower or a 2.7 litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine, with 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft. torque.  Both engines include Auto Start-Stop capability plus a new eight-speed automatic transmission. With either choice, you will experience a smooth and powerful ride.


The Nautilus is a roomy 5-seater with generous rear-seat space, reclining rear seats, and available panoramic vista roof that spans both rows of seating. With the rear seats up, the Nautilus offers 1.05 cubic meters of cargo room. Convenient control buttons easily lower the seats to allow for almost 2.0 cubic meters of significant cargo space. With the seats up, there is plenty of room for groceries and other items. Access to the cargo area is made easier with the Hands-free Power Liftgate. With my hands often full when accessing the cargo area, this additional feature was much appreciated. I also love how the seats go down with ease with a press of a button. This feature was used frequently as I took the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus on a road trip!


My road trip took me to the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  This was a great place to be with the new Nautilus. There are windy and unpaved roads, nature for hours and a relaxed vibe. As I cruised along the highway, I noticed that there was very little wind and road noise intrusion. Noise control within the cabin is managed well, and the engine is quiet. This helps to enjoy the Revel Audio System, that aims to — and delivers in giving you a live-music experience within the comfort of your vehicle. You can crank the volume up yet keep it contained within your vehicle. Perfect for a road trip!

Comfort and leisure are a big part of what the new Nautilus offers. This made my trips, both the long and short, more comfortable. The heated and ventilated front seats were designed to ensure a luxurious driving experience. The Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive was reassuring to avoid wheel slip; by using sensors, it enhances handling and maximizes grip. The vertical gear selection buttons on the dash are unique to the Lincoln Nautilus, so gear shifting is an adjustment, albeit an easy one. The benefit of the vertical placement is that it frees up more centre console space for useful storage. Also, the Inductive Wireless Charging Pad is a lifesaver in this day of devices. If you forget your charger, not to worry – just set your compatible device on the wireless charger in the front centre media bin.


Enroute to Halfmoon Bay, I made several sightseeing stops. The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful strip of British Columbia with scattered beaches, scenic stops, lakes, parks and more.  Many of the scenic stops are along unpaved dirt or gravel roads with varying slopes. Being in an SUV with strong traction made it comfortable to pull over and park wherever it was available. This was the case when I made my way to a hidden beach in Sechelt and to the Roberts Creek Pier. When walking to the pier, you’ll pass the well-known mandala community mural. Be sure to stop and check it out!

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Ford has done an excellent job with giving the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus a luxury design that helps you feel comfortable, safe and recharged between trips. This, coupled with the beautiful scenery and the serenity of the island, I was feeling pretty relaxed! To further unwind and enjoy the beauty, I went for a morning kayak ride the next day around Halfmoon Bay. I rented a kayak, although, with the size and available options with the Nautilus, you can safely take your own gear.

In the city, I found the Lane-Keeping System to be bothersome. When driving in downtown Vancouver, you weave in and out of tight spaces with constant changes. I didn’t need the assist for downtown.  However, once on the Sunshine Coast Highway and on the windy road to Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park, the Lane Centering Assist quickly became my favourite feature. The road is narrow, unpaved at times, with sharp turns and often with impaired views. I drove about an hour to get to the park, and I have never felt so in control of a vehicle. Usually, I feel nervous on windy roads and sometimes a bit nauseous. With the Lane Centering Assist activated, I felt so secure and in control. When it was needed, the vehicle would gently move me back into the centre of my own lane. The technology is intuitive, which facilitates a safer drive for the entire family. For city driving, I turned the assist off with a simple press of a button conveniently accessible near the steering wheel.

Overall, the drive and windy roads were well worth it! Once at the park, I highly recommend you take the 45-minute moderate hike to the Sechelt Rapids. This is where the Sechelt and Jervis Inlets meet, creating turbulent rapids. The spot is popular with extreme kayakers and divers. It is truly a wonder of nature.

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Exploring The Sunshine Coast In The New Lincoln Nautilus SUV

Eventually, my fabulous road trip had to end, so I begrudgingly returned the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus to the dealership. I drive a variety of vehicles, but I do have to say the Lincoln was hard to give back. It looks and feels luxurious. The features are intuitive and make for a safe ride. I really enjoyed the driving experience with this crossover and looked forward to getting into it each day. Mostly,  I did so with the panoramic roof fully open and the Revel Audio System on!

I am fortunate to live in a city where there are beautiful getaways in my own backyard. If you had the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus for a road trip, 1) Where would you take it? And 2) Which additional features would you buy? I highly suggest the Panoramic Vista Roof and Ultra-Comfort Seats with Active Motion.

To price your 2019 Lincoln Nautilus check out Lincoln Canada.



Disclosure: This post has been created in partnership with Lincoln, Canada. However, all views and opinions are my own.

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