gDiapers – Review and Valentine’s Day Prize Pack Giveaway

gDiapers win

A few month ago I received the adorable Gallant Stripe Little gPants from gDiapers and I totally fell in love with them. gDiapers have a soft outer cover that is all cloth with a white waterproof inner liner. The liner is removable and you can just wipe it after every use and reuse it if the diaper is not very messy.

gDiapers can be used with biodegradable gRefills (disposable) or with gCloth inserts (reusable). They are breathable and offer a trim fit for all sizes (from newborn to toddler / sizes: tiny-S-M-L-XL )


The gDiaper cloth inserts are made of polyester micro-fleece (2 layers) and hemp/cotton (2 layers) Note: They must be washed 3x before first use. You can machine wash them with cloth-safe detergent and machine or line dry for everyday cleaning.

gPants are also machine wash/dry safe and they have velcro tabs that should be closed every time before putting them in the wash.


The gRefills (disposable inserts) are fantastic for traveling.  They are 100% biodegradable , compostable and flushable. You can simply flush them down the toilet after use (rip, swish, flush!). Easy right?

I am using the gDiapers during potty training and I find that they are great to use when we are out. He has cloth trainers he wears at home but when we are outside he wears the gDiapers to help avoid accidents.  It is easy to carry a few extra gRefills in my bag just in case. It also means that at the end of the day I don’t have a lot of extra diaper laundry to do other than the few trainers and the gPants.

I love this hybrid system and the flexibility of using cloth inserts or gRefills with my gDiapers. The new prints from their upcoming Spring line are  pretty adorable, I definitively recommend you sign up for their e-newsletter and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop!


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, gDiapers introduced their new limited edition gift of love gPants. A gPant to benefit Hands to Hearts International. The gift of love is covered in colorful Xs and Os and it’s great for both little girls and boys.  Get yours HERE now.

Win it: One lucky CAN reader will win a fabulous gDiapers Valentine’s Day prize pack. Including a large gPant (choice of gooseberry purple, grateful red or goddess pink – all great passionate colours!), together with a pack of gRefills and a pack of gWipes.  Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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197 responses to “gDiapers – Review and Valentine’s Day Prize Pack Giveaway”

  1. I like genius blue

  2. Oh my goodness those x o diapers are the cutest ever!!

  3. Other than the new print I think the Goddess Pink is my fave.

  4. I want the vanilla in large, it is one of the few solids I don’t have.

  5. The x and o ones are adorable! theyre my favorite

  6. I love the gift of love, Xs and Os print!

  7. I love the great orange

  8. these are adorable. Just the thing for our new Great Grand daughter!

  9. gift of love!

  10. I love the gift of love

  11. would love to try these

  12. the gifts of love are super cute

  13. I like the Purple Purple G pants. So cute!

  14. Apple cheeks

  15. I love the gurple purple!!

  16. Goddess Pink is definitely my favorite.

  17. Orange!

  18. My favorite gPants design is gift of love (x’s and o’s).

  19. guppy green

  20. Would love the gift of love- just got out of a bad unsafe relationship need a little love gdiaper in our lives 🙂

  21. I love the good fortune red. My boys have been wearing gDiapers for many months now and we LOVE them!

  22. Gallant stripe is my fave, so nautical. Can’t wait until we fit into our large one.

  23. Looking forward to trying gDiapers on baby #3!!

  24. Fav color is Goddess pink!

  25. My favourite is definitely the x’s and o’s. It’s gorgeous!

  26. Give me teal ones for my newborn grandson!

  27. I love the “genius blue” ones. My daughter is just about to turn 1 and they would be a great little gift for her…and me 🙂

  28. We just got got a gurple purple that is just gorgeous! We definitely love these expensive diapers but can’t afford very many.

  29. genius blue

  30. Love gDiapers!!!

  31. gDiapers are so cute! Gift of Love already ordered…

  32. I like them all it’s so hard to choces and I don’t know what I’m having which makes it twices as hard

  33. Love guppy green 🙂

  34. I love the Gift of Love pants, but I also really love the Genius Blue and the Gentle Taupe…so cute!

  35. I like gurple purple.

  36. Great Orange is Super Great

  37. i love the gift of love pants they are so cute

  38. Oh gosh I love the gift of love print! The goddess pink would have to be my second favorite

  39. My baby would love a brand new GPant for VDay!!!!! And ofcourse I would too 😉

  40. Love the gift of love or goddess pink!!

  41. I love the Good Fortune Red

  42. I love gDiapers! I used them exclusively with my squish when he was size small, and would love the chance to get a size up too! Good fortune red for the win!

  43. I like the Goddess Pink 🙂

  44. I like gurple purple and gift of love

  45. Xoxo diaper is cute!

  46. Adore the purple g pants!!

  47. I’m liking the vanilla bean!

  48. I love the x and o’s so cute!

  49. The gift of love is my favourite design.

  50. I love the new gifts of love pattern

  51. this is really neat and nice. i would love to give it a try.

  52. love the good fortune red gpants

  53. Love the Gift Of Love

  54. goddess pink

  55. Love the good fortune red!!

  56. The gift of love

  57. I like the gift of love gpants

  58. I really like the “Gift of Love” print- so cute!

  59. I love the gift of love gdiaper!!!

  60. they have so many great designs. love godess pink for my daughter.

  61. I love the gift of Love design gPants!! 🙂

  62. i love the gift of love with the xoxo’s diaper

  63. genius blue

  64. I like the Gift of Love! So precious!

  65. I like the gentle taupe & guppy green!

  66. My favorite gPants design is Gift of Love.

  67. Genius Blue is my favorite color

  68. Stripes are cute, too!

  69. gift of love is super cute

  70. i think gift of love is the cutest!

  71. I love the gift of love and gurple grape.

  72. I love the gift of love gpants, and the pink and purple!

  73. Love the XOXO pattern!

  74. Love the guppy green! Out of the 3 valentines ones, I think I would like the red best:)

  75. I love genius blue!

  76. Genius blue or guppy green

  77. Gift of love is my favorite.

  78. I like the gift of love.

  79. Gift of love print

  80. I love the new Valentine’s day Gift of Love print. I just tried Gdiapers since my girl finally can wear the Mediums I have and I love them!

  81. Visited gDiapers and my favorite gPants design from their selection is their, “gift of love”

  82. LOVE the Gift of Love diaper

  83. Would love to win so I can try them….due in July

  84. the pink and the gift of love is adorable!

  85. I don’t see it listed, but I love the gUniversity pants!

  86. Good fortune red

  87. Apple cheeks…thanks.

  88. Graceful rose 🙂

  89. The Xs and Os are adorable!

  90. I like gift of love and Goddess pink

  91. I love the XOXO pattern, would be a nice addition to all of the solid BumGenius diapers I have.

  92. I love the great orange one.

  93. The “gift of love” gPant is SO stinkin adorable!

  94. Gift of love is my favorite gpant

  95. I like the gift of love print.

  96. I like good fortune red

  97. I like the Guppy Green ones.

  98. I would pick the gift of love print!

  99. The x’s and o’s

  100. I love the Gift of Love. It’s so cute

  101. I like the Guppy Green!

  102. I love the x’s and O’s

  103. I like the gift of love pattern.

  104. I love the Gift of Love pants!

  105. Those gift of love ones are so cute!

  106. I like gift of love!

  107. I love the guppy green g pants

  108. I think the special Gift of Love pattern is way cute.

  109. Gurple purple for me

  110. Love g and go have been using them on and off for 4 years with 3 kiddos. Love their glam black but I don’t think it’s being sold anymore. I do like the new gvarsity

  111. I love them all! But if I had to choose one, how could I not choose the gift of love gPants. Super cute

  112. Good fortune red gpants

  113. I like the Guppy Green gpants.

  114. The Xs and Os are too cute but I am digging the orange as well

  115. I love the guppy green 🙂

  116. I like gurple purple.

  117. I would LOVE to win!! 🙂

  118. love the X and O ones

  119. goddess pink is adorable!

  120. I like the Genius Blue

  121. gift of love!

  122. I love the genuine vanilla bean. It’s gender neutral and so cute. 🙂

  123. gift of love print is the cutest for sure!

  124. I love the X’s and O’s and genuine vanilla bean. They’re all so cute!

  125. I love the Good Fortune 🙂

  126. Love the gifts of love!

  127. gift of love!!

  128. I like the gift of love gpants!

  129. The goddess in pink because my daughter is named after one (Artemis).

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  130. Love the good fortune red

  131. I like the “gift of love” gpant.

  132. Guppy Green!

  133. i like the gifts of love

  134. I love the X’s and O’s print!

  135. It is a tie between the ‘gift of love’ and ‘gurple purple’. So hard to choose just one!

  136. I think gift of love is the cutest!!

  137. Gift of Love is so cute!

  138. would love to try these

  139. Fave: genius blue gPants

  140. Gift of love!

  141. I like the guppy green!

  142. I like the gift of love gpants.

  143. I really like the gift of Love

  144. I really like the guppy green one 🙂

  145. I really like the guppy green one

  146. I like the gift of love!

  147. I like the gift of love one

  148. I love the guppy green 🙂

  149. I love the gift of love gpants, my fave in my collection is the gJoy!

  150. I love the Gift of Love.

  151. I like the gurple purple one!

  152. Gift of love

  153. I would love the Gift of Love diaper. Adorable!

  154. I love the gift of love design and also the gurple purple!

  155. Definitely the XO print!

  156. They are all so cute, but I think the gift of love gpants are too adorable!

  157. Gift of love!

  158. The gift of love

  159. The gift of love print is absolutely adorable!

  160. I love the red! IT would be great for both babies in diapers!

  161. Gift of love! So cute!!!

  162. Gentle taupe 🙂

  163. I love love the guppy green pants!

  164. I like gurgle purple gdiapers!

  165. I like the Great Orange g pants.

  166. Can’t go wrong with Good Fortune Red! I loved my little red gdiaper on my first born… selling off my gdiapers after he outgrew them is one of my biggest diapering regrets.

  167. Something about Guppy Green I really like!

  168. I really like the XOXO ones!

  169. I loved the “gifts of Love” gpants. so cute for a boy or a girl

  170. The gift of love print is precious! I also like the red. I’ve been dying to try gdiapers! Thanks!

  171. I love the good fortune red

  172. Definitely in love with the Gift of Love x and o print. I also really like the purple.

  173. Gift of Love is so cute!

  174. my favourite is gifts of love or goddess pink

  175. x and o print is cute

  176. Love the orange!

  177. Genius blue!

  178. Other than the prints, I love the red and the purple!

  179. I like the guppy green gpants

  180. I like the pink and the XO design.

  181. Good fortune red gPants

  182. Love g-diapers!

  183. The Gurple purple! love the name and the color!

  184. With minimum baby supplies, with an unexpectant on the way, I am always grateful for earth friendly & adorable baby things… love these diapers – will not be lost;)

  185. Great contest! I’m anticipating baby #3 in Sept. Used cloth diapers on the first two but never tried Gbrand!

  186. The Purple gdiaper is the cutest! (Enyo Pocket on Rafflecopter)

  187. Gentle taupe

  188. I love the genuine vanilla bean little gpants.
    Thanks for the giveaway!! =)

  189. These diapers are adorable!!


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