FuzziBunz One Size


I have been using Cloth Diapers (CDs) for my little boy for a couple of months now and so far I am pretty happy we made the switch from disposables.  During my pregnancy I was presented with many options regarding diapering my baby and although I did some research I still felt a little unclear on the pros and cons of each approach. I was a bit worried about how difficult it was going to be to use CDs.

Like many people I immediately envisioned a folded white cloth with a giant metal pin holding it together (like from my youth).  Little did I know about the “modern”  cloth natural/fiber based diapers that are now available and how much easier it is for us to use them than it was for our mothers and grandmothers. For starters, some diapers look pretty much like disposables do, there is no need to fold or pin them. On top of that the cleaning routine is also a lot easier with the help of washing machines and specialty green detergents.

When my son was born we ended up using disposables for the first couple of months, it took me about a month of research to make my decision as to what diapers I wanted to try.  During that time we had tried many brands of disposables and my little one was getting many painful looking diaper rashes. I realized he was allergic to some brand of diapers and I also hated the fact that the diapers themselves had a chemical smell.

I hated that he was wearing chemicals around his bottom 24/7 and I knew I had to make a decision soon!  I was also having daily poop explosions where his entire back would be covered with poop and terrible leaks, no matter what brand of disposable we tried.  On top of that our garbage was getting out of control and we were filing buckets of diapers weekly! I then knew that we needed to stop using disposables and get started with CDing.

Why FuzziBunz?

I decided to start my CDing adventures with the FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diapers.  I choose them over other diapers because of the following reasons:

One size: I liked the fact that I just needed to buy one diaper from birth to potty and didn’t need to change from S to M to L sizes.  Especially good for saving money.

Adjustability: They fit babies from 7-35 pounds and the waist and leg casings adjust to find the perfect fit for your baby.  One thing I liked is that the elastics are replaceable and the diapers come with one extra elastic in case you need to replace them.

Snaps: I read everywhere that velcro was not good because babies learn to open the diaper on their own and also because when you do laundry the velcro sticks to everything and creates a mountain of clothes you have to get unstuck after it. The snap system is good as well for adjustability since there are many settings you can play with to find the best fit.

Variety of Colors: I loved the fact that these diapers came in very bright colors and even though it is not a priority it is still fun to see cool colors when changing/washing/drying diapers and coordinating his outfits etc.

The day I got my FuzziBunz in the mail
 My experience with FuzziBunz.

After getting my first shipment of diapers I promptly washed them all and waited patiently for them to dry so I could give them a try. The first thing I noticed was how fast they dry. I wash them in the washing machine but never use the drier and they are dry within a couple of hours. I usually do diaper laundry at night and then line-dry them so I can put them together first thing in the morning.

The first couple of times my son wore his FuzziBunz I struggled to get the right fit. I used the sizing chart they have in their website to find the settings that were appropriate according to his age-weight but quickly realized I had to play with the settings a bit on my own. I had a couple of leaks because the legs weren’t tight enough and his waist had red marks because it was too tight.  At the end I figured out the appropriate settings for the elastics and I have not had any problems since, no more poop blowouts and leaks.

I recommend playing around with the settings until you find what works for your baby.  Once the diapers were on and properly adjusted they had a pretty trim fit compared to other pocket diapers but if I doubled stuff them they could get pretty bulky. I had to buy bigger sizes in clothing so his diapers fit but I think that is the same with all cloth diapers and not only FuzziBunz (the trade in to not having daily poop explosions to clean).

Elastics with numbers on them to set settings

These diapers are called pocket diapers because you stuff them with a cotton pad insert.  Once the diaper is soiled you can shake out the insert in the basket and they are ready for laundry day. I like that I don’t have to touch them to get the inserts out.  You can double stuff them if your baby is a heavy wetter or you can also use hemp inserts that are now selling on their site. I have not tried the hemp inserts yet but as he has become a heavier wetter as of late I may give them a try.   One thing I really like about this diapers is the soft fleece that wicks moisture from his bottom and keeps him dry until the next diaper change.   Since we started CDing with FuzziBunz he has not had a single diaper rash.

Pocket diaper stuffed with the insert

I have not had any stains in the actual diapers so far. I am using Rockin’ Green exclusively since day one and have not had any problems with repelling or stinking yet. I love the yummy smells when I do the diaper laundry and the fact that there are no build up issues.  Plus RnG is Eco-friendly.   I have had a couple of stains in the pad inserts and even thought they go away after a second wash I am still trying to find a solution.  I don’t like seeing stained diapers and love when they come out white and clean.  The washing routine we have with an LG front loader is as follows:

  • Pre-rinse with COLD water  (without detergent)
  • Add 2 tbs of  RnG and wash in HOT with a COLD rinse
  • Extra COLD rinse
  • Line-dry both Inserts and Covers

That’s our washing routine and it works for us. I have read many other different routines and it really depends on your washing machine, water type and detergent.  I say try and find what works for you but make sure you follow the manufactures recommendations for the proper care of your diapers.

I love the quality of the snaps in the FuzziBunz, I have tried a couple of other brands of diapers with snaps and those somehow seem “cheap”.  I haven’t had any problems with the snaps yet and I am hoping they will last me until he is potty trained.

One thing I wish they had is more prints and perhaps even personalization options. I really like my FuzziBunz and my main stash is FuzziBunz but I have bought a couple of other brands because of their cute prints.  We are still not using these diapers as a night time solution because I am afraid of leaks. I will be testing other diapers for night time and will write reviews for them as well.

Right now we have a big stash of around 25 and I do laundry every other day.  You can probably get away with only 12 since they dry fast but my little one goes through tons of diapers a day so I need the extra amount.

In conclusion we really like our FuzziBunz and use them everyday with our son. Thanks to these diapers we have continued our cloth diapering adventures and we are helping save the landfills and our pocket at the same time.

I hope you find my review helpful and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Also if you have any tips regarding getting rid of stains other than sun (we are in the middle of winter) please comment below.

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