Alba Botanica Sunscreens {Gift Basket Giveaway}

Alba Sun Care - group shotTemperatures are starting to rise and the sun is shinning in Vancouver. We are spending more time outdoors and finding the perfect sunscreen protection for our family is a priority. Enter the Alba Botanica sunscreen product line. All of their products are 100% vegetarian made with natural, cruelty-free ingredients and free of parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, propylene glycol, aluminum, mineral oil, petrolatum, oxybenzone, PABA, nano-particles, DEA, MEA or TEA, PEGs and PEG derivatives, ethoxylated ingredients associated with 1,4 dioxane, formaldehyde donors, or GMOs.

Alba Botanica sunscreens are broad spectrum 40 SPF and they are moisturizing and leave your skin feeling soft and protected. They also contain natural ingredients like lavender, aloe leaf, calendula flower, ginseng and gingko baloba among others.

Alba Botanica products are available at Whole Foods, London Drugs and


To help get you ready for summer we are giving away a gift basket filled with Alba Botanica products for the entire family.


WIN IT: One lucky US/CAN reader (18+) will win a gift basket containing the following:

  • Alba Botanica Sport Sunscreen Spray SPF 40
  • Alba Botanica Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40
  • Alba Botanica Facial Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40
  • Alba Botanica Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 40
  • Alba Botanica Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40
  • Valued at $50

Enter to WIN it via Rafflecopter below friends. Good Luck all!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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190 responses to “Alba Botanica Sunscreens {Gift Basket Giveaway}”

  1. Anything outside, love taking my grandson for walks.

  2. how is it for allergens

    • What do you mean for allergens? These are made with natural ingredients.

      • just because it natural ingredients dose not mean i wont be allergic to it do you know how many products that are natural that i am still allergic to ie trees, pollen,grass,silicone ( at least 4 types) and yes silicone is the most abundant element on the planet ,latex,and many more

  3. I love playing soccer with Sophie as well as gardening.

  4. We love going to the park and playing on her bouncy castle

  5. biking and swimming are our absolute faves!

  6. My granddaughter just turned two and we are going to have so much fun outside this summer 🙂 but I must protect her from everything especially the sun. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  7. Swimming and camping.

  8. We love walking in our garden!

  9. We love to swim together at the local beach!

  10. I love going for nature walks with the little one and our dog, its so fun, we get to see so much. thanks for the chance to win

  11. I love going to the water park with the kids and just have fun and get wet with them.

  12. We do a lot of nature walks with the kids. There is a beautiful park near us that is on the water, Bellevue Park, so beautiful and some paths to walk through, feed the ducks, play swings and slides and a great place to bbq.

  13. I love going to the spray park with my grandchildren or to the zoo and they love these outings too. 🙂

  14. I love going to the beach. Nothing more relaxing 🙂

  15. going camping at the lake..there we swim, hike and have fun!

  16. I like taking my little niece for a bike ride.

  17. I like to take the grand kids to the different beaches in our area.

  18. Going to the beach is our favorite!

  19. Swimming and playing in the pool is our favourite.

  20. We love to play at the park!


  21. We love to spend time at the beach!

  22. My daughter and I like to walk and bike alot.

  23. Beach time is best! Sun and swimming!

  24. My kids are competitive swimmers so they spend all summer at the pool

  25. Going for walks and going to the park.

  26. We all love hiking

  27. well my babe is only 15 months old but so far our favorite activity is him playing in a little sandbox and me laying in a hammock next to him! pretty awesome if you ask me 😉

  28. we love cycling and camping

  29. We like swimming at the beach.

  30. I’m going to have to say anything water related is our favorite summer activity! It’s SO HOT in NC, hot and sticky. Swimming pool, beach, and water park ! 😀

  31. We love boating ????????

  32. We love taking our grandson to the splash pad, playground, beach, parks, picnics and on bike rides,

  33. We love to hike and swim!

  34. We like going to the pool.

  35. Going for a walk or gardening is always fun.

  36. Definitely walking down to the creek or having a picnic in the front yard. It’s easy and you don’t overheat as quickly!

  37. I like going to the park

  38. We all love swimming.

  39. Our favorite is swimming with all of us during the summer.

  40. favorite thing to do outdoors in summer is our family walks in the evenings. All four of us make time, come together and talk aboout how the day went for all of us. My youngest rides in his stroller of course!

  41. We are lucky to live about 30 minutes from the ocean, so we love to go to the beach to go swimming! Thanks for this chance to win! 🙂

  42. I love to go to the beach, and my husband and I bring our daughter fishing. She’s only 3, almost 4, but loves to fish!

  43. Going to the beach or parks with splash pads!

  44. We love to go swimming and hiking when it’s not too hot.

  45. I like to go swimming with the kids. Our fav game is where I pretend to be a shark to get their feet underwater. They laugh so hard.

  46. We love to go to the beach.

  47. In the summer our favorite activities are swimming and camping. We love the summer time!!

  48. we love swimming

  49. We love camping and being outdoors riding bikes and talking walks.

  50. My absolute favourite thing to do is pack a picnic and a ton of sunscreen and head to the beach with my three girls. There is no better summer day than one spent at the beach!

  51. I like to go bike riding or hiking in the woods

  52. I love to spend time with my kids doing all of the activities I can outside. We love to go to the beach, camp, go fishing, climb rocks and basically just adventure the outdoors and learn new things. We are red headed fair skinned girls would love to win this product

  53. I love to play with my dogs outside

  54. I like going swimming.

  55. I enjoy getting out and enjoying nature with the family.

  56. going swimming or just playing outside!

  57. We love going to the pool and splashing away the summer!

  58. Swimming and picnics in the park for us 🙂

  59. I enjoy going swimmer together.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  60. ty for the chance to win!

  61. We love doing laps in the pool for exercise
    but just love swimming for fun nearly every
    day.Thanks so much for the great contest!

  62. Summer fun swimming, gardening and hiking!

  63. We love to go camping with our girls and they love it too!!!

  64. camping is fun

  65. We love spending time at the park and having picnics.

  66. I would say swimming in our pool

  67. any type of water play 🙂

  68. My favourite summer sport/activity to do with my kids is definitely outdoor activities, mainly going to the beach and swimming is their favorite. We also like to go camping, hiking and biking.

  69. I love going camping in the summer.

  70. I love going for a walk with my nieces and/or nephew. We have a favourite walk next to a river which typically will get a breeze when other places don’t have one.

  71. My favorite activity to do with our kids is going to the park! We love to go to the park & walk!

  72. Our favorite summer activity is swimming.

  73. This will be perfect with the weather getting warmer! The sports sunscreen spray will be perfect for reapplying ????

  74. swim at the lake with grandchildren

  75. Our FAVORITE activity is playing at the beach. Wading in the water, making sand castles, looking for shells, and an afternoon picnic. We all burn so easy, this was wonderful information, thank you 🙂

  76. I love to go swimming and go for walks!

  77. Great for the pool especially when the heat really gets turned up high here in vegas!

  78. Our favorite summer activity is to go to the beach!

  79. We love to go to the beach and theme parks!

  80. swimming at the beach

  81. Park and beach 🙂

  82. We’ll use it while going out for walks, trips to the park.

  83. We love to go swimming and play washers.

  84. We enjoy going to the bike trails and biking

  85. Swimming in the lake!

  86. My favourite activity is bike riding!

  87. We like to go swimming.

  88. Take the dog for a walk

  89. Our favorite summer activity is to swim in our pool.

  90. We love geocaching as a family!

  91. I love to take my grandson to the beach swimming.

  92. Love to go swimming.

  93. I love going on walks and bonding.

  94. I love taking the kids for walks through the local provincial parks, swimming, and gardening/playing in the yard

  95. They like to hike and I like to go with them for as for as my old legs can take me.

  96. We love to go to the park.

  97. Love walks and the park

  98. My favorite activity with the kids is going to the beach on sunday afternoons.

  99. My favorite family-friendly sport is geocaching! It’s great to get out in nature for a hike and kids like finding the treasures. 🙂

  100. We love going to the dunes and having a picnic.

  101. I love playing soccer outside with my nephew. 🙂

  102. We love walking through the woods with the dog.

  103. We go to baseball and do tons of hiking

  104. my kids love swimming, sand box and blowing bubbles

  105. We love to geocache 🙂

  106. Going for bike rides

  107. I love taking my grandchildren on walks and learning them to love and respect the outdoors

  108. We love to go on bike rides and hiking our local trails as much as possible.

  109. Growing things on our allotment and going for picnics.

  110. Growing our garden together and camping.

  111. swimming

  112. Just being outside, going hiking, having a picnic and camping!

  113. We like going out to explore new parks and new areas of the city.

  114. Favourite activity is going to the beach and swimming in the sea.

  115. Anything outside. Even better if it involves water.

  116. playing on the beach

  117. Swimming is the best with the kids

  118. My family loves going to any of Manitoba’s many beautiful beaches, especially after our cold winters!!

  119. This would be a great basket to have this summer at the pool

  120. We go tot eh farm to pick berries and th e lake to swim and fish.

  121. water park

  122. Our family swimmings and activities in the park.

  123. hiking and swimming 🙂 can’t wait!!!

  124. We love to go for nature walks on our 40 acres.

  125. We love to have a fire on cool evenings with s’mores.

  126. As a family we like to bike and swim! Can’t wait to start after Memorial day!

  127. We like to toss the baseball ’round together as a family. We live next to the baseball diamond so it’s a natural fit.

  128. we love playing in the water, whether it be going swimming or going to the splash pad

  129. I like to go to the outdoor waterslide in a nearby town. We make a day of it.

  130. Going to our local water park is my fave, plenty of parking, no sand, no salt water in the face, lots of bathrooms, we get the annual passes and really get our money’s worth.

  131. Hit up all the free waterparks around town!

  132. we love going to the beach

  133. My favourite thing to do with my kids in the summer is to throw the baseball around and hit it with the bat.

  134. Love swimming at the lake!

  135. We like to go swimming and to our local park to let my great grand daughter ride her bike.

  136. anything outside

  137. Our family loves swimming.

  138. We like to go swimming!

  139. We love swimming and hiking!

  140. we love playing with our new neighbours out in the cul-de-sac

  141. we love to go swimming and to Six Flags over Texas.

  142. My favorite activities are either going to the beach or camping.

  143. Camping and swimming

  144. We love to swim all summer!

  145. We don’t have kids but I love going to the zoo & parks with my nieces & nephews. They’re all pretty young right now, they’ll be more fun in a couple years.

  146. We love building sand castles at the beach! One of the perks of living on an island:)

  147. We like hiking and swimming

  148. We like going to the beach, swimming.

  149. We love going to the beach.

  150. riding bikes or going to the playground

  151. I would love to win these natural sunscreen lotions!

  152. Love to take my kids to the pool for a swim

  153. Fishing!

  154. I like to take my nieces to our community playground. They love the outdoors!

  155. My kid and I like to go paddling in the water.

  156. Our favorite activities are walking along Jericho and the seawall, riding bikes and eating gelato!

  157. We like to go to the lake and go canoeing.

  158. Playing in the sand at the beach or lakefront! I bought the cutest Melissa & Doug sand toys for this summer, can’t wait to use them with the kids.

  159. The grandchildren are playing soccer this summer. We will be there cheering them on

  160. We love evening frisbee in the park!

  161. We like to go for walks as a family by the ocean!

  162. visit the beach and go surfing

  163. I love going for bike rides with the kids

  164. hiking , or hanging out at a beach!

  165. We like to perform in the summer theatre production in our home town. My kiddo is playing Mike Teavee in Willy Wonka this summer! Should be a blast!

  166. I love playing street hockey and reading books with my little guy 🙂

  167. Go to the park and just have fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. I like to take my nephew to feed the ducks in the summer and when my niece is a little older she will go too

  169. We love playing tennis together in the summer.

  170. Our favourite activity is to play hopscothc on the driveway

  171. we love to go on the water slides!

  172. we like going hiking on local trails. We pack a lunch and there is plenty of wildlife to see.

  173. We love going to parks; ) thanks for the chance!

  174. It’s got to be swimming for my son, and volleyball for my daughter.

  175. being outside

  176. biking with the kids

  177. My family and I love to go to Wild Waves when it gets hot outside.

  178. day trips to nearby parks, camping, enjoy the beaches/lakes

  179. I think swinging on the swings at the park is my favorite!

  180. We love to go hiking with our dogs.

  181. So many favourites – biking, going to the cabin and swimming are among the top!

  182. We like riding bikes.

  183. Our favorite activities to do our swimming,hiking and riding bikes around the neighborhood.

  184. We like to go swimming or playing outside on the driveway (scooters, bikes, ride ons, blowing bubbles, etc)

  185. Oh gosh, there are so many favourites – going to the beach, hiking, playing tennis, playing volleyball, going to the spray park, blowing bubbles in the yard, hiking, swimming, walking to the local icecream shop… We LOVE summer!!

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  187. Swimming and parks

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