Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo {Giveaway}

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Our two-year-old boy is at the dancing and singing stage right now. Whenever he hears a tune he likes he shakes his head, dances and gets excited. The Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo has become one of his favourite singing toys and he has been having lots of fun playing with it.

The Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo is a dancing/singing robot that introduces little ones to letters, colours, counting, music, cause and effect and more. I love that you can record personalized phrases for him to remix with his favourite songs, so much fun!

• Large, multi-colour LED grid tummy
• See BeatBo “dance” – watch his hips shake & his head nod
• 3 modes grow with baby –
Dance ’n Move: Fun, energizing music encourages baby to move around.
Learning & Games: Introduces baby to ABCs, colours, counting & more!
Includes “Freeze Dance” Customized Sing-Along: Mom or baby can record a phrase that BeatBo will remix into his favourite song
• Get the play going! Press BeatBo’s colourful tummy or any of the 3 buttons on his feet
• Baby’s actions make exciting things happen – a great intro to cause & effect!
• Helps strengthen baby’s gross and fine motor skills
• Music, songs, phrases, lights & bright colours all help give baby’s senses a boost

Gross Motor: Fun music and motions encourages baby to move, shake, and dance along exercising gross motor skills.

Sensory: colourful lights, dancing motions, a variety of textures, and music, speech, & sounds stimulate baby’s senses.

Curiosity & Discovery: Actions/reaction activities encourage curiosity and discovery as baby discovers how to make BeatBo come to life.

I love toys that help engage all of my children’s senses. Interactive and creative toys are always so much fun to play with too!

The Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo retails for $49.99.


Win it: One very lucky Canadian reader will WIN a Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo (valued at $50) – This giveaway is open to all of Canada, excluding Quebec.

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck ALL!

Disclosure: I am a  #PlayAdvocate and I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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108 responses to “Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo {Giveaway}”

  1. Inner Ninja

  2. not sure what my niece’s favorite song is but she loves anything disney

  3. Old MacDonald!

  4. The itsy bitsy spider is my little guys favourite song

  5. I am not sure my great nephew has a favourite song yet, he just loves to dance to any music at this point.

  6. She loves The Ants go marching in song, and of course a lot of songs by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

  7. When they were little…. I use to sing them How Much is that doggy in the window. That was their favorite. I think LOL

  8. I don’t have any little ones, but nephew loves the wheel on the bus go round and round.

  9. Gangham Style gets my grandson dancing!

  10. Taylor Swift Shake it off

  11. i dont have any small children anymore but i do have 5 grandchildren.the 2 youngest were born 30 hours apart.1 boy.1 girl they are both now 51/2 months old i do the babysitting and when moms go back to work in april 2016 ill be doing it full time(again) i sing to them sandwhiches are wonderfull which i first heard by fred penner when my kids were little.i put one of then on my lap and sing this song and bounce them around a little and both giggle with glee.

  12. right now my youngest LOVES the bubble guppies theme song

  13. We always had music in our home when my children were small. I can’t name a single song but there were many.

  14. All About that Bass

  15. Right now its the ABC’s

  16. My niece as far as I know does not have a favorite song but she loves to dance around

  17. Right now my little one’s favourite song is Twinkle Twinkle

  18. anything by katy perry

  19. “You Are My Sunshine” is his favorite song.

  20. Jingle Bells

  21. he likes the happy song by pharrel. he loves watching the video

  22. I have absolutely no idea at all which song is the favourite of any of my grandchildren, they sing so many different ones. 🙂

  23. My granddaughters love to sing Old MacDonald had a Farm!

  24. My daughter loves anything by Bob’s and lolo!

  25. My daughter loves the Wheels on the Bus

  26. Wwnsy weensy sooider is a favorite.

  27. Holy Holy Holy is her favourite song.

  28. Let It Go from Frozen. Non-stop.

  29. Our daughter likes her little seahorse that plays twinkle twinkle little star.

  30. My daughter loves Let it go

  31. We have no fave here he will dance to anything 🙂

  32. My little ones favourite song is shine bright like a diamond-the minecraft version

  33. The itsy bitsy spider is his fave right now!

  34. Right now Down By the Bay is pretty popular.

  35. Anything you can dance to.

  36. My granddaughters favourite is The Wheels on the bus or If Your Happy and you Know It!!!

  37. Currently Row your Boat is a hit!

  38. The one she likes to sing is the ABC song, and last week she loved The Wheels on the Bus.

  39. My niece loves Itsy Bitsy Spider

  40. My little one’s favorite song is Amazing Grace

  41. not sure what my little step grandkids favourite songs are right now..I know one is Bob’s & Lolo’s dirty feet.

  42. Bad blood

  43. My grandson’s favourite song is Baa Baa Black Sheep

  44. The Wheels on the Truck

  45. Puff the Magic Dragon!

  46. London Bridges!

  47. right now would have to be Old MacDonald

  48. My daughter’s favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star. She sings it all the time.

  49. I don’t have children, but my nieces and nephews love many songs, including Old MacDonald’s Farm.

  50. The Wheels on the Bus

  51. You are my Sunshine

  52. My itty-bitty little one at present is my godson… He loves music; the traditional children’s songs, but he has recently developed a taste for hip-hop/R&B/rap which he loves bopping to in the car. Funny enough, he loves Macklemore’s ‘Downtown’ right now. LOL!

  53. My first grandchild is due any day so his favourite song is yet to be determined

  54. My nephew loves all music! I guess the favorite would be “old macdonald had a farm”

  55. Both my boys currently love I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. It came up while I listened to a random playlist and they both loved it.

  56. We Are Family by Sister Sledge

  57. I would have to go with you you are my sunshine. I sing it to my sons all the time

  58. no more monkeys jumping on the bed

  59. My children are adults now. My great grands like to sing but I am not sure of the songs. One of my granddaughters was the last child picked up at a private home that looked after four children. The babysitter used to rock her and sing her the older songs. (She was older and more like a grandmother to them.) This child sang a few of the songs for me and they were the old classics that made me quite homesick.

  60. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

  61. My son loves the Toopie and Binoo theme song

  62. My kids like the song “This old man, he played 1”.

  63. Its Baby Beluga

  64. My kids love “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”

  65. Frere Jacques

  66. My son absolutely loves raindop pop by Bobs and Lolo.

  67. My grandson favorite song is The Wheels on the Bus

  68. whip it nae nae

  69. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  70. My little guy loves 5 Little Monkies!

  71. We made up an Old Macdonald Had a Castle song, with all the Disney characters, and that is by far her favourite – it is our nap time and bed time top pick! We made it up when our oldest was a baby and we went to Disneyland, it was always her favourite too, and now we just keep adding new characters over the years as new movies come out. 🙂

  72. dancing in the moonlight

  73. my grandson loves dancing to Gangham Style & Shake it Up

  74. My granddaughter loves to dance to “Oh, Hi!”. I’m not sure of the official title but my son found it on YouTube.

  75. Three little Monkeys jumping on the bed

  76. my son’s favourite song is life is a highway from the movie Cars

  77. If youre happy and you know it!! Really anything that gives us a reason to dance and be loud!!

  78. My son loves all the songs from the TV show Yo Gabba Gabba!

  79. anything from the bubble guppies. she loves them all.

  80. The Farmer in the Dell

  81. My daughter’s is Old MacDonald Had a Farm. I just asked my son what his is, and he immediately launched into the Imperial March from Star Wars…so….I guess that?

  82. Wheels on the bus, for sure!

  83. baby beluga

  84. Her love of let it go still hasn’t faded. She sings it all the time.

  85. Too many to choose from, but I will say Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. She loves to act it out.

  86. The Itsy bitsy spider!

  87. the theme song from caillou

  88. My daughter loves Shake It Off haha.

  89. My son loves the ABCs song (the sesame street version with Elmo)

  90. My little ones fave is three little monkeys.

  91. My son loves The Wheels on the Bus .

  92. My little guy loves to make up his own songs:) But really enjoys X’s and O’s 🙂

  93. My youngest’s favourite song is Jesus Loves Me.

  94. If your happy and you know it

  95. Would love to win for my great nieces

  96. Our 14 mth old loves twinkle twinkle little star and three blind mice for a fun rhyme song! 🙂

  97. Let It Go from Frozen

  98. At the moment, it is Jingle Bells!

  99. My nephew and niece love I like to move it! hahaha

  100. My daughter’s favorite song is I am a little teapot – she sings it all the time and acts it out!

  101. My son loves The Bumblebee Song!

  102. My grandsons favorite song is “Old McDonald Had a Farm” He loves the oink of the pigs the best. We sing it with him on Skype all the time. Thank you for the great prize 🙂

  103. Puff the Magic Dragon!

  104. Camptown races makes him giggle

  105. They love to bust a move to gangnam style

  106. my daughter loves the song hush little baby .

  107. This would be a good baby gift

  108. The theme song to bubble guppies

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