Agloves: Touchscreen Gloves for Iphones, tablets and more… {Giveaway}


I have been looking for a pair of warm and comfy touchscreen gloves to use during the winter as I really don’t like having to remove my gloves in the freezing cold to be able to answer my Iphone or reply to a text message.

After a quick online search I found the Agloves website and I am very glad I did.

Agloves were created by Jennifer and Jean Spencer, a mother and daughter team that came up with the idea to make the gloves after struggling to use their own Iphones in the cold winter.

Agloves work with all touchscreen devices and they are super comfy and keep hands extra warm.

The secret behind the Agloves is that the manufacturers knit silver-nylon thread throughout the gloves and the silver allows the body’s bio-electricity to be conducted across the glove’s membrane. Pretty cool isn’t it?  The really great thing is that even though they are made with silver they are still super soft and comfortable.


I love using the Agloves and I keep them in my bag to wear every time I am out in the cold.  Something I really like about them is that I am able to text with all of my fingers since the gloves provide full 10-finger conductivity (instead of just the index fingers and thumbs).

The gloves come in three sizes and I like that they are black and go with everything.  My husband saw them and immediately asked if he could have them.  I see I need to order a pair for him now!

I am really happy with the gloves and not having to worry about removing my gloves in the cold to answer a call.  They perform just as advertised and I can use my devices just as I do with my bare hands.  They are also very sensibly priced at $17.99 a pair, making them great as presents for loved ones and friends.

If you are having the same problem with having to remove your gloves in the cold weather I recommend you visit Agloves and purchase a pair of their gloves or two.  They are so useful and they truly work!

Win it: One very lucky US/CAN reader will win a pair of Agloves. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and  all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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70 responses to “Agloves: Touchscreen Gloves for Iphones, tablets and more… {Giveaway}”

  1. Waiting at the bus stop or in my office when they have the AC on full BLAST or refuse to turn the heat on when it’s COLD outside (and in)~

  2. Oh my goodness. I’d use these 10 months of the year! LOL. My hands are always cold and my new work phone is touchscreen.

  3. I would wear these while waiting outside in the cold to be picked up from work, and at the hockey arena.

  4. I would use these gloves all the time! Often when I go out for a walk my hands are freezing because I would rather have quick access to my music playlist than have warm hands. Taking my gloves off everytime I want to change the song is too frustrating. I love the idea of Agloves and soooo want to try them!!!

  5. Definitely for great usage during the fall and winter months along the Pacific Northwe(s)t and all the rain & cold =).

  6. In our “lovely” Canadian winter months! When my family is going somewhere and my husband is driving….. my hands are always cold in the winter and get chapped when I don’t wear gloves.

  7. Ideal for when you have the inevitable long wait in hospital waiting rooms. Protecting your hands for the airborne germs. En route to home, give your screen a clean and you might not have to visit again in the future !

    emu839 at gmail dot com
    eva marie urban (EMU)

  8. My husband works alot with negatives and mattes so he needs gloves (to keep the oil off).

  9. I have an Iphone that I use to keep in touch with my husband in order to co-ordinate our meeting times at the end of the day since we travel to and from work together. I take public transit to meet him and text while taking the bus and train. I have to take my gloves off all winter and my hands FREEZE! It would be lovely to keep my hands nice and toasty and look stylish at the same time! Since I use the accessibility features on my phone I need to be able to use 3 and 4 fingers for the gestures, which most touch screen gloves don’t allow. These gloves would work perfectly!

  10. I’ve been looking for gloves like these, where you can use any finger (not just the index and thumb, like you said). I have extremely dry hands with eczema and these would be perfect to protect them in BC’s cold months!

  11. Waiting for the bus.

  12. For me I go to ALOT of hockey games and I really hate having to take off my gloves to check my email. Especially when I’m already juggling two kids and everything that they want. They would also be nice when I go walking at night and I need to answer my phone!

  13. waiting for the bus outside

  14. In the winter this would be perfect — my teenager daughter is constantly texting when taking the bus back and forth to school.

  15. i always wondered if these worked! thanks for the review, these would be nice when i am outside in the cold

  16. I’d be most likely to use them when texting while walking to or from work during the winter.

  17. Walking in deep freeze waiting for friends – asking where they are via text when they don’t show up.

  18. During work, its so cold and I cant usually wear gloves.

  19. I definitely agree with the commenter who said “waiting at the bus stop”. I live in Canada and I take the bus. Enough said.

  20. These would be great for the cols days when I want to check my email while waiting outside my sons school for him.

  21. I would wear these while walking outside during the winter!

  22. Walking to my car when it is cold out

  23. I would love to win these for my youngest daughter! She is a texting fiend and is always using public transportation, so these would keep her hands warm and allow her to keep doing her thing!

  24. Its cold where I live for 5 months of the year, so I would use these all the time with my iPad. 🙂

  25. I would most likely use it when I am outside, where it could either be too cold or not just comfortable enough to use my Ipod.

  26. I wear my regular gloves a lot, and hate to have to take them off every time I need to use my iphone, so I would use these gloves every day!!

  27. while waiting in line outside

  28. On my iPad i find that it doesn’t listen to my fingers as they move, and i have to remove .. remove… to get it to listen. These gloves would help alot to make the iPad to listen to me.

  29. My daughter would use them all the time, even in the house, she always has cold hands.

  30. anytime during the winter months

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  31. out for a walk

  32. When i’m up North visiting family 🙂

  33. These would be great to use when out in the cold! Thanks for the contest!

  34. I’d use them all winter long! We are outside a lot and I am one of those people that can’t live without checking every alert on my phone the minute it comes in 🙂

  35. When using my iPod outside in cold weather

  36. I am most likely to use these when it is cold outside 🙂

  37. during the winter when i’m outdoors and texting

  38. I’d use them when out and about with my kids in the winter

  39. these would be perfect for smoking or phone playing while waiting for the bus!

  40. I would use these while waiting at the school bus stop for my boys to get home from school

  41. I would use these for my iPhone when I’m out and about and it’s cold out

  42. i could use these

  43. Winter!

  44. When I’m waiting for the bus in the rain or snow.

  45. On the street in cold weather.

  46. When I’m walking outdoors in winter.

  47. These would be great when we’re outside on walks and such up here in Northern BC!

  48. All winter long since I live in Upstate New York !!!

  49. I would use them in the winter and do texting

  50. I would probably use them when out walking the dog.

  51. When I’m walking outside during the winter or waiting for the bus.

  52. Outside during our brutal winters, unless this year shows what’s to come because we had a terrific one this year!

  53. When I’m using my phone in cold weather.

  54. while driving

  55. During the winter when I need to use my iPad outdoors.

  56. Anytime I am outside during the cold (which seems to be a LOT). Waiting on the bus, walking to work, etc.

  57. I would use them in the winter when I have to use my phone.

  58. In the Winter when I’m walking around the city.

  59. In the Fall and winter months when its cold!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  60. i am most likely to use these when i am walking around nyc in the winter

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  61. Taking photos of my son with my iPhone during outdoor winter activities!

  62. using my phone on cold days

  63. When I’m walking to class and trying to use my iPhone

  64. when i use my ipad in the winter

  65. I’d use while driving and running errands.

  66. I will use them when I visit my brother in Wyoming. Thanks for the giveaway.

  67. When I am running errands.

  68. I’d use these when I’m cold outside running errands

  69. When I am outside and need to check my phone or answer my phone.

  70. On the phone.

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