5 Holiday Must Haves from Hallmark Canada {Giveaway}

  1. Star Wars BB8 itty bitty Ornament $6.95
  2. Snowman Blankets $24.95
  3. Winter Fold Cards$19.99 
  4. Heritage-Ornament $24.95
  5. Frosty Snowman itty bitty Book Set $6.95

The holiday season has finally arrived, and Hallmark Canada has the best selection of products to make it even more special! We received a holiday package filled with ornaments, greeting cards, gift wrapping accessories, a cute, cozy blanket and more.

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Above you’ll find our top 5 favourite products from the package. We love the BB8 and Heritage-Ornament for our Christmas tree.  The Tree Folding cards also make beautiful holiday cards for friends and family, and the Frosty Snowman book has been a hit with the boys, just perfect for the season.

Is your home all decorated for the holidays? We love Christmastime!


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a Holiday Gift Pack from Hallmark including the following:

Enter to WIN it via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck friends!


Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Hallmark Canada. A product sample and/or compensation has been received for this review and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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51 responses to “5 Holiday Must Haves from Hallmark Canada {Giveaway}”

  1. Super cute!!! I am ready decoratIona up and gifts bought

  2. Would love to win, thank you

  3. done decorating not quite done shopping

  4. I have! Well mostly…ok…not quite but almost ???? I do have our home decorated and I love it! It’s so special when evening falls and everything is twinkling. I’m almost done my shopping however there’s a few gifts I’m waiting on from delivery. Holding my breath that they make it on time! Thank you #OneSmileyMoney ???? Happy Holidays!

  5. I have not started decorating yet. Cats would tear the tree down. I still have a few things left to buy.

  6. Yes, I am ready!

  7. Yes I’ve done all my Xmas shopping but not the decorating!

  8. christmas is all done

  9. I’m done decorating, and I’m done shopping, but I need to wrap and bake still.

  10. No and it’s getting scary close to Christmas.

  11. I am done decorating and shopping. I can’t believe I am done my shopping this early this year 🙂

  12. Im all ready!

  13. I have all the gorgeous decorations up but I still have a tiny bit of shopping to do.

  14. Done and done …. I think 🙂

  15. Done decorating and almost done my shopping!

  16. I am done decorating and only have some last minute shopping to do!

  17. Done decorating and do still have a little shopping to do.

  18. My home decorating is done but my shopping is not.

  19. I am done decorating but I am not die shopping yet

  20. I am done decorating and I still have a little more shopping to do.

  21. decorating done a few weeks ago.. stillneed to do some shopping

  22. I haven’t done yet.

  23. Almost ready-few more gifts to get and wrap and need to get our tree to finish up decorating! Happy Holidays!

  24. I am fighting a cold at the moment so I am a little behind on decorating and shopping. I hope this weekend will be a good shopping spree.

  25. I have not decorated as of yet. We do have our tree now.. So, I will be decorating this weekend. Because we get a real tree we are usually late at decorating. We are getting lots of snow this weekend so, it is a great time to do it.

  26. We’ve done all our Christmas decorating and shopping.

  27. I have 95% of my gifts bought and wrapped. My daughter has started decorating. I am baking some goodies which I will give as part of my gifts. I am happy with how it is all coming together. We have had 4 storms in the past 10 days so I think we are doing very well in spite of cold and snowy weather.

  28. gifts are now i need to decorate

  29. the decorating is done, but i still have some shopping and wrapping to do!

  30. Yes, I’ve done all of the decorating and the shopping, might pick up a couple more stocking stuffers and need to wrap.

  31. I have all my decorating done! My shopping has yet to start.. eeecchh!!

  32. Not done my Christmas shopping yet.

  33. All the decorating is done, we just need to get a few more small things

  34. I’m done , just have to make some apps for Christmas Day.

  35. Oh yes! With the exception of some stocking stuffers I’m done decorating & shopping!

  36. I have done absolutely nothing yet. It’s the worst year yet for me! Panic city.

  37. We have decorated but are very behind on the Christmas shopping right now.

  38. I am done and done now! It feels so good and snow is suppose to hit Vancouver soon, so I’m glad I don’t have to head out!

  39. Yepper, going to do some baking today and let the fun begin!!!

  40. I’ve finished the Christmas decorating, but haven’t with the shopping. Eep!

  41. I am just about finished and now need to do some baking.

  42. I have one more present to buy but I know where to go to get it.

  43. I am all done with everything. We will have a big Christmas Eve dinner, then off to Midnight Mass.

  44. My Wife has done all the decorating, but I still need to do shopping for her!

  45. Shopping not a big thing in my house, but making the rest of the homemade gifts and have decorated homemade decorations of course

  46. I have done all the shopping and decorating. Waiting on 2 gifts to arrive and then i will wrap them.

  47. Xmas shopping is done but have not done any decorating yet.

  48. We’ve done everything and are just waiting for Christmas Day to get here

  49. yes everything is decorated

  50. Our decorating has been done for a while now but sadly, we are still shopping!

  51. All my shopping was done.

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