Facts About Canada Day {Little Passports Giveaway!}

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! To celebrate this special day we are hosting a fantastic reader giveaway and posting some pretty cool facts about Canada Day. Check out the details below!

Every year on July 1, just when summer is really beginning to heat up, we celebrate Canada Day. This national holiday was created in 1868 to commemorate the first anniversary of the formation of the Dominion of Canada. Originally known as “Dominion Day,” the holiday’s name was officially changed to “Canada Day” in 1982.

It is a day for Canadians all over the world to show pride in their nation’s history, culture and achievements. From coast to coast, the country’s birthday is marked with colorful parades, elaborate fireworks and singing of the national anthem, O Canada!

In 2013, the week following Canada Day was proclaimed Canada History Week. It’s designed to encourage Canadians to learn about and celebrate their history by visiting museums, talking to veterans and touring national historic sites.

While Canada Day might be the best known of the country’s holidays, there are other noteworthy celebrations leading up to it which begin eleven days earlier.

The first is National Aboriginal Day. The date of this holiday was chosen to coincide with the summer solstice, which falls on June 21st this year, because historically many Aboriginal groups have chosen the solstice to celebrate their traditions. On this day, Canadians and visitors are encouraged to learn more about the Inuit, Métis, and First Nations peoples and how important they are to the country’s culture and history.

On June 24, French Canadians have their day of celebration. Known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, the day honors the patron saint of French-speaking Canadians. Celebrated with parades and parties, it is sometimes called the Fête Nationale du Québec. Québec is the only province to have French as its official language.

On June 27 the contribution of all cultures of the nation are celebrated as Canadian Multiculturalism Day. Created in 2002 to recognize the country’s diversity, this is a day for people to take part in events and learn more about Canada’s amazing collection of ethnicities, languages and religions.



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43 responses to “Facts About Canada Day {Little Passports Giveaway!}”

  1. Fireworks and BBQ

  2. Family time. Whether it be a at a bbq or a parade or watching fireworks – we celebrate Canada’s birthday together!

  3. Go watch fireworks of course! And relax with the family 🙂

  4. picnic and fireworks!

  5. For the last few years we have attended the concert in the park, which is a lot of fun.

  6. We go to the local park for the annual Canada Day celebrations during the day, then go to a friend’s bbq in the evening. Sometimes we also catch the fireworks.

  7. Its all about being outside – picnic, BBQ, running in the park..

  8. I celebrate Canada Day with fireworks & friends

  9. we watch fireworks on our deck and make smores.

  10. We went to the park and wandered around checking out the booths and the childrens’ entertainment. It was great fun.

  11. i worked while my husband and my daughter enjoyed there day at the splash park!

  12. Parade, and cookouts with friends, then fireworks!

  13. I celebrate Canada Day by attending the local Canada Day parade!

  14. Normally with a BBQ and taking the kids to the park and having a picnic or playing outside with the sprinkler.

  15. We went to a pancake breaky, did some crafts, danced downtown and watched fireworks! 😉

  16. Our town has a celebration in the park/street. Main st is closed off for a chunk of the day and there are activities for kids, the firemen have a pool set up on the street and the hoses as sprinklers. There is music and dancing. So we went to that (like we do every year). Then we went to the fireworks in the evening in the next town over.
    I’ve been thinking about getting a Little Passport subscription for my kids because my oldest absolutely loves world studies.

  17. I dress up in all red and white, spend time with my family, and watch the fireworks together!

  18. This year we hung out at a splash pad and then had a family BBQ at my brothers. Ended the night with fireworks.

  19. July 4th for me – we BBQed today and had family over then watched the fireworks!

  20. We have a BBQ and then check out the fireworks!

  21. we go to community events if we have time or are around

  22. Our town has a fun parade on the Saturday that we always take in

  23. We celebrate Canada Day with a BBQ and make sure we are all wearing red and white!

  24. We celebrate by watching the Canada Day parade and fireworks

  25. we had a bbq

  26. I go see live bands & fireworks every year.

  27. We always spend it with my parents, they have property in Washington state, so we usually end up celebrating both!

  28. Barbeque, pool and fireworks!

  29. Family Barbeque and Fireworks.

  30. We celebrate with lots of good food and family!

  31. we have a bbq and go see fireworks for the fourth of july.

  32. We can se the fireworks each year from our back deck. Small town, nice and quaint, and in the comfort of our own home, we celebrate as a family.

  33. We BBQ and go to a 4th of July parade

  34. we went to a canada day event in our city!

  35. Family together and attend at community event. My daughter usually stepdances in the community celebrations.

  36. BBQ, games, swimming and family time

  37. Grilling and swimming in the pool

  38. We celebrate Canada Day by going to our local parade. The kids love when they get candy

  39. We always go to the park and have a picnic then wait for the fireworks at night.

  40. I celebrate canada day by having a family bbq

  41. We are in the U.S. so we learn about our constitution and recite parts of it (homeschoolers, lol) and then we go to a parade and then later to a bbq/fireworks family party. We are also part canadian so we learn the canadian anthem and sing it on Canada Day!

  42. We usually celebrate Canada Day at our local beach with fireworks and cake for the whole community.

  43. We celebrate Canada day with family and friends. We have a bbq and watch fireworks

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