Fun Spring/Summer Toys For Kids {Prize Pack Giveaway}

Summer toy prize pack giveaway
Believe it or not, summer time is quickly approaching. Here in Vancouver we have already had some very warm days this spring and we have spent most of those days playing outside and enjoying outdoor activities.

Last week the boys received a package with some fun newly launched products from Funrise Toys.  These toys are perfect for the warm spring days and the summer time.  The kids enjoyed making bubbles with the Triple Bubble Blaster outdoors and the Boulder Escape is also a big hit in the house. They also had a REALLY great time making booger balls, yes, booger balls! Our toddler keeps telling me he wants to make more boogers. Boys!!!


1. Tonka Climb-Overs Boulder Escape Playset

This exciting playset includes everything kids need to have a Tonka tough adventure. Connect the track pieces to the Boulder Escape Playset, and race through the tunnel to trigger the boulder avalanche! The motorized 4×4 Jeep CJ7 is built to handle any perilous obstacle. Simply push the button on top and watch it go as it races away to escape the falling boulder!

Read a full review of this set from our contributor HERE.




2. Gazillion Bubbles Triple Bubble Blaster

Create three times the bubbles with the new Gazillion Bubbles Triple Bubble Blaster! Simply pour Gazillion Bubbles solution into the specially designed tray and dip each of the three wands of this handheld bubble blower into the solution. Tap to drain any excess liquid, hold the blaster upright, and press the button to create a gazillion bubbles blowing in three directions!


 photo boogie_zpsvxjjs0yi.jpg

3. Booger Balls Ultimate Battle Pack

Get ready to pick a booger battle with the ooey, gooey, slime-filled Booger Balls! Kids can mix ‘em, pick ‘em, and flick ‘em for an epic battle, bursting with messy, gross, outdoor fun! Creating booger balls is easy – simply mix the Booger Balls Powder Packet that comes in three disgusting colors (Revolting Red, Yucky Yellow, and Gross Green) with the Booger Bath Packet. The Ultimate Battle Pack creates a whopping 90 Booger Balls in 3 different colors – Revolting Red, Gross Green and Yucky Yellow!



Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a prize pack including all three toys above ($65 approximate value). The perfect summer toy prize pack! Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck everyone!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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76 responses to “Fun Spring/Summer Toys For Kids {Prize Pack Giveaway}”

  1. The Gazillion bubble have been a favorite for quite some time!

  2. Tonka Classics Steel Mighty Front Loader. My grandson had the toy and played for hours with it daily.

  3. I love the Tonka Climb-Overs Dirt Dumper Single Vehicle , my grandson is in love with this toy 🙂 thanks for the chance 🙂

  4. The Gazillion Bubbles kit looks like so much fun! My kids love bubbles!

  5. I like the stackins. They’re so cute and fun.

  6. I like 5″ My Little Pony Cheerilee Plush

  7. I love their Tonka line- like the Tonka Steel Classic Backhoe

  8. My favourite toy from visiting the Funrise Toy webside is the Tonka Toughest Steel Mighty Dump Truck and tools.

  9. My grandchildren love bubbles so i would have to say my favourite is The Gazillion Bubbles kit.

  10. I like the Tonka climbovers

  11. I think my son and his cousins would have a blast with the Booger Balls Flicker Kit.

  12. My niece would love the littlest pet shop toys

  13. I know a child that would love a 5″ My Little Pony Octavia Plush

  14. I was looking through the Tonka toys. Oh boy! My nephew would absolutely LOVE them. I’m not sure which one he wold love most. He loves anything with tires.

  15. I just love the Tonka Steel Classic Fire Truck.

  16. I love their line of Tonka Steel vehicles like the Classic Crane and Fire Truck. Both of my grandchildren would love these.

  17. I love anything Tonka, great quality and last forever 🙂

  18. I love the Tonka Toughest Steel Mighty Dump Truck and tools

  19. my daughter would absolutely love the My Little Pony Sweetie Bell Plush

  20. I like the Gazillion Bubble Tornado.

  21. My favourite is the Gazillion Bump & Go Bubble Car

  22. Love the Tonka Mighty Motorized Fire Pumper, my nephew would go crazy for it

  23. I love the Tonka Climb-Overs Boulder Escape Playset and no doubt my grandsons would too. Lots of good toys to be found at Tonka

  24. The Tonka Toughest Steel Mighty Dump Truck and tools is my favorite pick because my nephews would absolutely love this.

  25. My little nephew would love the Groove ‘N Go Band Wagon

  26. my step grandsons would love the Tonka Rescue Force Fire Bulldozer

  27. We love their My Little Pony line!!!

  28. The stackins look like fun

  29. I like the 10″ My Little Pony Shining Armor Plush

  30. Any of the Littlest Pet Shop Plush Toys would be perfect for my daughter. I think Zoe and Penny are adorable. Thanks!

  31. Aw- the Tonka Toughs Steel Trencher sure brings back childhood memories! Love it!

  32. I love the Gazillion Flash N’ Spin Bubbles from their website.

  33. The Gazillion bubble is our all time favorite!

  34. I like 5″ My Little Pony Cheerilee Plush!!

  35. I haven’t tried them before but the Booger Balls look like so much fun. I know my boys would love them!

  36. I think my daughter would love the 5″ My Little Pony Cheerilee Plush, and so do I.

  37. I love the gazillion bump and go car.

  38. My Little Pony

  39. This looks great I’m a little confused by the contest details so I hope I’m doing this right!

  40. i love the Tonka Classics Steel Mighty Front Loader!

  41. My favorite is the Gazillion Bubble Tornado! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  42. I love the My Little Pony Rarity Sparkle Horn Pony Plush

  43. My favourite is The Gazillion Bubbles kit

  44. I like the Trophy Truck

  45. Love the gazillion bubble maker! Huge hit with my kiddos.

  46. The Shake ‘N Bobbles Firehouse Playset is something my grandson would love to play with

  47. there’s so much cool stuff but as soon as I went my kid seen the steel fire truck so I would have to say that or the bubble maker, everyone loves bubbles

  48. I think my son would love the Tonka Steel Classic Fire Truck

  49. My kids would love The Gazillion Bubbles Set.

  50. Little Fix It Tool Truck is a favourite of mine.

  51. My girls would love just about any of the My Little Pony toys, but most especially the light up plush ponies. These are great Christmas ideas!

  52. My niece would love the 5″ My Little Pony Fluttershy Plush and the 12″ My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Plush.

  53. My son would like the Tonka Steel Classic Crane.

  54. My boy would love the gazillion tornado!

  55. I love the Gazillion Bubble Tornado!

  56. The Gazillion Bubble Tornado would be a huge hit at our house!!!!

  57. I love the gazillion monsoon bubble machine!

  58. I have always been a fan of TONKA and the Tonka Steel T.S. 4000 Dump Truck is my favorite.

  59. the little ponys and the first tonka’s !! can’t wait to buy Dylan a Tonka for his 5th birthday!!

  60. My favourite toy is the Gazillion Bubble Tornado. There`s something I love about bubbles.

  61. I love the Twinkle Star Lights Twilight Sparkle Plush

  62. Tonka trucks are always great – always quality 🙂

  63. I love all My Little Pony Light-up Plushes!

  64. I think my nephew would enjoy the “Tonka Steel Classic Fire Truck” seen here:

  65. I think my son would have a blast with the Gazillion Bump & Go Bubble Car , 2 of his fav things, bubbles and cars

  66. my boys have always had fun with Tonka trucks and the trucks are durable enough to stand up to their rough play.

  67. the gazillions bubblles kit my little guy thinks bubbles are hilarious haha

  68. I would take any Tonka product.

  69. One of my favs. from the site is the Tonka products-they really do last.

  70. I love the Stackins Stackable Friends

  71. I like the Tonka My First XL Strong Arms Fire Engine

  72. I like the Tonka Classics Steel Mighty Front Loader.

  73. I like the Tonka Climb Overs

  74. I really like their Tonka Steel Classic Crane

  75. I love the LPS pets. I have 2 daughters that go crazy over pet shops

  76. i like the gazillion bubbles kit

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