Diaper Bag Essentials You Should Never Be Without {Disney Baby Giveaway}

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A well-stocked diaper bag is a must have when you have a baby. Having two little ones means I have to be prepared to keep both of them clean, fed and entertained when we are out. Being organized is super important and packing all the essentials is imperative. Here are some of my tips and some tips from Disney Baby for preparing your diaper bag, so you have one less thing to worry about on your way out the door.

  • Diapers, diapers and more diapers

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to keep plenty of diapers on hand. Bring one for every hour you’ll be out, plus one more – you don’t want to get caught without! If you use cloth diapers then don’t forget to pack a small wet bag to pack the dirty diapers! Super important.

  • Don’t be without wipes

Keep some wipes in a plastic bag, or get a set in handy travel size. These are great for keeping baby clean post changing and are useful for wiping down sticky fingers and faces, dirty surfaces and changing pads as well. I carry a pack of wipes with me inside of the diaper bag and I always keep another one inside the car for emergencies.

  • Diaper Rash Cream

Pick up a small tube and keep it ready at hand. You never know when diaper rash could develop, and you don’t want your baby to be uncomfortable when you’re nowhere near home!

  • Pack a changing pad

Many diaper bags, including this Mickey Mouse one, come with changing pads inside. Changing pads make dealing with diapers a clean and comfortable experience, especially when there isn’t a changing table available. They will also protect your baby when using public change tables.

  • Extra clothing

No matter how prepared you are, accidents can happen. When you’re on the move with a baby, any number of things could necessitate a wardrobe change. Disney Baby has plenty of adorable Layette sets, available at all major retail locations – check out these super cute body suits for inspiration! They will fit neatly in your bag, so your baby can stay stylish, even on the run.  And don’t forget to pack something for your older child as well. They can get pretty messy while at the park as well or have an accident if you are in the middle of potty-training.

  • Bring a selection of snacks 

If your baby is bottle feeding, keep some milk ready at hand. These Mickey bottles are a great option. If your baby is older, take some snacks in a reusable container and fill a learner cup with water. I usually have to pack a puree for my 9-month old when we are out as well. Be sure to pack a snack for yourself and your toddler!

  • Carry creature comforts

If your little ones uses a pacifier pack it and bring it with you. Same with teething toys and blankets.

  • Tons of toys

Keep children occupied while you’re out and about with board books, rattles and other toys. They will have fun and you’ll be able to get your errands done. I always makes sure to pack something for my toddler as well, keeps him happy and entertained while we are waiting.

What essentials do you have to carry with you when on the go?



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Disclosure: I am a Disney Baby Mom Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group; however all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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74 responses to “Diaper Bag Essentials You Should Never Be Without {Disney Baby Giveaway}”

  1. book or toy, snack, extra clothes, blanket, pacifier, and diaper changing supplies

  2. diapers, wipes, and snacks!

  3. diapers, wipes, a binky and a blankey

  4. diapers, wipes, change of clothes and snacks for my toddler.

  5. I always have a sippy cup, toys, snacks, a change of clothes, in addition to the diapers and wipes.

  6. Diapers, wipes, ointment, toys, snacks, a sippy, and a change of cloths.

  7. We always have extra clothes and a sippy cup for water. NEVER leave the house without the cup lol.

  8. diapers, change of clothing, snacks, bottle and wipes!

  9. Snacks and wipes are a must!

  10. My essentials are diapers, wipes, change pad, extra set of clothes for the baby, sippy cup, snack cup, Bum Bum Balm, extra hair bow (to keep her hair out of her eyes when she pulls out and drops the bow I already put on before we left the house!).

  11. wipes and a change of clothes (both for me and baby!)

  12. Baby wipes! I no longer need to carry a diaper bag with me. My kids are old enough. But I can never ever even think of going without wipes!

  13. Diapers and wipes are must have in my bag

  14. Wipes 🙂

  15. As odd as it sounds, I always carried a shirt for mommy too. Never fail, I’d end up more messy than my kiddo did

  16. Toys, diapers, wipes, snacks

  17. Diapers/wipes and snacks are key essentials.. especially to occupy them during shopping

  18. Diapers, wipes, snacks, water, and hand sanitizer!

  19. When on the go, the essentials I have to carry with me are wipes, lotion & a change of clothes ‘cos you never know.

  20. I bring a ton of snacks, three wet bags, and water bottles… and always, always, always two changes of clothes for both babies!

  21. For baby- LOTS of wipes, a change of clothes, at least twice as many diapers as I think I might need, and things to entertain my oldest as well.

  22. Extra clothes , snacks , blankets , ext

  23. extra clothes, wet wipes,

  24. Snacks,toys,blankets,wet wipes

  25. Diapers, wipes snacks and diaper cream!

  26. Water, wipes and snacks.

  27. snacks, extra clothes , wipes and diapers

  28. Lots of snacks and wipes for messy hands and faces.

  29. Snacks, water, wipes…

  30. I carry a lot of stuff — try to be prepared for everything…. diapers, wipes, lotion, extra clothes, food/snacks and first aid kit.

  31. I take wipes with me everywhere

  32. Always have a diaper, wipes, and a change of clothes.

  33. Always make sure to have wipes and a change of clothing

  34. I always bring diapers, wipes, diaper cream, tissues, change of clothes, blanket, formula and bottles and one toy if there us any room left.

  35. As a grandmother I always carry Snacks and wipes. My daughter carries diaper, wipes, change pad, extra set of clothes for the baby, sippy cup, snack cup and more.

  36. Wipes and snacks

  37. My sister-in-law carries wipes, diapers, snacks and games

  38. Wet Wipes are my essential.

  39. diapers, wipes, extra clothing

  40. snack.wipes and change clothes

  41. Essentials to carry on the go: diapers, wipes, extra clothes and snacks.

  42. My diaper bag essentials are diapers, change of pants for baby, change of shirt for me, snacks, wipes, water bottle, and chapstick.

  43. Babywipes is a must for me.

  44. lots of snacks

  45. Entertainment supplies!

  46. Diapers,bottle,snacks,wipes,change of clothes,boogie wipes and washcloth

  47. this would be wonderful for my new nephew….diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bibs, blankets and his soother. I’m pretty sure she always has tempra and gripe water just in case

  48. wipes they are good for so much not just diaper changes.

  49. diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks, liquids, couple books and a couple toys

  50. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, toy and snacks

  51. Wipes & snacks

  52. Must have are Kleenex, wet wipes, energy bars and water.

  53. soothers, diapers, wipes and toys

  54. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes!

  55. Bottles, pump/milk. wipes & diapers

  56. Wipes and a snack or toy is what i bring for my son

  57. yes please

  58. pampers, wipes, bottle, sippy cup, snacks, pacifier

  59. Diapers, Wipes, Hand sanitizer, Changing pad , A hand towel, blankets, Bottle(s) of formula or expressed breast milk, Extra clothes and Pacifier etc

  60. Lots of snacks

  61. Toys and fully packed diaper bag

  62. So excited to have my new miracle joining our family in April 2015

  63. I always have diapers, wipes, clothes (i have been caught 1 too many times with no extras) and health cards

  64. Thanks, shared with my fans

  65. Snacks, toys and a blanket!!!

  66. I carry diapers, cream, pad and an extra clean sleeper

  67. I carry diapers wipes extra clothes wash cloths bibs, 3 bottles, towel

  68. I always have wipes with Me

  69. For sure an extra set of clothes. because …. well you know…
    diapers, wipes. and snacks

  70. Since I have three granddaughters with babies and toddlers, I am interested in this post. I agree with you that diapers are a no-brainer and, of course, a plastic bag of some sort to keep soiled cloth diapers in, and for used paper diapers as well. I like your idea of keeping wipes in the car as well as in the diaper bag. I still keep wipes in our glove compartment for spills, wiping little hands, etc.

  71. Diaper Bag essentials-diaper rash essentials. I used cloth diapers for all my babies. Of course, this was back in the ‘dark ages’. My first baby, a boy, had very sensitive skin so my druggist mixed up a formula for me and it worked wonderfully. I think it was a mixture of zinc oxide and mineral oil. I am just guessing as we did not have the myriad of diaper creams available today. I always carried it with me.
    Things have not really changed is some ways. My grandson had his druggist mix up a diaper cream for his son who had exzema so the present brought it back to the past and my diaper cream mixture.

  72. DiaperBag Essentials-Bring plenty of extra clothing.– Again, this is a no brainer. Anyone, who knows ‘Murphy’s Law’and has a small baby and /or a toddler, knows that it applies to this type of family better than almost anywhere else. The odds are that one or both of your little ones are going to need at least one clothing change per outing. How do I know this? I know this from personal(sigh)experience and from having to improvise when visiting Mommies do not know this.
    I wish we had posts like this when I had my babies and you are doing a very valuable and helpful service to all present and future Moms who read your posts.

  73. DiaperBags Essentials-Bring a selection of snacks–This is so important for Baby’s comfort and your own. Bring your breast milk in a bottle if you are going to be somewhere you don’t really feel comfortable breast-feeding. Also take water and if, your baby is older, some pureed babyfood. The containers are so convenient now. Your suggestion of snacks for yourself is a good one, if you are not visiting family who will probably offer you one.
    Bring a blanket for baby for his/her comfort as well.
    I find most young mothers are very well prepared for a visit-a few, not so much.
    Thank you for all your suggestions in this area.

  74. I agree with you that pacifiers and teething helpers as well as blankets are essentials..Some of their own toys is a good idea as well as something for the older child to entertain him/herself.
    I was a Mother in another era. I always brought milk, diapers, plastic bag for soiled diapers, extra outfit and diaper rash cream.
    I usually visited only grandparents on each side. I limited visits in winter when colds, flu and communicable diseases were on the go. My children were seldom sick. Three suffered from croup, which is scary but, with help from my doctor, I learned to deal with it.
    Thank you for all these tips, They will be invaluable to new moms and grandmoms.

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