Life just got a lot busier, and exciting!  Mr. AJ is now officially walking!!!  We were playing with him this morning when all of a sudden he just did it, he walked!  He had taken one or two short steps on his own before in the last couple of weeks and he was getting very comfortable cruising barely holding on to the furniture and walls so we knew it was coming. Still, it is unbelievably amazing to see him do it.

It really makes me proud and so excited to see my little baby taking his first steps and actually walking, specially seeing his excitement and his eyes light up once he realizes he can go places he has never been before and get there FAST. It opens a whole new world of exploration, learning and fun for him.

I know I am going to be very busy now, perhaps more than I have been before but I am also pleasantly surprised to discover that walking really takes a lot of his energy and that he went down for his nap without fighting it a bit.  He usually fights nap time and then falls sleep after a while but today his eyes closed as soon as his head touched the mattress.  Yay for that!

While he was napping I was looking at old photos from his very first week of life. When he was just days old and a tiny little thing.  And it got me thinking about life,  how truly magical it is. Bringing life into the world and seeing that life grow with every single second, minute, hour, day, month.

AJ less than a week old!  11 months ago.
AJ last week, almost 11 months.
Time goes by fast! Today he is walking, tomorrow he will be running and life just goes on and on.  I just want to go back to cherishing every second and being very grateful for what we have and for his life.  For those little feet that were made for walking!
To my little monkey: I am so grateful for the last 11 months! My life has changed in so many ways and I am in awe of everything you do. I love you in ways that I never knew existed and I will forever be your mommy. Thank you for reminding me to slow down and enjoy every second, every day.  Love you always! A.