KD Fun Shop {$100 Gift Basket Giveaway!}

KD Fun shop

Where has all the fun gone? With the launch of the first ever KD Fun Shop, Kraft Dinner is on a mission to get Canadian’s back to their fun-loving selves. Visit the Fun Shop this week in downtown Vancouver at Granville Square near Waterfront Station—you can’t miss it!

What is The KD Fun Shop?

  • The KD Fun Pop-Up Shop is the only place in the world where you can pay for KD-inspired items with fun instead of money.
  • WHERE: It will take over Granville Square at 200 Granville Street from July 23rd-25th from 7am to 7pm.
  • This one-of-a-kind pop-up shop will be held for three days in Toronto and Montreal as well. This big and bright noodle shop will be stocked with never-before-seen items that Vancouverites of all ages (kids too!) can take home by simply having a little fun, while sampling KD – no wallet necessary.
  • Stop by the Pop-Up Shop and take your pick – KD Funderpants, t-shirts, bed sheets, noodle socks, aviators, cufflinks…and complete a fun challenge to earn your purchase instead of paying with real money (Can you talk like a pirate? Can you breakdance on the spot?)


  • From July 23rd-31st, a KD Fun Kiosk will surprise shoppers outside places like transit stops, dry cleaners, and more (i.e. other un-fun daily tasks) where they’ll let people trade fun for actual goods and services. These roving kiosks will move around, surprising passersby in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver injecting some needed fun in their day.

Don’t miss out on all the fun!


Win it:  One Smiley Monkey wants to get in on the fun by giving away an $100 value gift basket—complete with lots of Kraft Dinner and an assortment of one-of-a-kind gifts to one lucky Canadian reader. Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: Prize is the sole responsibility of the prize donor. Delivery method is at the sole discretion of the prize donor. Prize is not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize.

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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

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  2. Bike riding!

  3. BBQ and campfires!

  4. Hitting an amusement park and riding the rides!

  5. Swimming

  6. having bbq’s with friends and family

  7. i love camping

  8. Swimming

  9. Swimming and bike riding 🙂 Love summer !

  10. Swimming and sunbathing

  11. Our favorite activity is camping!

  12. swimming

  13. I like swimming.

  14. Swimming for sure nice and refreshing.

  15. taking my little grandson to the park, watching him at the splash pad & running through the sprinkler and BBQ’s

  16. Going to the beach and playing in the water

  17. Swimming at the lake or tubing down the river

  18. Going for long walks at the park..

  19. My favourite fun summer activity is walking on the Lake Ontario shoreline.

  20. Swimming outside 🙂

  21. walking, swimming, enjoying a nice drink outside on the deck, bonfires

  22. I love having family BBQ’s.

  23. Going to the beach

  24. I like swimming and camping!

  25. We love swimming.

  26. I enjoy taking the children to waterparks and outdoor swimming pools.

  27. Trips to the park!

  28. We love going to the beach

  29. Nothing beats running through the sprinkler with the kids!

  30. My favourite fun summer activity is relaxing in the sun and enjoying the warm weather with friends, bbq deliciousness, and great chats.

  31. Getting wet at a splash park with the kids.

  32. Going Swimming

  33. Going to the beach, swimming, bonfires!

  34. Swimming

  35. Swimming and camping with the kids!

  36. My favourites are swimming and camping

  37. all the bbq’s 🙂

  38. Walking

  39. Going to the beach!

  40. I love camping and swimming!

  41. swimming at the beach !

  42. BBQs and ice cream 🙂

  43. Hitting the beaches!

  44. mine is swimming

  45. playing at local splash pads

  46. Going to the beach and watching the kids have fun.

  47. We love geocaching!

  48. Walking outside and travelling

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  50. Swimming is fun.

  51. Swimming in a pool.

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  53. Spending the day at an amusement park 🙂

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  56. Fanexpo canada

  57. fishing!

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  59. Going to the pool with family

  60. camping at the lake and swimming

  61. Outdoor pool, going to Niagara on The lake for the day.

  62. BBQ’s and water fights 🙂

  63. Swimming is my one fav summer activity

  64. Taking the grandkids to a park where there is water to play in, room to run and a nice picnic area with washrooms

  65. camping

  66. Love BBQS and family trips to the beach

  67. My favorite summertime activity is having dinner at the beach and then watching the sunset. 😀

  68. hanging out by the pool with the family.

  69. Hitting an amusement park and rides baby. thanks for the chance. cheers

  70. My favorite summer activity is at night when we have a campfire , roast marshmallows and sing songs to the guitar. Its such a fun time and NO Electronics are allowed.

  71. Heading to the beach.

  72. my fave fun summer activity is eating lots of fresh-picked berries where ever I can find them 🙂

  73. Love swimming

  74. Camping!!! I love the outdoors!

  75. visiting the splash pad

  76. swimming and BBq’s

  77. Swimming for sure.

  78. My favourite fun summer activity is swimming.

  79. Love going to the beach.

  80. Going to the cabin

  81. I love swimming.

  82. Gardening – picking warm red tomatoes for my lunch

  83. going to the beach

  84. sleeping in

  85. Swimming is my favourite summer activity.

  86. Boating

  87. Definitely swimming.

  88. My kids and I love to go swimming.

  89. Swimming!

  90. Camping is my fave!

  91. relaxing at the cottage!

  92. making family memories to last a life time camping swimming and hiking doesn’t get any better of that

  93. picnics

  94. Backyard BBQ’s 🙂

  95. gardening

  96. Swimming

  97. My favourite summer activity is bike riding.

  98. swimming!!

  99. I love going for walks.

  100. I love working in my garden

  101. SWIMMING!!

  102. Going to the lake!

  103. I love all the extra family time!

  104. Going to the beach and metal detecting

  105. gardening

  106. Canoeing

  107. Reading in library: it is free. . Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  108. Camping!

  109. Camping is my favourite summer activity.

  110. We LOVE to go camping!!

  111. swimming in the lake

  112. camping,swimming,bbq`s!

  113. Bike riding

  114. I love taking my bike out and exploring my city!

  115. Cooling down in the sprinkler after yard work with my daughters 🙂

  116. Swimming and after dinner walks.

  117. Going to the beach

  118. long walks in the sun

  119. I have been swimming.

  120. sunbathing

  121. BBQ and Swimming

  122. Going canoeing is my favourite.

  123. I love camping!

  124. Going to the spray park!

  125. Going down the shore of course!!

  126. simply sitting outdoors in the warmth!

  127. bbqs and going to parks

  128. My favourite summer activities include swimming, camping, and hoop dancing. 😀

  129. My favourite summer activity is swimming, next comes biking.

  130. We love swimming at the beach

  131. Hanging out at the beach

  132. Hitting the farmer’s markets for fresh local produce

  133. I love going to the beach with my son.

  134. I love festivals in the park.

  135. We love going for hikes and canoe trips!

  136. fun in the water

  137. Going Hiking and Camping

  138. Going for a hike and also relaxing in the sun

  139. camping

  140. chilling by the pool

  141. Camping and swimming at the lake.

  142. Swimming

  143. We love going to the beach!

  144. We love to go camping!

  145. My favourite fun summer activity is cycling with friends.

  146. My favourite summer time activity is lounging on a padded chair with my favourite book.

  147. Family roadtrips in this great Province of ours!

  148. gardening

  149. Family bbqs and going to parks

  150. Enjoying my garden while reading a book, with a cool drink nearby.

  151. Going to beaches and swimming

  152. We love gardening and camping!

  153. My all time favourite Summer activities are hiking, biking and swimming.

  154. La baignade, avec notre climat se baigner à l’ extérieur est un luxe qui ne dure que quelques mois, alors on en profite au maximum.

  155. I love swimming.

  156. Bbq with family

  157. bonfires with roasting marshmallows!

  158. Checking out the festivals in town!

  159. We love to go swimming

  160. I like to swim or just chill out at the pool.

  161. I love biking by the river!

  162. BBQ’s, family time and camping 🙂

  163. going to the beach

  164. Hiking! Such a good family activity and good for all skill levels (depending on the trail).

  165. I love playing at the parks and splash pads!

  166. I love going to the beach.

  167. I like anything to do with the water 🙂

  168. Anything to do with water! Swimming, beach is perfect for me!

  169. Swimming!

  170. Reading while tanning is fun.

  171. I love to swim!

  172. We love to swim- there are so many different activities to play and lots of people can play in the pool together

  173. Going to the park and beach.

  174. Lounging on the beach

  175. Going to water parks

  176. kayaking

  177. beach time with the kids

  178. lazing around in the backyard

  179. we are loving playing in the back ground and playing in our pool

  180. We are camping and beach folks…summer fun is all about being with the family!

  181. Swimming and enjoying the sun

  182. My favorite summer activity is spending time at the cottage

  183. camping near lakes with loons!! love it

  184. Reading a book at the park, walking outside and travelling…

  185. Going to the spray park with my boys

  186. We love going to the beach.

  187. Swimming is one of the best!

  188. Swimming.

  189. Laying on the beach 🙂

  190. Swimming at our beautiful outdoor pool/lake – Kiwanis Park in Kitchener, ON! 🙂

  191. We love camping and roadtrips!

  192. picnic in the park!

  193. I love going to the beach in the summer ..so relaxing

  194. Camping!

  195. Spending the day at a farm picking berries then baking them into something yummy is my favourite summer activity

  196. Going to the splash pads and parks

  197. swimming in the lake

  198. I love to do anything on the water = swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing etc

  199. Camping!!

  200. Hiking!

  201. walking outside. thanks

  202. Bike riding

  203. Shopping at the farmers market.

  204. Listening to the waves of the lake and making s’mores with the kids

  205. My favourite summer fun activity is going to the beach!

  206. My fun activity is going swimming

  207. Swimming with my kids

  208. Fishing and being by the water 🙂

  209. We Love to Camp

  210. Swimming 🙂

  211. Swimming at the outdoor pool is my favourite fun summer activity.

  212. I enjoy playing baseball with my son.

  213. BBQ!

  214. fishing

  215. BBQing is my summer fave.

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