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In our family we love and value family travel opportunities. Today we are traveling back home after a week abroad in Punta Cana. We travel with the boys as much as we can and the excitement of exploring new places and cultures is in their blood. Back when our son was 8 months old people thought we were a bit crazy when we traveled all the way to England to do a little European tour with him. We spent some time in Belgium, the Netherlands and of course the UK, stopping in London, Oxford and a few other cities. We traveled by plane, train, and by boat and we had the best time as a brand new family of 3, it was truly unforgettable.

Since making family trips easier and more affordable is a big priority in our lives we are always looking for the best reward cards to help us turn our shopping into earned travel…

Enter the new Scotiabank® More Rewards®* Visa* card. If you love traveling and you are looking for more reward points to help you save money and get more value for what you spend then this is the card for you. With 6x the points per dollar spent at all participating More Reward locations and 4 points per dollar spent everywhere else, the Scotiabank More Rewards Visa card is the card you need to get your rewards faster.

The Scotiabank More Rewards Visa card also allows you to enjoy frequent in-store bonus offers and there is no cap on spend or earn potential. This means that you can make all of your purchases using your Scotiabank More Rewards Visa card to accumulate points faster.

Once you collect enough points you can redeem them at grocery store locations like Save-On-Foods, and on both travel and merchandise. So easy!

Finding a Visa card that can turn our everyday shopping into family travel is perfect for us. We believe that allowing our little ones to experience travel and being immersed in other cultures and new situations is very valuable. Making memories and spending time together is also very important to us and we are very excited to start collecting rewards towards our next family vacation. Where should we go next?

You can apply to get your Scotiabank More Rewards Visa card by visiting your local Scotiabank branch, visiting one of the More Rewards grocery partner locations or online here.

This post was produced in partnership with Scotiabank® More Rewards®* Visa* but all opinions expressed are my own.

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Angela V

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  1. I’m going to check into this further, I have a scotia bank visa and have not heard of this program

  2. I am not sure why I haven’t looked in to this card earlier. Shop there all the time anyways and our current card isn’t doing much for us.

  3. I don’t travel much, but this is great to learn about!

  4. Oh how I love cards with points and travel rewards!

  5. Good tips – planning to travel.

  6. I want to travel more; so need to look into this!

  7. I collect points for everything because why would I turn down free money

  8. There are so many cards and reward choices out there. I was at the airport killing time while the wife was shopping, some guy came up and talked me into ‘just applying’ to see if I would qualify and get more information on the great benefits to help him meet out, etc, for the West Jet card, but then a few weeks later I end up with the card. And the yearly fee. I almost sent it back but T. talked me into keeping it for a while to see if it was worth it.

  9. This Visa card sounds pretty amazing! I could use a credit card like this as my goal is to travel more.

  10. This is a very practical thing to do.

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