Dorset CerealsIf you haven’t had the pleasure of trying Dorset Cereals yet, you should really give them a try. I was lucky enough to receive the full line of Dorset Cereals including their two new recipes: Simply Nutty Muesli and Honey Granola and I have been loving my healthy breakfast every morning.

Dorset Cereals are made in Dorset England (hence the name) and their muesli is packed with lots of fruits and nuts.  The people at Dorset visit all of their suppliers personally to ensure the best ingredients are always being used and balance them carefully in delicious blends.

If you are looking for a healthy and tasty breakfast or snack that’s rich in whole grains and provides a  good source  of fiber then be sure to check them out. Their products contain no added preservatives and they are fresh and extra crunchy!

Dorset Cereals are available in seven different recipes:

Simply Nutty Muesli {New}: a delicious blend of multi-grain flakes with whole almonds, toasted and malted oats, oat flakes, toasted and malted wheat flakes, dates, Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds.

Honey Granola {New}: a lovely blend of a crunchy oats, sunflower seeds, flaked almonds, rye flakes, pecans and pumpkin seeds. They’re mixed by hand and gently baked in honey, salt and sunflower oil with just a hint of vanilla.

Simply Delicious Muesli: a tasty blend of raisins, sultanas, sunflower seeds, dates, Brazil nuts and roasted hazelnuts with multi-grain flakes

Really Nutty Muesli: a crunchy mix of cashews, Brazils, hazelnuts, almonds, sultanas, dates, flame raisins and multi-grain flakes

Super Cramberry, Cherry & Almond Muesli: a blend of cranberries, cherries, almonds, raisins, sultanas, sunflower seeds, flame raisins and toasted cereals.

Super High Fiber Muesli: a blende of toasted cereals with flame raisins, dates, sunflower seeds, toasted coconut and chopped roasted hazelnuts

Fruits, Nuts & Seeds Muesli: delicious blend of raisins and flame raisins, dates, sultanas, banana, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, flaked almonds, whole hazelnuts and multi grain flakes.

Dorset Cereals

My favorite recipes were the Fruits, Nuts & Seeds Muesli (just love the combination of banana, whole hazelnuts and flaked almonds, yum!) and the Super Cranberry, Cherry & Almond Muesli (I love cherries so having those mixed with almonds and cranberries was delicious).

I really liked them all in general as I am a big fan of nuts and seeds and I eat them in salads and for snacks all the time, so having a nice balanced blend of fruits, nuts and seeds all in one  cereal was great.

Buy it: Find more information about Dorset Cereals here!  Try them all if you can! You will really like them! In Vancouver you can find them at London Drugs, Superstore, Donald’s Market and more. Check out their “Where to Buy” page to find a store that carries them near you.

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