Gloves Off: Heavy Duty Green Cleaning {Giveaway – 5 winners}

Gloves OFF I was recently contacted by Planet People with an offer to review one of their cleaning products from their Gloves Off product line.

I was very excited to work with them after finding out a bit more about their company and their commitment to bringing environmentally friendly solutions to the market.

All of the Gloves Off products contain ecologically-sensitive formulas that are revolutionary. I received a bottle of their Gloves Off Tough Stain Remover and I was totally impressed after using it to remove some crayon stains from our furniture. They were gone within seconds and without hard scrubbing.Before and After Gloves OFF

The Tough Stain Remover cleaning solution removes the toughest stains and spills without the use of any harmful chemicals. Instead of using corrosive chemicals they use “Dynamic Surface Tension Technology” to penetrate deep into the mess and lift and remove the stains.

This plant based and biodegradable cleaner is great to remove/clean dry latex paint, pet stains, greasy ovens & stains, soap scum, pen/crayon/marker stains, food & wine spills, chewing gum/adhesive, rust marks, coffee stains and many many more.



I love that Gloves Off can be safely use on wood, laminated surfaces, hard plastics, rubber, metal, glass, brick, clothing, upholstery and carper {great for removing stains in your car!}.

I found that there is really minimal odor. Gloves Off is actually non-irritating on skin also so you don’t really need to wear gloves at all times while cleaning {like with some other cleaners that are toxic and harsh on your skin and environment}.

I am totally looking forward to trying out the other products on the Gloves Off line of cleaners! Nothing like products that are safe for the environment and for our health!

Buy it: You can find Gloves Off products at The Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Kent and ICI Paint Store.

Win it: 5 lucky US/CAN readers will receive Gloves Off product vouchers. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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113 responses to “Gloves Off: Heavy Duty Green Cleaning {Giveaway – 5 winners}”

  1. lipstick oon clothes went thru dryer ugh

  2. Paint on my shirt. I can’t get it out. I was helping to paint our house!ow I just wear the shirt for gardening.

  3. Soap scum in the shower! Terrible!

  4. chocolate on carpet

  5. Hair dye on the linoleum floor. I expect it to be there forever.

  6. Black ink on carpet………moved away and stain was still there

  7. Looks like a good product, glad to see more non-toxic cleaners on the market

  8. oil stain on one of my good blouses .. never came clean, had to always wear it with a vest or blazer

  9. Worst is rust, yes rust on stainless steel, so its claimed to be…No I was not able to get rid of it..

  10. Gum on a shag carpet

  11. Blood on the carpet from a nosebleed my sons friend ha. Yes I did finally get the stain out 🙂

  12. Black coffee stain on our living room carpet. I can still see it a bit.

  13. Probably poop stains from my baby! Yes and no.. Sometimes it takes lots of time.

  14. The worst stains I have had to deal with happened a couple of years ago. We lived in the country and had a well that was so FULL of iron that everything developed a yellow tinge. My white dishes became yellow, white clothing was a complete ‘no-no’ in our house, but that was not the worst of it. When we would shower, bit by bit there would be a build up of yellow that became down right nasty. I actually took pictures at one point because it was so unbelievable and we could not find anything to remove it. I believe we spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 trying out different products. Finally we found a heavy duty institutional product made by Watkins that worked. We did end up moving elsewhere though because I was just so sick of the water issues. Sorry…I didn’t mean to add such a lengthy comment…

  15. vomit on couch. had to get new couch.

  16. My dog went #2 in my basement and I discoverd it many months later….. it was caked on like cement, had to use a knife to scrape it off

  17. spilled black coffee on the carpet is impossible to remove so its a matter of arranging the rugs carefully

  18. Beet juice on my rug. It does not come out.

  19. Puke and nosebleeds on the carpet…fun times…

  20. glue on carpet

  21. paint stain on my carpet ,and I never got it out

  22. Hair Dye is always a bummer on any surface! 🙁


  24. I have a baby – the messes never end! Usually white vinegar and water does the trick, though.

  25. Sharpie out of two different formal dresses of my 3 year olds. One had red sharpie on a light green background, the other black sharpie on a white background. Oxy clean spray got it out after they had been washed and dried several times!


  27. Sharpie on an LCD Monitor (and teeth, and a desk, and a printer, and a keyboard, and a 3 year old’s face) — Magic eraser saved the monitor 🙂

  28. Dirt on kids pants. It is there forever.

  29. I have to say baby “number 2” is the worse…It always happen on the cutest clothes and never leave

  30. I hate shower stains. They suck!! It takes me forever to get my shower clean :S

  31. My worst stain was coffee on carpet. I was able to get most of the stain out, but not all. Frustrating.
    rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  32. My biggest stain was in our old tub.It had bad iron stains in it,I dod get it off with steel wool pad,but we have since bought a new tub.

  33. The worst stains are in the toilet – we have really hard water and minerals have precipitated out leaving a ring in the bowl. I’ve never been able to get the ring off, not the colour that adheres to it. Tried all sorts of stuff including bleach.

  34. The worst stain I had experienced was when I was repairing our asphalt driveway and somehow tracked some of it into the house. It took a lot of elbow grease to scrub it off.

  35. Paint on my ‘good’ shorts. Which is not so bad except my wife had just said ‘don’t paint in those shorts, they’re new’.

  36. When I was coloring my hair I got some of the dye on my bathroom wall. I didn’t get it off so I had to paint half the wall again.

  37. While doing an oil change on my car I spilled the pan of old oil all over the garage and then our dog ran through it and got it all over himself…I finally got all the oil stains out with a lot of elbow grease and it took 2 weeks to do it. The dog had to be washed also…

  38. Cat sick has been the worse. It really sticks to the carpet, especially if it’s been allowed to dry.

  39. After lots of scrubbing and various products, I usually manage to get them out.

  40. permanent markers on desktops – darn those sharpies.

  41. of all the foods, i find that balsamic vinegar is the worst stain on tablecloths – even worse than red wine! i have yet to figure out how to remove it!

  42. black crayon on grey carpet, not really…

  43. I can never get rid of the hard water stains in the tub and shower.

  44. cat pee/spray stains (when they territorize). I tried but some of the scent still lingered.

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  45. Sharpie stains on fabric!

  46. The worst I have had to deal with recently has been cleaning the 1972 camper I acquired. There are 40 years of grime in that thing! I have been using dishsoap and water with a KNIFE! That’s right, a bladed object is the only way to really clean the grit out of certain things! No chemicals will do it, just sharp utensils and strength and persistence!

  47. shower curtain turn orange at the bottom and tiles have hard water build up thank you.

  48. baby poop (used ivory soap bar by hand), blood (again, ivory soap bar), coffee on the carpet…didn’t get it out.

  49. Marker on the carpet. I got most of it out and it’s seems to have faded a bit more with time.

  50. Gum on my new couch! I used ice and got most of it off, but not all of it 🙁

  51. Puppy accidents on my carpet, never got them out no matter how hard I tried.

  52. Puppy accidents! They finally came out after a lot of repeated cleanings- thanks for the giveaway!

  53. May 25-Yes, I’ve had some real headaches when it comes to stains. The only real remedy is for whites, which may be soaked in a mixture of 1/2 cup of Javex, 1/2 cup of dishwasher soap. in a bucket or set tub of hot water. Leave stained white articles for at least 30 minutes. Then check for stains. This works really well for white s but is hard on the fibers of the clothes. Tides Stain out Stick is really good if used immediately. Other than that, I have not had any real luck in removing stains although I think I have used most stain removers on the market.-el03ro

  54. May 25-use a plsstic bucket if not using a settub for above.-el03ro

  55. Doggie accidents, we use bac-out which works pretty well.

  56. By far the worst has to be accidents my dog leaves behind i try my best with mr clean,vim or anything that helps clean up puppy messes
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  57. my worst stain was cat barf on my carpet and i kinda managed to remove it u can still see it a bit i even used a steam cleaner! and u can still see it a bit

  58. Oil stains on tshirts. I have thrown always a lot of shirts. They are really hard to get out.

  59. Mt cats have thrown up on the carpet, nothing gets it out.

  60. cat puke and no

  61. Worst stain was spilling black tea on the carpet… I still haven’t managed to get rid of it. 🙁

  62. cat vomit on the carpet

  63. red wine stains on white carpet

  64. grass stains on the carpet that never came out even after trying lots of carpet cleaning products.

  65. finger paint from the dollar store…on my white carpeted stairs…its still there!!!

  66. We have two cats and they both throw up on the carpet (never the hardwood).

  67. pet stains

  68. Black Sharpie on our couch….thankfully we got it out!

  69. coffee stains on everything

  70. Nail polish spilled on the floor, it was a disaster.


  71. grease marks on a doorway or it could have been tar

  72. Loved the recipes section

  73. My kitchen sink! It is white porcelain and even bleach won’t get it sparkling white! I have a little better luck with oxygen cleaners but it will only stay unstained for a couple of days!

  74. I find that grass stains are so impossible to clean

  75. My dogs pee and vomit and my sons pee and vomit LOL

  76. Cat puke…….yuck

  77. Sharpie on an LCD monitor

  78. Behind the stove is always a pleasure – I sure could use those gloves for that.

  79. My 11 month old LOVES strawberries….we have white carpets lol….ughh

  80. The worse mess i ever made was that I dumped a bottle of nail polish on the carpet. I was never able to get it out:( So I bought a decorative trunk to cover it up.

  81. Tide to Go comes in handy very often for food stains!

  82. Worst is pet urine and I was able to get it out!

  83. Blue pen on beige carpet, used Oxy Clean and rubbing alcohol concoction that worked like a charm!

  84. I have this stain in my bathroom sink and nothing so far has removed it. Thanks!

  85. Spaghetti Sauce is the thing, it stains the counters. I have to use a bleach based cleaner on it (so far anyway).

  86. baby food stains.
    still there where baby left them…

  87. A whole pot of powdered bronzer got dumped onto my off-white carpet. I did eventually get it out.

  88. kool-aid on the carpet…never totally got rid of the red stain

  89. grease and can’t get out

  90. The worse stain / mess I’ve had to deal with was grass stains on my pants. I tried everything and nothing worked, so I have to give up 🙁

  91. One of my worst cleaning fiascos was when I accidentally cooked my Wok, the oven was a mess of burnt plastic.
    fortunately hubby came to the rescue and helped me scrape it all off.

  92. the worst stains i had to deal with was bright red lipstick that my youngest had in her pocket and i put it through the laundry. it was all over the whole load of laundry . i did end up getting the stains out but it took me around 6hrs of treatments , spot treated every spot i could find, soaked in the washer for a few hrs in some different dish and laundry soaps. lol

  93. The worst stains we have had recently are blowout stinky diapers!

  94. the wax on waxing strips. can not for the life of me get it out

  95. The worst stain Ive had to deal with is vomit mixed with freshly drank grape juice.
    I still have a stain on my carpet from it. Took multiple times with a steamer to get the stain mostly removed.

  96. Dog poop from my puppy.

  97. My kids and kool aid. Most of them never did come up.

  98. Sadly, cat urine… and it came out pretty well, but only after being cleaned multiple times!

  99. oil/grease stains. I can never get them out.

  100. Red wine stains and I do manage to get them up but it takes a lot of scrubbing.
    repose4jr at gmail dot com

  101. Cat spray…we had to throw out a couch when we moved b/c it was so bad! Nature Miracle Just For Cats worked wonderfully…we will always have it in stock in my house!

  102. I think blueberry or wine stains are the worst.

  103. when our son was an infant he peed all over our couch. I was so worried it would smell but no worries! funny enough, our daughter did the same thing a year and a half later. LoL!

  104. The worst stains that I have had to deal with to date are red wine! Was able to get it out too! I think we used salt to soak it up at first and then shampooed the area.

  105. My bathtub always looks disgusting… only managed to get it clean this week with tons of scrubbing!

  106. stains on our couch, they come off, but lots of scrubbing is required!

  107. I have marker on an old wooden kitchen table. I have not been able to get out as of yet

  108. Our downstairs tub was stained when we got the house and I have never been able to get it spotless. It is designated as the tub to bathe our dogs in. 🙂

  109. The worst stains are the ones on the rug in our hall. I clean it everyday with my steam cleaner.

  110. As disgusting as it sounds it would be cat puke and poop stains

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