Halloween Spider Craft

If you follow this blog then you must already know that we are big Halloween fans. We also love decorating our home and making crafts to decorate according to the season.

Here is a super easy and fun craft that you can make with your little ones. You can use the cute spiders to decorate your home too!

halloween craft

What You Will Need:

  • Small styrofoam ball
  • Black paint and paintbrush
  • A couple of black pipe cleaners cut in half
  • Googly eyes stickers (optional)

How To Do It:

  1. Paint the foam ball black. The easiest way to do this is to paint one side and let it dry, then flip the ball and paint over the other side.
  2. Once the ball is dry then push the pipe cleaners into the side of the ball, two per side.
  3. After that bend the pipe cleaner legs in the middle to make the spider stand.
  4. Stick the google eyes on the ball.
  5. Make more spiders and use them to decorate!

Here is one of our finished spiders. How cute does it look?


Especial thanks to our StrongStart facilitator for the cute craft idea.