Malibu 12 Stroller

I received the fantastic Hauck Malibu 12 Stroller to review a few weeks ago and we have been using it almost every day since.  The Malibu 12 is a compact, lightweight stroller that is easy to use and very very comfortable.

We got it assembled in about 30 minutes total {after watching the online demo video of course}. The instruction booklet that came with it was confusing and we gave up on that and focused on the video.

I love that the stroller is easy to fold and the frame is super light. I am usually the one taking the stroller in and out of our car’s trunk so having a light stroller is a must for us, I also  love that the wheels move easily and smoothly.

 Here are some of my favorite features of the Malibu 12:

  1. Malibu 12 HauckSingle foot brake break system:  This system is easy to use and it is secure!
  2. Soft foam handle: I really enjoy going for walks with my son and holding onto the soft foam.  The handles are comfortable and ergonomic.
  3. 5 point safety harness with shoulder pads: I like that he is secured in a safe manner and the shoulder pads are great to keep his face away from the straps.
  4. Front wheels swivel/lock: I like that I can lock and unlock the front wheels, great when you go on light joggings.
  5. The stroller is only 18lbs: If I can carry a 25lbs toddler all over the place I can definitively carry an 18lbs stroller in and out my trunk.
  6. Infinite seat recline: We owned a different stroller that didn’t have the seat recline and I hated not being able to recline it for nap time. Now he can have a comfortable position if he falls asleep in the stroller. Love it!
  7. Shock Absorption: Great when going over uneven ground or light jogging.
  8. Large Shopping Basket: Yes! I love shopping. Having a large shopping basket just rocks. I can also put my diaper bag in the basket so I can relax with no extra weight on my shoulders once in a while.
  9. Washable material: Because with little ones there are always messes and you need a fabric that you can actually get cleaned.
  10. Oversized Extendable Canopy:  Great for protecting their skin from direct sun exposure and light rain. I also use it when he is sleeping to block the light a bit.
  11. Free infant car seat adapter: Love it because it comes with the stroller and you can use it with your car seat if you have an infant.
  12. Price: It sells for $249, a fantastic price for a compact stroller that comes with a car seat adapter to use with any infant car seat.

Malibu 12 packaging

I made a video with the basic functions of the stroller for you to see how it folds, unfolds and how to use it. {below}


I am loving our new stroller and all of its features! The Malibu 12 stroller definitively gets 5 stars from us!