Visiting The Calgary Zoo and The New Land of Lemurs Habitat

The Calgary Zoo is one tourist attraction not to miss when visiting Calgary. We have visited Zoos in the United States and in a couple of other cities in Canada and we really enjoy how spacious, clean and well maintain the Calgary Zoo is. They have a variety of animals, including Penguins, Hippos, Gorillas, Giraffes, Bears, Red Pandas, Tigers, Lemurs, and many more.

The last time we were at the Zoo we came for the opening of Penguin Plunge and this time we had the chance to check out the brand new Land of Lemurs immersive habitat experience. The 1.3 acre feature allows visitors to enter the lemurs’ world in a barrier-free setting and leave with simple actions that can help protect one of the world’s most endangered primates.

Visiting the Calgary Zoo and the New Land of Lemurs Habitat

Land of Lemurs is located in Destination Africa and it features an outdoor walk- through that brings you up close to the animals. The habitat has 13 lemurs comprised of three species – black-and-white ruffed, ring-tailed and red fronted; some of the world’s most endangered primates.

Visiting the Calgary Zoo and the New Land of Lemurs Habitat

Visiting the Calgary Zoo and the New Land of Lemurs Habitat

Visiting the Calgary Zoo and the New Land of Lemurs Habitat

Visiting the Calgary Zoo and the New Land of Lemurs Habitat

Visiting the Calgary Zoo and the New Land of Lemurs Habitat

The boys had a great time learning more about Lemurs and their habitat and getting so close to them. Because this is a new exhibit there was a line to get into the habitat experience and we had to wait about 10-15 minutes to go in. We were really impressed to see that the Zoo had some staff dedicated to making sure people were entertained while waiting. They had a magician, a lady applying temporary tattoos and another lady with a lemur puppet going around the line to ensure people, especially kids were happy while waiting, so brilliant!

The Calgary Zoo is working with the University of Calgary, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, and the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership to help protect lemurs and their habitats in the rainforests of Kianjavato, Madagascar through its specific community conservation project. The community conservation project has three focuses: Funding community owned tree nurseries to support reforestation efforts. Support local field technicians for long-term lemur ecological and population monitoring.

We love the Zoo’s conservation and habitat restoration efforts and we will continue to visit when in the Calgary area. Have you been to the Calgary Zoo before?

Calgary Zoo, exploring the new land of Lemurs

Disclosure: I receive complimentary entrance tickets to the Calgary Zoo for my family and I. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Land of Lemurs does sound interesting and fun!

  2. We have to go see the Lemurs!!!

  3. I LOVE the Calgary Zoo! I go annually for a company function and Zoo Lights at Christmas, but I will have to go back and check out The Land of Lemurs with my little godson.

  4. I really enjoy going to the Calgary zoo. It’s always well looked after and they have a good variety of animals too. Now the added attraction of Lemurs, I’ll have to go again soon 🙂

  5. one of my favorite animals! they are one of the most cutest animals i have ever seen. love their eyes! whoever did those lemur bushes are extremely talented my goodness. that rope bridge is pretty neat too ! looks like you guys had a blast

  6. OMG, I would love to go to the land of Lemurs!! I love those bushes cut into the shape of the lemurs, how awesome is that!!

  7. I love the Calgary Zoo! There is so much to see and do, you defintiely need a full day to really explore it all. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been so it will be really exciting to check out the new exhibits next time we visit.

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  9. Oh my goodness, lemurs are absolutely adorable. I’d love to snuggle one!

  10. We love the zoo – have visited three different zoos this summer. The kids always love it – and the Lemurs are my favourite!

  11. How cool was that exhibit! I would definitely stop at the Calgary Zoo passing through next time we travel.

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  16. This place looks like a great place for Lemurs because it’s got water, lots of space and activities for them.

  17. We wanted to go there when visiting the area a couple years ago but it was so darn hot. After seeing this I’m regretting it. It looks like a great spot. We’ll have to make sure we do it next time we’re in AB.

  18. I have been to Calgary a couple of times but I have never had the pleasure of visiting the zoo there. Land of Lemurs looks like fun!!

  19. This would be a lovely family experience.

  20. We love zoos, the monkeys are my son favorite, never been to the Calgary zoo maybe able to visit when visiting the stampede.

  21. Awesome zoo that I will have to visit soon for sure.

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