AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers Review {Giveaway}


Ilana Grostern and Amy Appleton of Montreal are the designers and owners behind AppleCheeks,  I love the fact that they are both mothers because no one else knows diapers better.  Plus their products are proudly Canadian.

I received  their Cherry Tomato Envelope Cover (Size 2/ Large), one of their bamboo inserts and two Stay-Dry microterry inserts to try out.

Their envelop cover has a waterproof outer layer of breathable PUL and the inside has a layer of extra soft  microfleece.  The AppleCheeks cover has waist and leg elastics that allow for a better fit. I found that having the elastic in the waist area holds down the cover and that helps avoid leaking (specially during nap time since I have a tummy sleeper).

The cover has two rows of snaps that are used to adjust both the thighs and waist and allow for finding the right fit for your little one.  Each cover has an envelope opening (like a pocket diaper) to place the inserts inside if desired. I found the opening was very wide and super easy to stuff.  The insert doesn’t need to be removed from the pocket before washing it because the cover unstuffs itself in the wash.  I LOVE not having to unstuff the cover! Specially helpful when dealing with extra messy diapers.

Their bamboo insert is great and it worked without leaks when we used it during nap times and day time use.  The insert is about 12″ x 15″ and it is super easy to fold it into thirds to get up to six layers of absorbency.  The insert looks like a “flat” prefold when you unfold it  and I love that it takes less time to dry because it is so thin.

I also tried the AppleCheeks One-Size Stay-Dry  microterry inserts and I like that you can use them inside of the cover’s pocket or directly on top and against your baby’s skin.  One side of the insert is made of stay-dry microfleece (the one that should be against their skin) and it keeps their skin dry and protected against irritation and diaper rashes.


I didn’t really try having the stay-dry insert on its own because microterry without another insert (bamboo or hemp) leaks every time for us.


I found my favorite combination was to have the bamboo insert folded inside of the pocket and one of the stay-dry inserts on top with the microfleece against his skin.  He woke up dry night after night when I used them like that.

 I enjoyed trying out the AppleCheeks diapers and inserts we received and the bright red color is gorgeous. I love all of their other fun colors and I recommend you check out their website. If you are looking for Canadian made cloth diapers that work without leaking then look no further.

Win it: One very lucky reader from the US/CAN will win an AppleCheeks little bundle (size, color & insert of their choice).  Enter to win via Rafflecopter below! Good Luck!


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Angela V

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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

260 responses to “AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers Review {Giveaway}”

  1. Raspberry Sorbet is my favorite color!!

  2. St. Lucia or storm!

  3. Cherry Tomato

  4. Purple rain is my favorite color!

  5. I love Forget-Me-Not

  6. I love their new color purple rain.

  7. I’m liking the St. Lucia right now! 🙂 But I go through moods.

  8. cherry tomato

  9. Dark Chocolate!

  10. I love St. Lucia!

  11. I like raspberry sorbet for me girly girl.

  12. Purple Rain or Lake Echo!

  13. Wild Child

  14. My favorite color is Delicious! So cute!

  15. Raspberry Sorbet! Or storm. OMG how can you pick just one AC?

  16. Purple Rain

  17. I love Lemon Zest

  18. I couldn’t possibly pick just one favorite!!! lol I am really wanting a Cherry Tomato right now though. 🙂

  19. Thank you for the giveaway

  20. Appletini is awesome!

  21. I love St. Lucia!

  22. I’m torn between Storm and Wild Child!!!

  23. cherry tomato

  24. I love Lake Echo and Mrs . Robinson 🙂

  25. Cherry Tomato

  26. I’d love a Purple Rain!

  27. Love the new Purple Rain diapers!

  28. Purple Rain!

  29. Cherry Tomato and Lake Echo are my current faves but I do love St. Lucia as well!

  30. I love the purple rain and the appletini

  31. I love the colour choices and the names. Cherry Tomato is my favourite.

  32. I love appletini. =)

  33. Love the little boy colors!

  34. st. lucia too is such a pretty colour! love all the applecheeks colours though 🙂

  35. I love them all, but maybe Appletini or Purple Rain because they are so springy… or maybe cherry tomato. 🙂

  36. Love the raspberry sorbet & appletini!!

  37. I love all the colours, would really love an appletini – such a vibrant colour:)

  38. all the colours are pretty but we like St Lucia the best

  39. I love AppleCheeks. Period. Right now I think my favorite color is Appletini.

  40. love love wild chil and lake echo

  41. I love St. Lucia! What a beautiful blue!

  42. purple rain

  43. St lucia!

  44. My favourite Apple Cheeks is Cherry Tomato and Appletini. I have two each of those colours.

  45. Purple Rain or Delicious!

  46. raspberry sorbet

  47. Love St. Lucia. Such a pretty blue

  48. Delicious is my fav!

  49. Love Raspberry Sorbet and Cherry Tomatoe! Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  50. I would love to try these.

  51. I love all their colors but especially the new purple rain 🙂

  52. I like wild child! I think it would be perfect for my son 🙂

  53. Purple rain! Wild child is also a fave.

  54. I love that apple cheeks are made in Canada

  55. Love the Delicious print 🙂

  56. I love the Lemon Zest and St Lucia

  57. At the moment Ms. Robinson is my fave 🙂

  58. Purple is my favourite colour so I was so excited to see them come out with purple rain! 🙂

  59. Dark chocolate

  60. I love supporting a Canadian company, and their diapers are super cute and work well. The colours are deep and gorgeous. I just wish they had more prints, too!

  61. I really love Appletini or Mrs. Robinson

  62. Love applecheeks! Great idea using the bamboo as an insert and placing the stay-dry microterry on top – I might have to try that for night time!

  63. I love Storm and the new Purple Rain. All the colours are gorgeous and can’t wait to show off baby’s fluffy bum all summer!

  64. St. Lucia!

  65. purple rain!

  66. I love the new Purple Rain and Storm!! Cant wait to wrap my LO’s cute bum in them when he/she arrives in August! Thanks One Smiley Monkey for offering this awesome giveaway!!

  67. I love the Wild Child print!

  68. Dark Chocolate

  69. Can’t wait to receive the purple rain I preordered!

  70. I love the Cherry Tomato color!

  71. Call me crazy but lake echo is my favourite!

  72. I would have a hard time just trying to pick one of their beautiful colors. But I really like Lake Echo.

  73. My favorite is Appletinni!!!!

  74. wild child

  75. Love the colors!

  76. Purple rain!!

  77. Love the wild child 🙂

  78. All the colors are gorgeous! But the St. Lucia is awesome!

  79. I love wild child & purple rain!!

  80. dark chocolate

  81. I love both the Delicious print and Appletini solid
    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

  82. I love Raspberry Sorbet and Purple Rain

  83. I love both Delicious and Forget-me-not!


  84. I would love a black echo.. I think it’d look great with anything!

  85. I like the Dark Chocolate color.

  86. I love Appletini!

  87. I love the delicious print

  88. i like the wild child

  89. I’d love to be able to try one of these out. “Cherry tomato” and “Delicious” are lovely.

  90. Cherry tomato or st. lucia

  91. st. lucia, cherry tomato, and purple rain are my favorites!

  92. Love Lake Echo!

  93. LOVE ST. Lucia!!!

  94. Apple print, so cute and chipper

  95. Appletini is definitely my favorite!

  96. I love Purple Rain! It’s so pretty!

  97. Love the Delicious print!

  98. i love : St. Lucia, purple rain, appletini, lemonzest…. oh boy

  99. I love the cherry tomato, but the lemon zest is a close second.

  100. I like the forget me not and the dark chocolate.

  101. I love Wild Child!

  102. OMG I LOVE AppleCheeks!!!!!!! My fav is the Wild Child Print but would lve to get my hands on their new PURLPE RAIN

  103. Cherry tomato is my favorite color.

  104. St Lucia is my favorite colour 🙂

  105. I love their Wild Child Print!

  106. I like the Appletini one!

  107. Delicious is my fav. print!

  108. I really like Wild Child and St. Lucia!

  109. Would love to have one in Delicious!

  110. These look amazing!

  111. don’t have to go to the webside, its appletini:-)

  112. Forget Me not

  113. I like both the chocolate and the wild child so it would be between those two for me

  114. I like the cherry tomato.

  115. I love the color Forget Me Not.

  116. Cherry tomatoe

  117. Forget me not

  118. I love there new on purple rain!!

  119. I love St Lucia!

  120. Appletini & St. Lucia… just <3 them!

  121. love the cherry tomato!

  122. I love the Cherry Tomato color

  123. Wild Child or Dark Chocolate (p.s. love the names!).

  124. I like the st. lucia or the wild child

  125. Lemon Zest is beautiful!

  126. love the Delicious one

  127. My favorite was appletini until Purple Rain came out! It rules:)

  128. my favorite is purple rain!

  129. i love the new purple rain!

  130. i cant pick just one colour! i love them all!!!!!

  131. favourite print is delicious. we love applecheeks diapers, they are definitely one of my favourites.

  132. St. Lucia

  133. I LOVE Delicious!

  134. Their newest color Purple Rain is definitely my favorite!

  135. I love “Delicious”. These looks like a lot of fun!

  136. I just love the purple rain 😀 Great colors for summer 😀

  137. LOVE all their colors and prints. Wild child is great!

  138. St Lucia and the new purple rain

  139. the chocolate !

  140. I love the “Wild Child” print 🙂

  141. I love the new purple rain!

  142. I love Cherry Tomato! Fave colour is red!!! And my second fave so far is St Lucia!

  143. I like the camo dipe!

  144. I love Appletini.

  145. i love the purple rain !!!

  146. I like the Delicious print

  147. My favourite colour in their current line up is Appletini. It is so bright and happy and the same colour as my son’s room 🙂

  148. st. lucia 🙂

  149. love the chocolate color.

  150. I’d love to try the Appletini or Purple Rain! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  151. Rasberry Sorbet is a very pretty color and I like the Appletini.. Really, I like them all!! 🙂

  152. I love cherry tomato! I think that is a great color and would be so cute to wear alone. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. I love the black color. It would go with anything and work for boys and girls.

  154. I really like Purple Rain!

  155. I like wild child

  156. I like cherry tomato! I am a huge fan of red, esp bc it is great for both genders!

  157. i love the beautiful st lucia blue!

  158. My favorite is the Rasberry Sorbet!! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  159. st. lucia blue color!

  160. wildchild

  161. St. Lucia is definitely one of my favorites!

  162. I love the blue and black

  163. I like the cherry tomato

  164. St. Lucia blue

  165. Delicious

  166. I like the St. Lucia blue.

  167. love the Delicious version. thanks! cokelush at gmail

  168. st. lucia

  169. I like the Wild Child… and the new Purple Rain!

  170. I love the wild child print.

  171. Appletini

  172. April 21-When I visited Apple Cheeks Diapers, I really liked The Raspberry Sorbet covers.-el03ro

  173. my fave colors of applecheeks would have to be the hard to find eucalyptus and the new purple rain

  174. I love the new purple rain, but also love St. Lucia!

  175. Love the Wild Child print and I’d love to try with a hemp insert overnight

  176. I really like st. Lucia and appletini 🙂

  177. I like wild child!

  178. i would choose the Wild Child print!

  179. Purple Rain or Wild Child are my faves.

  180. I’ve been wishing I had tried cloth diapers for mine — would like to give these a whirl even if it is a little late in the game!

  181. purple Rain!

  182. I love Purple Rain!

  183. wild child

  184. Appletini

  185. My favorite color is Purple Rain!

  186. I like storm or appletini

  187. The purple rain color is gorgeous!!

  188. I love the St. Lucia color!

  189. I love wild child

  190. purple rain, hands down. i wish it wasn’t a limited production!

  191. I love their Lemon Zest diaper! Of course, I also love Raspberry Sorbet, Cherry Tomato, Purple Rain, St. Lucia… 😉

  192. i love the wild child print and the cherry tomato solid!

  193. appletini

  194. Cherry Tomato and Purple Rain are my favorite colors. St Lucia is also very pretty!

  195. Dark Chocolate

  196. Love the purple rain.

  197. Purple Rain

  198. St. Lucia and Storm(love the green snaps)!

  199. I love them all! But Appletini is a really fun one! 🙂

  200. I love cherry tomato for color, and the wild child for a print.

  201. I like wild child

  202. loving the swim diaper in red!!

  203. I like them All

  204. Wild child!

  205. St. Lucia is my favorite…I looove it!

  206. Cherry Tomato or Delicious

  207. I love the LE purple rain color and wild child.

  208. Definitely “wild child” or maybe “appletini”!

  209. LOVE Purple Rain!! Such a fun color

  210. appletiny or all really. We want our baby in every color 🙂

  211. Love wild child!

  212. Loving the purple rain 🙂

  213. Appletini

  214. I love the wild child print and the forget me not. Both would work for multiple children of either gender

  215. I love the Wild Child and the new Purple Rain

  216. Wild Child.

  217. I love the wild child print!

  218. appletini! or anything in size 1 or 2! one in cloth all the time, older son overnight still, and one on the way (going to be cloth too!)

  219. Delicious

  220. Wild Child print or Lake Echo solid

  221. I love all of them.

  222. Love appletini!

  223. The lemon zest is great- so summery 🙂
    Thanks for the chance

  224. storm

  225. lemon zest

  226. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!! LOVE Purple Rain!!!

  227. purple rain & delicious

  228. I love the brightness of Lemon Zest!

  229. Storm!! or Purple Rain!

  230. my favourite is the Wild Child

  231. Delicious is really cute.

  232. I like the cherry red color and the colors I can use for both boys and girls, since we are planning on having another kid.

  233. Appletini

  234. Love “delicious”!

  235. I love wild child!

  236. I love the Delicious print! SO happy that AC came out with some prints. 🙂

  237. appletini!

  238. I love the wildchild print!

  239. I love all of their prints/colors. My favorite though is prob def Mrs. Robinson or Wild Child. 🙂

  240. I have always loved the wild child print- but the new purple rain color would look LOVELY on my little girl!

  241. I really like the Delicious print 🙂

  242. St Lucia is my favorite for sure. I do also really like the storm, especially the snap color 🙂

  243. I love the prints the best- Delicious & Wild Child are both great!

  244. Wild Child is simply amazing!

  245. Cherry Tomato! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  246. Raspberry Sorbet

  247. i LOVE the delicious print!

  248. delicious…if you consider a print one of their colors. 🙂

  249. I would love to try some applecheeks!

  250. I love the wild child and the flower on… St luca and appletini are a close second followed by purple rain!!! Great colors!!!

  251. I looooooove that Cherry Tomato and Delicious!

  252. Love the size 1 envelope covers!

  253. I LOVE the wild child!!

  254. Appletini

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