Indoor Activities
By Contributor Kristen LaValley

Well I can’t say that I’m happy it’s cold out. I can bear the cold until Christmas and then after Christmas it’s just like…WHYYYYY!!??? I whine. I complain. I get cabin fever and bundle my kids up and force them to go outside and then we all run inside freezing after a couple of minutes. It’s just that my three year old is insane and it’s so hard to keep him entertained when he gets the itch to be crazy. But here are a few things we’ve tried and succeeded at keeping him busy this cold, wintery season.

1. Bake & Decorate Cookies

Such a simple idea, but it really does help pass the time. Bake the cookies the night before and you won’t have to deal with “Are they ready yet?” for an hour from the kids. Just pull them out of the fridge and decorate!

2. Make Paper Snowflakes

I’m sure your remember making these in kindergarten. Super easy and fun. When you’re finished cutting, add some glitter and string them across the front door.

3. Indoor Snowmen

Kids going crazy? Grab a couple of rolls of toilet paper and have your kids roll each other up. Cut out construction paper for buttons, throw on scarves and hats, maybe stick a carrot in their mouths (just to keep ‘em quiet for a little while) and laugh at your adorably immobile snowmen!

4. Bathtub Snow Fun

This one is great if you have an older baby that you don’t want to expose to ALL the elements of winter. Bring in a couple of buckets of snow from outside and dump them in the bathtub. Bundle up your little one and plop them down on your indoor snow pile and let them have a blast! And clean up is a breeze. Just let it melt!

5. Make Music

Go around the house and find everything that can be used to make noise. Pots, pans, shakers, spoons, cups, bowls, anything and everything. Take your little noise makers on a musical journey through the house! March, dance, sing loudly, yell, jump, just have fun! It doesn’t have to last a long time, but it will definitely help get those jitters out.

But when all else fails…just go outside. Happy Winter to you all!

Kristen is a stay at home mom to one deliciously chunky baby boy and one hilariously clever two year old living in East Tennessee. She chronicles her adventures in cloth diapering, parenting, faith, and insane toddler antics at