I love birthday celebrations. Since becoming a mom almost four years ago I’ve had the chance to plan and celebrate three birthday parties for my eldest son. We will be celebrating his fourth birthday this year and our second child’s very first birthday.

I really enjoy the process of organizing and putting together children’s birthday parties. There are a lot of little details and it is exciting to think about what your little one and his friends will enjoy and remember about his special day. It’s all about creating new wonderful memories.

I usually have to book the party’s location well in advance because both of my children were born during the colder months, making it difficult to plan outdoor/backyard parties. Also, having 10 toddlers running around in our house doesn’t sound very fun so picking a place where they can safely play, run and burn energy is always a top priority for us when finding a location.

My son’s most memorable birthday was probably his last one. At three years old, he more vividly remembers what his party was like and who was there to celebrate it with him.

All the little things like finding the perfect spot for the party, getting beautiful decorations ready, putting together a piñata, sorting out snacks, birthday cake and party loot for guests are important and fun to plan but what really makes the party memorable is the time spent with friends and family.

Seeing my son’s little face light up when we all sang happy birthday and watching him blow out his candles with a big smile on his face made all the planning and hard work totally worth it. Watching your little one enjoying a moment like that is priceless.

Slowing down and taking the time to celebrate with our loved ones is what really makes birthday parties fun and memorable. No matter how big or small, if you have the ones you love close to you your party will be a big success.

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