Moshi’s Avanti On-Ear Headphones {Review & Giveaway}

mosh avanti

At home when I am cleaning the kitchen or the floors I often listen to an audiobook or podcast on my iPhone to make the cleaning chores more fun. Then when the boys are in bed I usually sit down to work on my computer while listening to music or finishing an audiobook.

I use headphones daily and finding a pair of comfortable ones that I can wear without fatigue has taken a while. I am excited to say that I have finally found a pair of headphones I love.

Enter the Avanti On-Ear Headphones from Moshi.

mosh avanti

The Avanti headphones have been designed with ergonomics in mind, the curved stainless steel with  headband with sliding extenders allows the soft ear cups to form a noise-isolating seal while exerting minimal pressure on the ears. They are modern, light and compact and the sound quality is pretty decent. So incredibly comfortable friends, I often forget I am even wearing them!

Main Features

  • High-resolution HD40 neodymium drivers (15 Hz-22kHz / -10dB@1kHz).
  • Angled earcup design for improved comfort over extended periods.
  • Closed back, on-ear (supra-aural) design for excellent noise isolation.
  • Engineered to provide a balanced and immersive sound.
  • Enhanced portability with a rotatable stainless steel headband and custom carrying case.
  • Detachable cable with built-in remote and microphone compatible with most phones and tablets.

mosh avanti

I really like that the Avanti headphones come in a nice custom carrying case that makes it easy to travel with them. I also like the fact that the cables can be removed for storage and that they have  a built-in remote and microphone compatible with my iPhone.

Something that was interesting to use was the Burn in tool app for Avanti. I didn’t know that headphones perform better once they have been used over time. The burn-in process can take a few months and Moshi Audio developed an app to expedite the process. I simply installed the free app and by playing a curated list of tones/frequencies and according to Moshi I was able to get my headphones to their optimal level of sonic performance. Pretty cool right?

I love my new Avanti headphones and the overall clarity of the sound. I also think they are pretty stylish looking. I got the Burgundy Red colour but they also come in Caramel Beige. If you are looking for a pair of truly comfortable on-ear headphones then be sure to give these a try. They are available for $199.95 on the Moshi website.

And if you want to be the cool mom this school year you can add the Avanti headphones to the list of unexpected supplies for your son or daughter. A teen’s dream!

mosh avanti


giveaway earbuds

Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a pair of Mythro earbuds. These were rated “Best Headphones Under $50” by CNET.  Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck friends!


Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.


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