4 Must Have Products for Back To School Lunches {Giveaway}

back to school lunches

Back to school season is coming up and finding the right containers to pack a healthy homemade lunch for the kids can be a struggle. Enter the new line of Fuel containers, designed to reduce waste, save money and promote healthy eating habits.

All Canadian designed Fuel containers are BPA-free, easy to clean and built to last. The collection is widely available at retailers across Canada and they have a lifetime warranty.

I can’t wait to prepare lunches for my son once he is back at school in September. We have been using the Fuel containers this summer when we go on picnics and when packing lunch for family outings and they are a must have for back to school.

See more details on all products featured below:

  1. 5 piece Fuel Lunch Set: Bring a sandwich, take a sip, have a snack, spread or dip. The 5 piece Fuel Lunch Set includes a 10 oz juice box, a flip top sandwich box and a sectioned snack container with spreader. SRP $19.49
  2. The Fuel Condiment Set comes with 3 colour-coded containers that hold 1.5 oz (50ml) each, just the right size for salad dressing, condiments and sauces. SRP $9.49
  3. The Salad on the Go has a large single serving bowl and includes an ice pack and a dressing container that lock into the lid to keep the components at their best until you are ready to mix them. SRP $22.99
  4. The Fuel Hungry Bag is insulated and has a large capacity wide opening for easy packing. The bag is lightweight, durable, water resistant and washable with minimal environmental impact. SRP $26.99

Do you pack homemade lunches for your little ones? 




Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a Lunch Kit and Condiment Set from Fuel. Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter.  Good Luck friends!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.


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116 responses to “4 Must Have Products for Back To School Lunches {Giveaway}”

  1. The grandchildren love fruit in their lunches.

  2. my oldest starts school next month actually. I know there will be lots of crackers and cheese in her lunch lol 🙂

  3. I would love to win this prize for my daughter who will be starting grade 7 in the fall!

  4. Chicken noodle soup. Every single day!

  5. Usually nitrite free salami, cheese some sort of cracker or pretzels and an oreo

  6. Depending on the kid (I have 4 in school)… My 7 yr old likes chicken nuggets or popcorn chicken, cheddar cheese, grapes, a chocolate pudding and bite sized oreo cookies (sometimes he takes bacon instead of the chicken).

  7. My son loves vegetable soup.

  8. My daughter really likes me to make seaweed wrapped around rice and veggies. I love that she is eating healthy

  9. Sandwiches, Fruits and Veggies

  10. my son loves soup

  11. Chicken caesar wraps is my favourite thing to pack.

  12. This would be great for my daughter now rhat she is atarting back to school.

  13. I love to make different kinds of soups for my kids lunches.

  14. sandwich or wrap, fruit, and a snack item

  15. Homemade Chicken noodle soup

  16. I like to pack cheese, crackers and fruit!!

  17. I pack yogurt and fruit in their lunches.

  18. My daughter loves when I pack her chili for lunch.

  19. hummus, veggie sticks, crackers, cheese & fruit

  20. I like to pack cooked carrots and beets for my son for his lunch.

  21. I have packing grilled cheese sandwiches!

  22. My favorite thing to pack is fruit.

  23. My favorite apple, carrot stick sticks and ham & cheese sandwich

  24. My daughter loves honey and butter sandwiches.

  25. i like to pack mini pizzas

  26. I like to pack a cheese sandwich and grapes.

  27. Ham/Cheese Tortillia Wraps with Veggies & Dip. And Homemade cookies for dessert.

  28. My girls love when I pack them hotdogs!

  29. When I make lunches for the grandkids it is usually some kind of wrap, fruit, cheese and crackers

  30. fruit and veggies are the best.

  31. My son always liked a peanut butter sandwich and Goldfish crackers along with green grapes or an apple.

  32. I usually pack leftovers for my hubby, we don’t have kids.

  33. My son loves wraps.

  34. My grandson loves cucumbers sliced in his lunch

  35. My son loves the snacky lunch: crackers, cheese, kielbasa, fruit and cucumber.

  36. My grandson likes to have baby carrots and ranch dressing for a dip in his lunch.

  37. You can never go wrong with chicken nuggets with my kiddo.

  38. I like making them soup or grill cheese sandwichs. Some days I also make them hot dogs and hamburgers.

  39. I always give my son apples. They are his favorite.

  40. My son loves getting cheese in his lunch

  41. My kids love mini pizzas in their lunch!

  42. fruit

  43. Homemade squares

  44. My daughter loves kale salad

  45. Healthy muffins filled with fruit.

  46. I love using reusable containers to save the environment!!

  47. I like packing healthy snack bars, they’re super easy and healthy!

  48. My son always ate at school, but I’ve always loved the cute bento boxes that I’ve seen on the internet especially the sandwiches in animal shapes.

  49. I like to send cheese, crackers, fruit – anything they will eat.

  50. My girl loves Hummus and veggies/crackers! Granola bars are great too! haven’t made a lunch yet, that my girl hasn’t liked!

  51. classic PB&J, but they aren’t allowed peanut butter because of other children and allergies, so we’ve comprimised with sunbutter and jelly

  52. My favourite thing to pack is wraps. I find they always get eaten, not like sandwiches that don’t!

  53. My son loves Tuna & my daughter loves turkey.

  54. I think we all like packing money for lunch. Lol. But honestly- my one kid loves leftovers 🙂

  55. My son loves pizza, grapes, kiwi and banana bread.

  56. a sandwich

  57. Sandwich or wrap and a lot of fruits and vegetables! 🙂

  58. I like to pack crackers and cheese and sandwich meat so my child can make their own lunchables.

  59. My son loves an assortment of things – meat, cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies.

  60. cheese, fruit, vegetables, milk

  61. I like to pack fresh fruit and veggies in the kids lunches

  62. I love packing fruit in my sons lunch

  63. Fresh high bush blueberries

  64. My daughter loves home made lunchables, and diy yogurt parfaits.

  65. Sandwiches, baby-bels and grapes.

  66. hes just starting this year but he loved taking tuna sandwiches to preschool

  67. My girls love their ham salad with fruit or veggie on the side.

  68. I like to pack a wrap with some fresh fruit

  69. My grandchildren like it when I pack them what I call sushi sandwiches. It is cheese and meat and pickles on a tortilla wrap, rolled up and then cut in bite size pieces.

  70. I love giving them leftover pizza as a treat.

  71. I love to pack fruit and veggies for them

  72. Cheese cubes and almonds with chocolate.

  73. Hard boiled eggs and cheese string

  74. this might be dorky but i always leave them little notes and stickers

  75. My favourite is packing them fresh cut fruit.

  76. if it only were that easy… i am going to say homemade banana bread!

  77. I like making them sandwiches!

  78. cookie cutter Sandwiches

  79. Jam sandwiches are my favourite thing to pack because they are so easy!

  80. I like to pack a lunchables for a treat and because I’m lazy and uncreative

  81. I love sending her veggies, and the occasional sweet treat.

  82. We love homemade “lunchables” with meat and cheese cut into fun shapes.

  83. We often pack ham sandwiches, fresh fruit and cookies.

  84. veggies and hummus is a favourite

  85. fruit, veggies and a sandwich

  86. My daughter likes cheese and crackers

  87. Veggies and dip, fruit, sandwich

  88. Fresh fruit and veggies are my favorite thing to pack in lunches.

  89. My fave. to pack in their lunches is a fresh bun with meat cheese and lettuce

  90. My granddaughter likes a wrap or a sandwich on her lunch everyday!!

  91. Favorite thing to pack in school lunches is cheese and crackers.

  92. Soup

  93. She loves soup and blueberries.

  94. i love packing wraps and fruit , my daughters always like to help make their lunch

  95. I packed a sandwich, milk,fruit and a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

  96. I like to do veggie wraps!

  97. My kids enjoy salsa and tortilla chips as an alternative to sandwiches.

  98. I always pack a fruit. I also put little notes in her lunchbox.

  99. Thankfully I don’t have to make lunches for m little yet, that’s daycares problem he is sooo picky lol

  100. Whatever they are hungry for at the time. I like special requests. They enjoy pizza in their lunch.

  101. I like packing fruits and veggies

  102. I love to pack what I know she will eat. Usually cheese, crackers, some fruit, and veggies with dip.

  103. Leftovers w/yogurt and cerel

  104. I’d say yogurt oatmeal. Healthy and delicious.

  105. Turkey & cheese wrap with fruit. My son loves it

  106. I like to pack sandwiches!

  107. Awesome giveaway, thank you! I just love to pack veggie sushi! and of course some good fresh fruit, as well.

  108. I like to pack a sandwich or salad with fresh fruit or cheese, sausage and crackers.

  109. I pack wrapps to cereal to wrap it is according how much time I have in the morning.

  110. My favourite thing to pack for my child’s lunch is raw veggies with dip.

  111. I would say celery and peanut butter.

  112. I love packing fruit.

  113. I like to pack carrots and cucumbers, along with dip

  114. I love to pack fruits of all kinds.

  115. My children love fruit in their lunches

  116. Would love to receive this lunch pack for my kids

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