At 8 months my son became a “heavy wetter” and his diapers were usually leaking at every nap. Adding extra inserts to my pocket diapers was not doing the trick. I had no issues any other time but during his naps. I already have bamboo diapers that I love for night time but I wanted to try some other bamboo diapers for his nap times.


I received two Bamboo Baby All in One diapers from Dri-line Baby to try a few months ago. Their all in one diaper has a very soft bamboo rayon fleece inner and a one size liner with 3 layers of bamboo rayon fleece that is attached to one side of the diaper. I love that feature because it really makes it faster to dry compare to my other AIOs.  Also I have many pocket diapers that I have to stuff so it is nice to add a couple of AIOs that are ready to go after the wash.
The Bamboo Baby diapers have snaps to adjust the rise making them one size. I received one snap closure and one hoop & loop closure to try. My favorite out of the two was the snap closure. It is just a personal preference. 

The inside of the diaper is very soft and I like that. I used both diapers during his nap times and I am so pleased to say I had no leaking! I stopped using the pockets for nap time and decided to use the Bamboo Baby from now on.  I definitively recommend this diaper if your baby is soaking through double cotton inserts like my son was.  

Dri-line Baby also sent me a Travel Change Pad to try from their store.  The change pad folds away and it is super compact and light weight. I love that it has snaps for  closing/opening instead of a zipper and I really like that I can wash it easily in my washing machine.

The pad also has a snap latch that I used to attach it to my stroller when we go out for walks or when at the mall etc. It’s great to have it ready so I can use it anytime I need to put my baby down on the floor or for a quick change.  I really like the fact that the outer material is so soft as well!
I had a great experience testing the Dri-line products and  I recommend them as they are also pretty economical.

Buy it: You can find both the diapers and the travel change pad on their website here and here.

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