Can you believe the school year is almost over? I personally can’t believe my son’s preschool is over in two weeks and summer is officially starting this weekend!

This will be our first summer as a family of four and although we don’t have any big air travel plans for the summer we are talking about renting a cabin somewhere and spending some time away from everything. We are also hoping to visit Portland, Oregon for a weekend. I can’t wait for some relaxing fun in the sun with my family.

We have been checking out a couple of islands in B.C. and I must say that there are so many amazing places right in our own backyard. Perfect for road trips!

Traveling with two kids is a bit different from traveling with just one but both of our children love car rides and have no issues being in their car-seats making car travel totally enjoyable. I usually pack a bag of goodies to keep my toddler entertained when going on longer car rides. Packing a colouring book, crayons, little books to read, stickers, and small toys is a must. He has a lot of little Kinder® Surprise® toys including a bunch of the little cars and he can spend hours playing with those, I am packing a bag of those for him as well.

I am also definitively packing a couple of Kinder® Surprise® eggs with new toys to share but only for our Canadian adventures. Kinder® Surprise® eggs are not allowed to cross the border so be cautious if you plan to get some too when traveling to the USA.

Planning any road trips for the summer? Where are you going? Any places you recommend in B.C. or must see places in Portland?

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation withthis group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.