Keep the Flu and Colds Away with Webber Naturals {$50 Giveaway}

VitaminsThe winter time is usually tough on kids and families when little ones catch colds and the flu. It is a challenging season and it’s important to ensure their immune system is ready to fight the germs.

Webber Naturals now offers a full line of natural supplements in the shapes of popular Treehouse TV characters Franklin and Friends and Max and Ruby for children.  The supplements taste grate, are chewable and safe and little ones love the cute characters.

We received a package including bottles of each of the Franklin and Friends and Max and Ruby Treehouse Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Multi Vitamins. I really appreciate knowing that I have them ready to help my toddler keep the colds and flu away, especially with a newborn at home!


Treehouse Chewable Multi Vitamin:

Multivitamins from Treehouse provides peace of mind for you while they give nutritional support to your children. They contain essential nutrients, with NO artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or aspartame. Kids age 3 and up will love Treehouse Chewable Multivitamin because they taste great and they’re shaped like Franklin the turtle!

Perfect for busy, active growing children!


Treehouse Chewable  D3:

Research shows that the “sunshine vitamin” is essential for calcium and phosphorus absorption and for building healthy teeth and bones. This is a very important vitamin and even more so in the winter when little ones have less sun exposure.   This one comes in a delicious, naturally sweetened berry flavour that your kids will enjoy. Great for kids 3 years and older.


Chewable Vitamin C is the calcium ascorbate form of vitamin C. It contains calcium for building strong bones and teeth and to support normal nerve and muscle function. It also helps blood to clot, and activates enzymes that convert food into energy.

This chewable C is non-acidic, so it’s gentle on little teeth and tummies. It’s sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener proven to actually fight dental cavities by inhibiting the growth of decay-causing bacteria and preventing formation of plaque. It comes in a delicious, natural tropical fruit flavour. Great for kids 4–8 years old.

My toddler loves having all of his vitamins every morning and he actually asks for them daily. He thinks they are candy and sees them as a treat, a total success if you ask me!


Win it: Canadians, WIN  $50 of coupons for Webber Naturals products now. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure : I received a sample of a product to facilitate this review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% mine.

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124 responses to “Keep the Flu and Colds Away with Webber Naturals {$50 Giveaway}”

  1. I take a multi-vitamin daily.

  2. I don’t take a multi-vitamin, but I do take Vitamin C, Oil of Oregano. Yes, my boy also does the same.


  3. no but I take vitamin D during the winter

  4. I take a multi vitamin daily, but at this point I have not started giving them to my son yet.

  5. i take my daily multi-vitamin

  6. No, I take a prenatal vitamin right now!

  7. Vitamin C to boost immune system

  8. Vitamins are very good for immune systems

  9. I always give my kids a multivitamin, but forget about myself a lot.

  10. My kids take multivitamins!

  11. I take a prenatal vitamin. Only when necessary 🙂

  12. No I do not take multivitamins nor do I have children to offer any to but I do have nieces & nephews that do.

  13. My family & I all take Vitamin D and Omega 3’s for brain boosting!

  14. i don’t take a multi vitamin myself, but i give one to my four year old son. :0

  15. I take a multivitamin and my son does as well.

  16. Yes we all take vitties at our house

  17. I gave given my kids vitamins before, not currently because we ran out. i take vitamin c and vitamin d daily.

  18. yes a take a multi-vitamin daily, vitamin D in the winter and omega 3.

  19. Not currently as directed by doctor, but previously did. My daughter does take multi-vitamins.

  20. Yes, the whole family takes a multi vitamin.

  21. Our whole family big & small take vitamins.

  22. I take a multivitamin each day & my grandkids do as well.

  23. hes we do take multivitamins sometimes,,but not regularly.

  24. i take several vitamins a day and the kids take Flintstones chewable vitamins everyday

  25. I do not take them myself and I forget to give my kids theirs most days. I really need to get into a better habit, especially with the cold weather we have been having.

  26. I take them occasionally

  27. me and my kids take vitamins once in a while

  28. I take prenatal vitamins right now.. my son is just a tiny bit too little to start multivitamins, but once he turns 2 in a couple of months, I plan to start him on them, yes.

  29. I don’t take multivitamins but I do give them to my granddaughter.

  30. My daughter takes a multivitamin and sometimes I do if I can remember:)

  31. I do take multivitamins. Havent started giving them to my daughter yet.

  32. No I don’t take multivitamins although I really should

  33. i do take them and i do give them to my girls

  34. I’ve gotten away from taking a multivitamin.

  35. I take vitamins daily.

  36. Yes, I take multivitamins and I also give multivitamins to my kids!

  37. I take multivitamins daily, give my kids a multivitamin daily also

  38. I take vitamins and give my kids a multi vitamin

  39. I try to take a multivitamins daily but I’m sort of forgetful. My husband takes them daily.

  40. Yes, I give multivitamins to my son because he’s a fuzzy eater.

  41. yes not a multi vitamin but a few vitamins that i don’t get enough of in my diet and yes the same for my girl

  42. Yes I do give my daughters vitamins! 😀

  43. I take one daily. Right now we are giving my kids the Vit D drops but haven’t switched to multi-vitamins yet.

  44. yes I do take a multivitamin

  45. I take vitamin C when I am feeling stuffed up yes the kids take them daily

  46. I have a multi vitamin every day

  47. yes, i take one every day

  48. Yes I do.

  49. Yes my children usually take a mulitvitamin, especially in the winter

  50. I take vitamins and give them to my kids.

  51. My son looks forward to one every morning!

  52. I have been giving my children daily multi-vitamins since they were 2 years old.

  53. I take them, and I give one to my oldest daughter (and vitamin D to the baby).

  54. I take vitamins daily and vitamin D3

  55. Yes we all take vitamins 🙂

  56. I take iron pills every day

  57. Yes, we all take multivitamins especially in the winter.

  58. yes I take them and the kids as well

  59. I have just recently started taking multivitamins after being extremely sick, ( pneumonia and the flu u get the shot for) . And My daughter always takes the multivitamins. Shes a really picky eater its the only way I can be sure shes getting what she needs.

  60. Yes I take a multi daily and I give vitamins to my kids as well.

  61. Yes and yes!

  62. I do not take multivitamins but my kids do.

  63. I do give my daughter a multi-vitamin but end up forgetting to take one myself!

  64. I try to give my daughter a vitamin every day, she doesn’t really like them thought.

  65. I take multivitamins

  66. I take a multi-vitamin, once a day!

  67. Yws, we do. Not daily but every now & then.

  68. I give vitamins to my kids almost daily. I don’t usually take any myself, unless I am giving the kids their gummies and decide to have one too.

  69. My kids and I take vitamins daily.

  70. I do and I do! 🙂

  71. I take a multi vitamin, not every day but 3-5 times a week and my kids have a multi vitamin about as often

  72. I take vitamins occasionally. My mother in law takes them daily and my children take them when they are sick.

  73. Yes, I take vitamins and so do my children

  74. Everyone in the house take vitamins.

  75. our whole family takes multivitamins!

  76. I take a multi-vitamin daily

  77. Both me and my children take a mutli vitamin daily.

  78. I take multivitamins and I give them to my picky eater- children!

  79. Yes our whole family takes a multivitamin every day.

  80. I do take multivitamins, daily!

  81. My kids get a multi one day and a d3 the next.
    I take supplements, but only use a multi twice a week…usually I forget.

  82. I take one and my kids do as well.

  83. I take a multivitamin, but my kids don’t.

  84. I try to when I find good deals

  85. Yes and yes!

  86. my kids and I take vitamins.

  87. I do take vitamins, and so do my kids

  88. I take a multi daily but haven’t started giving them to my toddler yet.

  89. I do take vitamins and so do my kids

  90. just vitamin d in winter

  91. The whole family takes vitamins everyday.

  92. We all take a multivitamins daily here kids included!

  93. Yes we all take a multivitamin in this house, I know we are not getting everything we need all the time in our diet so I feel it is better to supplement.

  94. I take mulitvitamins daily as well as my grandchildren.

  95. I take a Multi vitamin every day as well as omega 3 and D3.

  96. Yes my kids take multivitamins as well as extra vitamin c during cold season.

  97. I dont take any right now because I am still looking for some good ones but I usually give my 2 older kids flinstones

  98. Yes we take vitamins. I take a B-Complex all year and C and D in the winter

  99. No I don’t take them But maybe I should be.

  100. I don’t take multivitamins myself but I would like to start giving them to my son. I will have to wait until he turns 4 in a few months because all the children’s multivitamins I’ve seen say not to give them to kids under the age of 4.

  101. I try to take vitamins, but I am not as good at being regular when I am not pregnant. I try to give my kids multi vitamins too.

  102. My son and I both take a multivitamin pill a day.
    Thanks ~ FB: Alexia Harvours

  103. I haven’t been taking them regularly, but I should

  104. yes, I give them to my kids

  105. i take multivitamins but my son is too young still.

  106. I don’t take vitamins. (I did when I was pregnant but not anymore) my kids take vitamins sometimes but usually fight them

  107. vitamins everyday here! kids too!

  108. I do give my kids multivitamins and I do take them when I remember.

  109. I personally do not take a multi vitamin but like to supplement my LO with them esp D and C

  110. I do not take multis although I do take B’s and c’s and zinc if Im not feeling well. My kids do however take a multi daily

  111. My whole family takes a multi vitamin!

  112. I do take vitamins and of course the kids too

  113. I take a multivitamin (don’t have kids)

  114. I don’t take vitamins as I eat a balanced diet but I feel children should take multi vitamins because they don’t always eat what they should. My grandchildren take vitamins and I think they would love Treehouse themed ones.

  115. The whole family takes multivitamins

  116. Our family always take a multi-vitamin daily.

  117. My whole family takes vitamins daily!

  118. Yes, I take multivitamins and I give multivitamins to my kids as well

  119. Way to go!

  120. We don’t right now, but truth be told we probably should be 🙂

  121. I take a multi vitamin daily. My son also takes a multi vitamin and a liquid calcium supplement.

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