Mediterranean Nachos with Hummus Recipe {Giveaway}


Did you know that April is Garlic Month? Categorized as both an herb and a vegetable, garlic is a flavourful health hero, known to lower blood pressure, reduce incidences of some types of cancer and can even help to treat acne.

Sabra’s Roasted Garlic Hummus is packed with the bold flavour of finely roasted garlic, this deep, rich and satisfyingly garlicky hummus and is the perfect addition to any kitchen creation to help celebrate Garlic Month. Below is a delicious Mediterranean Nachos with Hummus Recipe incorporating Sabra.

Yield: 4 Servings

Mediterranean Nachos with Hummus Recipe

Mediterranean Nachos with Hummus Recipe


  • 2 tablespoons Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus 2 tablespoons Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus 4 cups Stacey's Pita Chips® 8-10 grape tomatoes, cut in half lengthwise 1/4 cup chopped zucchini (about 1/4 inch chunks) 2 tablespoons chopped Greek olives 2 tablespoons chopped pepperoncinis 1 1/2 cups shredded mozzerella


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
2. Place pita chips in a 9-10 inch skillet or other oven proof pan or baking dish of a similar size. Top with small spoonfuls of Sabra Hummus .
3. Sprinkle tomatoes, zucchini, olives and pepperoncinis over the chips. Top with shredded mozzarella.
4. Bake 15-20 minutes or until cheese has melted and edges are beginning to brown.
5. Serve warm.


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  98. I use garlic a ton! But my easiest recipe is the chop some garlic, fry it up golden and toss it with some pasta and olive oil and basil. Easy and SO flavorful!

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  100. I didn’t realize that Garlic had its own month 🙂 We love adding it to sauces and my husband makes the best garlic green beans. Thank you for a yummy recipe and giveaway! We love Sabra’s! Good luck all!

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