tiny holes in shirt

A while ago I discovered tiny holes at the bottom of my shirts. At first I suspected clothes moths and went crazy looking for them in all of our closets, of course I found none. I then realized the holes were all at hip-level only. What was ripping tiny holes in all my shirts, all in the same area? It was a total mystery…

I went online and researched a bit. I found many forums and sites talking about the reasons why the holes were appearing. Some people said it was their washer, some blamed the button and snaps from their jeans rubbing against the shirt, some even said the seatbelt in their vehicle was rubbing against their shirt coupled with the button from the jeans underneath. There were some people that even blamed it on the poor quality of the fabrics.

tiny holes in shirt

Then I came across people discussing granite countertops and how rubbing against the counter tops could be the issue.  Some natural granites have small pits, fissures, and “rough” spots to the touch where it’s crystalline structure is exposed when cut. Some granite counter tops are more rounded on the edges and wouldn’t have that same issue. The tiny holes were happening because I was leaning on my granite counters while I cooked, cleaned dishes or baked!

The holes all appeared after we moved to a house with granite countertops and my children’s clothes had no holes. This was happening only to my husband’s and my shirts. I believe we found the culprit in our kitchen! The solution? Wearing an apron made of thick material to protect our shirts, or cooking and cleaning wearing old shirts only.

Yes, friends, I am happy to say that after wearing an apron regularly we have seen no more holes appear on our new shirts!

Have you ever experienced the “mysterious” tiny holes? Did you find the culprit or are you still finding annoying tiny holes in your clothes? Share your story below!

UPDATE: We have moved to a new home with no granite countertops and there are NO new holes appearing on our clothing. After six months, I think this proves the counters were to blame at the old place!

Ps. If you are STILL having issues with the little holes even with no granite countertops in your home, then the culprit may be your jeans button. You can try getting silicone covers to cover the buttons and protect from the friction when you lean on hard surfaces (like kitchen counters). They are from Holé and I am getting some in the mail to try on my jeans. Direct link to get some is HERE.