MiniMaestro Cloth Diapers Review {Giveaway}

MiniMaestro was created by Sophie Gratton, a Canadian mother of two that was looking to switch to cloth diapers and ended up designing  pocket diapers that are  trim, leak free and easy to use and clean.

MiniMaestro diapers are made in Canada,  I love supporting local businesses that offer high quality products made locally and that are still affordable for a family on a budget. They are sold at $17.99 each and they are offered in a variety of colors and sizes.

They come in five (5) sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium Slim, Medium and Large.

The MiniMaestro cloth diapers are pocket diapers and that allows me to control what level of absorption I need depending on the time of the day/night. I can also use my own bamboo and hemp inserts whenever I need them.
Mini Maestro Cloth Diapers

The diaper adjustment is done using the hook and loop closure (velcro),  I don’t have a lot of hook and loop diapers but  I love that the MiniMaestro diapers have long and thin tabs that fold on themselves. That means that I am not scratching my little one during diaper chances and the tabs stay closed while I am washing them.

The large front band in the diaper allows for height adjustment and there are soft elastics in the back and around the tights to prevent leaks.

The inside of the diaper is made with micro fleece that keeps the moisture away from the baby’s skin and the outer shell is made of water proof fabric to keep the clothes dry.

MiniMaestro diapers can be purchase with of without an insert. They offer synthetic and natural fibers for their inserts and I love the bamboo and natural fibers personally because bamboo is environmentally friendly and it has antibacterial properties.

I received a large size for my 24lbs toddler and I can see that he will be able to wear it for a while still. I  can adjust the velcro to allow for him to wear it until he is potty trained and I like that.

I used the insert I received with the diaper during the day (hemp) and added my own bamboo insert at night time and had no leaking. I had a couple of big messes that were all contained in the diaper thanks to the leg elastics.

I am loving the MiniMaestro diapers and I really appreciate that they are locally made.

Win it: One very lucky reader  from the US/CAN will win a MiniMaestro Cloth Diaper +Insert (Cover’s Size/Color of choice). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. love the blue camo … but only retailers can get it :s otherwise i like the orange!

  2. I love the light blue

  3. I love the seas & skies diaper.

    • I like seas and skies.
      Bigallfish (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. I like the under the sea colour.

  5. I love cloth diapers and can’t wait for the day that I’m able to use them!

    • I love the blue camo diaper.

  6. I love the seas & skies color!

  7. under the sea!

  8. I really like the one with the pink birds and with hearts in them. I can’t tell what the actual name is called

  9. I like the after eight color.

  10. I love the cotton candy diaper!

  11. I love how “techy” they look compared to some other brands.

  12. citrus!

  13. My favourite colour is Pumpkin.

  14. I like After Eight!

  15. I love the Under the Sea color!

  16. I like the birds, but I’m obviously not the only one since it’s out of stock! Also like the chocolate 🙂

  17. My favorite color is their “After Eight”!

  18. I like the after eight color

  19. Under the sea seems nice to me! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  20. my favourite colour would be the brown.

  21. I love Under the Sea!

  22. Citrus!

  23. I like Little Prince.

  24. I like the bird print – it’s adorable! Wish it came in boy colors.
    I’d pick the emerald if I won!

  25. i like the seas and skies color

  26. I like their seas and skies colour combo. I really like their pink bird print too!

  27. I’m loving the periwinkle and the bubblegum

  28. cotton candy

  29. Love the birds but they’re exclusively available to retailers!?

  30. Love after eight

  31. I love the chick pattern!

  32. I love the Little prince color!

  33. Bubble Gum is my absolute favourite colour. It is so beautiful and bright!

  34. I like the pumpkin! I also like the skies and seas! great color choices!

  35. I love the “after eight” print!

  36. I like the citrus one! Thanks 🙂

  37. Honestly cannot locate on the site where the different designs and colours are! But if there is a light green I like that colour.

  38. I like the color Periwinkle.

  39. I Love the colour Citrus

  40. I love Provence!

  41. The blue camo is awesome!

  42. I like the citrus color!

  43. i like the darker pink or the pretty light blue one!

  44. favourite colour is the cotton candy

  45. I like the Under the Sea color

  46. March 16-I really like their pink diapers since I am trying to win this for my GGdaughter. -el03ro

  47. I like the Under The Seas. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  48. Under the Sea

  49. OMG!! The “chickline” print is FAB!!

  50. i like the sea blue… it`s pretty.

  51. The forget-me-not diaper is gorgeous!

  52. I like After Eight

  53. I love the periwinkle color it is gorgeous!

  54. love the blue army!

  55. I love the Emerald color!

  56. I love the birdy one but If I had to choose another it would be the brown!

  57. Periwinkle

  58. The seas and skies color is pretty!

  59. Love the look of these! The brown is my fav!

  60. blue army

  61. i love the trim fit

  62. My fav is emerald!

  63. Bubblegum

  64. blue camo or under the sea.

  65. I would love the after eight colour

  66. I like Under The Sea and Little Prince.

  67. i like the brown

  68. i like the brown:)

  69. I like the after eight or pumpkin
    email subscriber at bethany333 at hotmail dot com

  70. Adorable!

  71. i love the orange!

  72. I like Little Prince.

  73. Like the orange color!

  74. I like After Eight 🙂

  75. I love the After Eight color!

  76. I love the Little Prince

  77. I love Emerald

  78. Love the Seas & Skies color!

  79. I love bright ORANGE!

  80. I really liked the cotton candy design

  81. The birdy print is precious!

  82. My fave is the after eight! Super cute!

  83. Under the sea!

  84. The bird & hearts pattern is so cute!!

  85. I think that the use of the natural fibers is great!

  86. I like Under the Sea and Blue Army and Little Prince…oh, they are all great!!

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)
    sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

  87. I liked and shared on FB as Jacb Cody

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)
    sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

  88. Subscribed to RSS feeds to email: jessicableasdale at gmail dot com

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)
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  89. I follow on Google+ as Jessica Bleasdale

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)
    sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

  90. Subscribed to email: jessicableasdale at gmail dot com

    Jessica Bleasdale (JACB)
    sexxyjessi at hotmail dot com

  91. I like Little Prince

  92. I love either the orange or periwinkle coloured one.

  93. I could use an orange in my stack!

  94. Love the bird print!

  95. Little Prince

  96. I like the After Eight colour combo!

  97. I like the brown and blue one. Very cute!

  98. I like the mint green one (can’t figure out what the name is)

  99. really like citrus

  100. I really like the MiniMaestro in Bubblegum colour.

  101. omg! The Seas and Skies color is amazing! I am so in love with it!

  102. Forget-me-not

  103. i like The Seas and Skies color

  104. Love the Seas!

  105. The seas and skies color is gorgeous!

  106. I’d choose After Eight

  107. I luv the cotton candy
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  108. I like the seas and skies

  109. My favorite diaper color is the Emerald!

  110. I like the little birds pattern!

  111. I like the bird design and the lilac coloured (periwinkle?) diapers

  112. I like the Seas & Skies color – cute & a little bit different from everyone else!

  113. It was difficult to choose between Citrus and Emerald…but Citrus wins!

  114. I like the periwinkle color

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