Kobo Touch eReader Review {Giveaway – 5 Winners!}

Kobo Touch

I recently received a Kobo Touch eReader to review. The Kobo Touch is a slim WiFi ready eReader that features a touch screen and no physical keyboard. At just 6.5 ounces and 114mm x 165mm this device is super slim and comfortable to hold in one hand while reading.

I have tested a variety of eReader devices and I appreciate that the Kobo Touch has a no-glare 6” Pearl E-Ink touchscreen with no-backlight. I find that reading for a long period of time using a tablet-like colour LCD screen can be strenuous on the eyes and I appreciate the book-like feel you get with the E-Ink screens.

The Kobo Touch features 16 gray levels and images displayed on the device look clear and less grainy than other eReaders on the market.  At the end I don’t really use my eReaders to display many photos but it is a good feature to point out.


I really like that the Kobo Touch has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to read your books or add new books to your library from the home screen. Very easy, not a lot of buttons to go over and an on-screen keyboard that pops up when you need to enter text.

The device holds up to 1,000 ebooks (2GB of internal storage) and it supports up to 32GB SD cards.  I like that with the Kobo Touch you have the ability to expand your storage if you want unlike other devices that don’t support SD cards.

The Kobo Touch supports multiple formats like: Doc, PDF, ePub and Third-party DRMs, EPUB, PDF, MOBI, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, CBR and image formats like: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF.  I like that you can read PDF documents using the device and you can also download ebooks from the library for free in EPUB format to read on the Kobo Touch.

The device also features bonus features in their “Extras” menu like a Chess game, Sketch Pad, Soduko and a Web Browser Application.  The browser is very basic but it allows you to surf the net from the device, great when checking your e-mail, google or loading “light” website.

eReader Something that I really like about monochromatic screen devices is that their battery life is usually very good. For the Kobo Touch I found that the battery life is fantastic, using it for reading and a bit of web browsing it can last up to 3 weeks or more.

I really enjoy reading my ebooks using the Kobo Touch eReader and I believe this device is a great bang for your buck.

Buy it: With the number of children reading digitally on the rise and it being the summer, Kobo is offering a fantastic promotion running until July 18th.  Their Kobo Mini is available for $39.99 and the Kobo Touch I just reviewed is only $69.99 (available at top Canadian retailers: Chapters-Indigo-Coles, Best Buy, Future Shop, Staples, Target (Mini only), The Source, Toys”R”Us, and at Kobo.com. While supplies last.)

If you have a child that enjoys reading then don’t hesitate to purchase a Kobo eReader to fill the many hours in the car, the beach or hanging out in the backyard. Reading should be encouraged specially with young children, a fabulous way to spend an afternoon instead of watching T.V. on the couch!

Win it: FIVE (5) very lucky US/CAN OneSmileyMonkey.com readers will receive one Kobo Touch eReader each! Super giveaway! Enter to win below via Rafflecopter below (please wait a few seconds for widget to load).

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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Angela V

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  1. I like the fact it can hold up to 32gb.. i need storage and lots of it. Ive always wondered about the kobo readers, Its awesome and handy and thanks for the chance!

  2. I love that there is no glare – the E-Ink screen is great!

  3. I like that I can load 1000 books on it.

  4. Sounds like a good product.

  5. I love that I would be able to pack this while traveling and have so many books to read

  6. I love that it is just 6.5 ounces

  7. I like the size of this. If I won I’d give it to my mom since this would be perfet for her

  8. Would love to win a Kobo, have been wanting to get one but a bit short of money lately.

  9. I like the large storage and the e-ink

  10. FOr me I love that you can download numerous books to have on hand. It is nice to know it is lightweight so if I take it when I am on the go, I don’t have to worry about it weighing my purse down.

  11. I like that it supports multiple formats

  12. I love my kobo glow and I would love to get an e-reader for my son.

  13. I love my Kobo touch! I would love one as a Christmas present for my husband or my mother or ….

  14. I love that it can read a lot of file formats, it brings a lot of flexibility

  15. I like that is is more than just a reader

  16. I like that it is clear and less grainy so sick of the grainy images ..

  17. I love that it’s so light and portable!

  18. My favourite feature is the ability to use an SD card! I love my books and if i had an Kobo I’d keep them on it even after reading… storage is important.

  19. simple and lightweight

  20. I like that the screen was designed to be glare free and easy on the eyes.

  21. Love that it is light but can hold up to 1000 books!

  22. I love that I can go on the internet and check my email and facebook!

  23. I like that kobo has wifi and can hold up to 1000 books on its memory!

  24. Love kobo. Had several ereaders and found kobo to be the best!

  25. lighter than any book i own 🙂

  26. The Touch is lightweight, and it’s great to have a variety of books available for the kids in summer!

  27. I like that the battery life can last up to 3 weeks or more.

  28. I’ve wanted one of these e-readers for so long. I haven’t managed to read a whole book since having my son and I think the convenience of the Kobo would be great to pick up easily and read in bed!

  29. I like the user-friendly interface and that the battery life can last up to 3 weeks!

  30. I love that you an fill it with so many books and be able to take it anywhere with you.

  31. Love that it has a long battery life so I don’t have to worry when taking it on vacation.

  32. I love that it can hold 1000 books! Amazing!

  33. I really want to have a e-reader for a very long time but I don’t have spare money for this. I am taking bus and subway ride to and from work each day and spent 3 hours in commute, so winning this would be great!

    I love that it support multi-documents formats so that as you said in your post, I can download ebooks from library for free!

  34. the fact that it can support many formats is definitely a highlight, as well as the large storage space 😀

  35. My favorite feature is the 6″ Pearl E-ink touchscreen.

  36. I need to read more but never have the room to carry all the books I want.

  37. I love that it has a great battery life and that it’s touch screen.

  38. I like that I can load all my books into it – up to 1000!

  39. I like the e-ink.

  40. I love the fact that you only have to touch a word and the dictionary does an automatic dictionary search! A great way to build up your vocabulary fast!

  41. I LOVE that the screen is no glare!

  42. I like the battery life, that it can last up to 3 weeks is amazing. This is an awesome giveaway, thank you!

  43. Great promotion…keep up the good work

  44. Oh, forgot to mention that I love that it will take external storage…32G is huge for e-books

  45. perfect for people on the go who love reading!!

  46. I live there isno glare

  47. Being able to read it in the sun without the nasty glare you get from tablets.

  48. The built in 2GB storage, more than enough for plenty of books

  49. I love that it has a large storage capacity…great for my summer reading list!

  50. i like that it has good battery life! i hate having to plug something in all the.

  51. I like the idea of a longer battery life

  52. I like the great battery life. It would be frustrating to have to recharge often.

  53. Very matte, easy to read surface and long lasting battery life….kobo’s are my favorite e-readers.

  54. It’s so light weight and portable. I love to read, so this would be perfect!

  55. I love the no glare screen and the capacity to hold up to 1000 ebooks.

  56. I love the long battery life!

  57. The Kobo Reader is such a resilient and versatile reader. Thank you for the opportunity.

  58. I love that it can hold up to 1000 books!

  59. I like the no glare screen and the ability to store 1,000 books!

  60. i love the size and weight and long battery life!

  61. I love how lightweight it is at only 6.5 ounces – great for travelling!!

  62. light and easy to use, and i never lose my page!

  63. I like that it supports so many different formats.

  64. I love that it has Wifi and you can do a bit of browsing on it. An all-in-one device!

  65. I like the fact that it’s easy to use and has lots of storage space.

  66. I would absolutely love an ereader, for my use, and to share with my grandbabies….it would rock our world!

  67. I like that it doesn’t have a backlit screen – easier on the eyes!

  68. I like the sketch pad feature. I’m a seamstress & I could really use it when I’m doing fittings on people.

  69. I love that I can purchase so many book and have them all in one place

  70. I love the size, I can throw it in my purse and go plus it’s light weight!

  71. Size is great to pack away while travelling.

  72. I love the convenience and portability, also the long battery life is great!!

  73. 1000 books .. best feature !!

  74. Love how lightweight it is.

  75. The battery life. I don’t have to worry about it dying on me while I go hither and thiter.

  76. I’ve always wanted a KOBO eReader. It’s way better than having books scattered all over the place.

  77. Never thought of an ereader as a tool for reading with toddlers.

  78. EPUB format for reading books is a definite plus!

  79. I like that it is Wi-Fi

  80. love that the battery can last up to 3 weeks!

  81. I love Kobo for its great lightweight!

  82. 32gb. thats a lot of books right there 😀

  83. it support multiple formats

  84. I like that it is lightweight with No Glare. Great for traveling.

  85. I really like the fact that the battery can last at least 3 weeks or more.

  86. I like that I connect to the internet and play chess.

  87. I like it has no glare

  88. Would love this prize, I am enjoy reading, this would definitely enhance my enjoyment of reading.

  89. WI FI :)))

  90. I like the long battery life the most.

  91. My favorite feature has to be the ability to use the Kobo outdoors and actually see what’s on the screen.

  92. I like that this Kobo has a no-glare touchscreen and a long battery life.

  93. I like the non-glare screen. Makes it a very readable device anywhere

  94. it can view a lot of different file format.

  95. I like that it has a long battery life & an on-screen keyboard to use when needed

    Thank you

  96. I love the size! It’s not too big and not too small for me. Perfect!

  97. Good battery life.

  98. I love that it has wifi and that the battery last forever!!

  99. love the Koboo.

  100. the battery life and the weight

  101. this is a great item to have it’s easy to store a lot of Books to read thanks for the giveaway

  102. Oddly enough most kids (and adults) I know prefer real paper books. I have no such qualms though and could use an ereader…

  103. Good battery life with no glare.

  104. i love that it doesnt have a glare and easy to use. It’s not hurting on the eyes. And i also love the wifi feature!

  105. I like that you can expand you storage as that is a really great feature and long battery life is so important too . Both of these features would make me choose this over other readers

  106. I love the fact that I can check my Email while using the Kobo.

  107. I like that it has 2GB storage.

  108. I love that it supports SD cards. Very useful.

  109. That it is small. It can easily fit in my purse!

  110. No glare

  111. I don’t ahve a kobo and its free (if I win)

  112. love the long battery life and multiple formats. thanks

  113. I love the E-ink screen! No glare is fantastic!

  114. I like that it has a large storage capacity as well as being light weight

  115. Love that my kids can use it to read while we are away from home. A great portable tool that they enjoy using and would still be educational!

  116. I like the fact that it has a no glare screen. Hopefully that would make it easier to read if you are outside.

  117. I love thaty the battery life is so long , up to 3 hours. AWESOME

  118. I like the size…perfect for stuffing inside a purse!

  119. I like that you can expand on the storage capacity. But it also can hold a good amount of books now.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  120. i love that it can store up to around 1000 ebooks !

  121. I like the portability and battery life.

  122. I love that it can read all those book format.

  123. I like that it has a no-glare screen since my eyes arn’t what they use to be!

  124. Wow, this is a great contest! Thanks Kobo and Onesmileymonkey! My favorite feature of the Kobo Touch ereader is the no-glare 6″ Pearl E Ink touchscreen for a print-on-paper reading experience.

  125. I like the long lasting battery life!

  126. no glare is the best part

  127. I like its expandable memory and super compact size (for an eReader). It’ll allow me to read many stories in equally many places.

  128. I like the long battery life.

  129. the touch screen, a huge upgrade from my old e-reader


  131. I likr its lightweight

  132. Web browsing 🙂

  133. The price, the multiple formats it supports, the touch screen. The list goes on. I reallllllllly want one. Really!

    Thanks for making this open to Canadians.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  134. Lots of storage

  135. It can read many different format of files.

  136. I love that the battery can last up to 3 weeks or more. That is fantastic!

  137. love the no glare feature

  138. I like the size. I can slip it in my purse.

  139. Lightweight and doesnt takeup alot of space!

  140. I find this e-reader to be ideal for every day and for travels-love all the storage space.

  141. I like that you can read books, play games, and use the internet all on one sleek & slim device! So convenient 🙂

  142. Sounds like a good product

  143. Sounds great !

  144. Would love to win one! I use my textbook pdfs all the time on my laptop.. such as a hassle.

  145. I like the extra long battery life!

  146. It supports Sd cards and the battery lasts 3 hrs.

  147. I love the idea of an ereader and this one rocks

  148. portable yehhhh baby

  149. The E-INK screen is my favourite feature

  150. I love how light it is – 6.5 ounces!

  151. Hate when I am out and I finish my book so then I have nothing to read. with a 1000 books this will never happen again

  152. I love how light it is.

  153. i love that i can expand the storage of the reader – thats fantastic

  154. ultra light and can hold 1000 books!

  155. love that it is no glare and really appreciate that it has a decent battery life

  156. The size! Wow.

  157. I like that it supports multiple file types, especially PDFs, because it means I could use it both for reading for pleasure and reading for work!

  158. I love it that there is no glare:)

  159. I love the amount of books I can put on it and also that I can borrow books from Canadian library unlike kindle which is for us libraries only.
    I’ve been researching e books for a while now because I really want one! *fingers crossed*

  160. My wife needs this so much!

  161. Reading without paper!

  162. I like that it holds up to 1000 ebooks.

  163. I love the automatic dictionary search feature!

  164. No papercuts! lol And that it weighs so little!

  165. I love that I can put 1000 books on it and bring them all with me in my purse.

  166. I’d really enjoy the portability of this reader. It’s adorable! And light weight

  167. Could finally clean up my bookshelf if I got this 🙂

  168. My favourite feature is the long battery life. My gadgets are forever dying on me at the worst time because I forget to charge them.

  169. I can take a virtual library in the palm of my hand and it has a long battery life!

  170. The long battery life.

  171. I like that you can use SD cards with it.

  172. No glare on the screen for this price is incredible!

  173. I like the fact that it is so easy to use! I would love to add one to my classroom so that my students could become more engaged with reading.

  174. Love that it is very light and u can take it anywhere.

  175. I like the battery life and the storage capacity. 🙂

  176. easy to use touch screen

  177. Never thought I would love the KOBO reader more than physical books…but I do! It is a great travel companion.

  178. Ebooks are the future if we want to help our environment. Millions of trees will be saved, can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  179. I love that it can read different formats such as PDF and DOC and that it can load images as well.

  180. I really like that you can expand the storage capacity up to 32GB. It is an awesome eReader.

  181. Seems quite useful!

  182. The feature I love on the KOBO is the non-glare which is great because I am an avid reader!

  183. I just love the fact that I can have my books on there and also I can have books for my kids, so they can use it as well.

  184. I hope I win! 🙂

  185. I like that it supports so many file types.

  186. My favorite feature is the long battery life.

  187. i like the web browser application so i can check out things like your blog 🙂

  188. I love that it’s so light!

  189. I like that you download ebooks for free from the library.

  190. I like the huge storage capacity so i can put a lot of books in 🙂

  191. Portability….great for traveling!

  192. I like that the Kobo Touch eReader also includes a Soduko application

  193. My Mother in Law has one of these, and I can’t believe how clear it is…it really looks like paper. I don’t understand how it’s possible! I would love to own one!!! Never thought I’d say that, since I hate reading from computer screens 🙂

  194. user friendly inter face

  195. I like that it can hold up to 1000 books

  196. It’s fun that it also comes with some games.

  197. I’ve had my eye on one of those for a while now and would absolutely love to win one!!

  198. The battery life for sure!

  199. I like how light and portable it is!

  200. I love that it is so light just 6.5 ounces as I have very weak wrists

  201. i like the long battery life

  202. I like that it has a long battery life!

  203. I like the light compact case

  204. Would love one, would allow me to read and not take up so much needed space at home.

  205. that it can hold so many books
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  206. The non glare touchscreen is a perfect feature

  207. That it has a good battery life.

  208. I love E-ink screens. No eyestrain and better battery life!

  209. I like that it holds 2GB internally and supports 32GB SD cards, is slim and light weight.

  210. I love the extras feature! this definitely adds to extra entertainment!

  211. I like this!

  212. I like that you can check emails and a few things on the web as well as play games.

  213. I like that you can expand your storage.

  214. Being able to add books from the home screen

  215. I love the battery life!

  216. Legible screen

  217. The lightness of this is just lovely!

  218. The web browser is my favourite feature!

  219. That would make it the perfect BDay gift for this mama 🙂

  220. No glare! That’s super.

  221. Dont have a favortite thing yet, since I haven’t tried them 🙂 Would love to win one tho

  222. Great contest!

  223. I can download books from the library with it.

  224. It is great that you can read anywhere you want!

  225. It will keep my bookshelves more organized and less dust collectors around the house.

  226. I love a long battery life!
    Thanks for the chance.

  227. I like that the battery last quite a long time.

  228. I love that it has wifi capability!

  229. Great for reading on the beach

  230. I love that there is no glare!

  231. I like the price point and it is light & compact to carry.

  232. I like that it holds up to 1000 books and has wifi…my son would love this as he’s a big reader.

  233. I love the storage capacity

  234. like that I can get books from the library

  235. It’s amazing bc it supports several formats!!!

  236. i like the battery lie and the storage.

  237. There are two things I really like; That the Kobo can hold a lot of books and also that the battery life is better than my tablet.

  238. My fave feature of the Kobo Touch eReader is the outstanding battery life.

  239. The battery life!

  240. I like it has 2gb of internet storage

  241. I like how small it is and that it can store up to 1000 ebooks.

  242. I like that you can check e-mail from it!

  243. i love that we can borrow VPL books and read on the ereader!

  244. I like how light and portable it is!

  245. I just love using it

  246. I like the size of it. so portable yet holds a lot of books.

  247. kobo is lightweight

  248. That I can have 1000 books on it and not have to deal with all the books that I’ve bought throughout the years!!

  249. I like the 2 GB internal storage

  250. I love that it can hold up to 1000 ebooks and that it supports so many formats!

  251. It can hold about a thousand reads, which is crazy.

  252. the size and the amount of books that I could load

  253. Being someone who always reads from a hard copy book (so old schooled, I know), this is an amazing product to have! I heard from family member that this Kobo is better than the Kindle since it’s got better book selection and better web browser. The storage size is also a plus. It would be so great to own one and try it out!

  254. battery life is fantastic…my old kobo battery is always wearing down too quickly!

  255. its portable and convenient

  256. been on my wish list and love the storage unit, thanks

  257. I like the battery life on it, that’s great!

  258. I love that it is lightweight and I can have a ton of books on it.

  259. Im a voracious reader so my favorite feature is that it holds up to a 1000 ebooks!

  260. i like that it weigh less to nothing love that

  261. I like being able to carry a library in my purse

  262. No Glare Screen

  263. I love that it supports so many different formats! 🙂

  264. Love that it’s so light & small – perfect for my over stuffed diaper bag!

  265. The long battery life for sure!

  266. The fact that it will keep my kids occupied during our long trek out west this summer!

  267. I love to long battery life. 3 hours… Not that I read for 3 hours straight.

  268. I love that it supports multiple file formats.

  269. I like that it holds a lot of books, and has some games on it as well. The Kobo Touch would be great to travel with.

  270. I like the capacity of loading up of plenty of books.

  271. This would be amazing!

  272. no glare

  273. I like the long battery life!

  274. I like the no-glare screen!

  275. It holds up to 1,000 e-books.

  276. i love the size and that it is su[ppose to be simple to use

  277. able to read it in the sun. would be great to win this. I sure could make good use
    of this kobo reader as I love to read books.

  278. It’s more than just a reader.

  279. I like that you can add space, my daughter has an older model and it barely holds 500 books.


  280. I love the new lower price!

  281. I love that it’s so lightweight! I wouldn’t have to worry about adding more weight to the baby bag in order to take a book along!

  282. I like the E-Ink screen. Easy on the eyes.

  283. I like that the battery lasts a very long time.

  284. I love the long battery life.

  285. I like that I can change the font size whenever I want. I normally use the larger font if I’m tired or reading in bed without my glasses. Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  286. Love the no glare and that I can read pdf’s… perfect!

  287. I like that it’s small enough so my little ones can also use it to read a book on it.

  288. I like that it holds up to 1000 ebooks

  289. I like the fact that you can load a thousand books on it.That’s a lot of reading.


  291. love the battery life

  292. July 20-I like the idea of downloading books from the library.

  293. Haven’t had the pleasure to check this out!!

  294. I live that I can borrow books from the library without leaving home. I also live that I can take a whole stack of books on vacation with me without taking up a lot is space

  295. I like that you have the ability to expand the storage of the Kobo Touch

  296. It holds up to 1,000 ebooks

  297. I like it supports different digital formats.

  298. I love it ! I want to give one to my mom. She’s working at night and read a lot of books to stay awake 😉 perfect for bringing a lot of books without the weight in the bag

  299. I would love to carry this gadget. Books are heavy and I often leave them behind for other guests. I hope it is easy to programme.

  300. I love that is has a big storage capacity and a really good battery life span 🙂

  301. I can’t believe how much data it holds.. Awesome!

  302. Storage space!

  303. I read so much that this would be amazing to have!

  304. I love that it can hold 1000 books on it!

  305. the fact the battery life is great!

  306. I like the size and that it supports multiple formats

  307. Like that it’s light and portable

  308. Long battery life.

  309. i love kobo!

  310. Its is lightweight and holds a ton of books.

  311. Friends have it and it so lightweight I would love to own one

  312. The multiple formats that it supports!

  313. i like the glowwww

  314. No glare screen looks good!

  315. The book storage capacity is amazing.

  316. I want one! I need one!

  317. I like that it supports so many different formats.

  318. I love the anti glare, the extremely long battery life, the ability to add 1000 books. I would love to win one 🙂

  319. I love the size , I read in bed so would be easy to hold .

  320. I would love to win one to give to my 18 year old daughter who LOVES to read books 🙂

  321. I like the e-ink feature.

  322. 1000 books. Yippee!

  323. I would love to try it. I see from frinds that use KOBO that they really enjoy readiing and you can make book marks

  324. The battery life is the most important for me.A lot of the pads run out juice very quickly.

  325. I like that it is easy to carry around several books at the same time.

  326. It holds 2 GB of storage and the capapbility to add more, sounds wonderful!

  327. Holds up to 1000 ebook 😀

  328. I like that it’s user friendly

  329. you can put a lot of e books on it over 1000 \I love reading so ya!

  330. That you can store so much on it!

  331. that it is so small with so so many books!! super

  332. The no glare screen is fantastic.

  333. I like using an ereader to read books. Its easy to borrow books from the library and be able to download them to the device, instead of having to drive to the physical building, which is a bit far away.

  334. No glare, so much easier that would be on my eyes.

  335. Mobile, easy to use, no glare… The list goes on!!

  336. I think the storage capacity and the battery life are both great features of the Kobo touch Ereader, but I think my favorite feature is the ability to take a break from a book and play a game or surf the web without having to go to a different technology (ie. laptop/tablet).

  337. No glare screen, and 3 weeks of battery life = Awesome!

  338. Favorite feature is the no glare touch screen! Good Luck everyone! 🙂

  339. I dont know what the features are on it cause I dont have and have never seen one, but the best feature for me personnaly is the size and weight. Thank you

  340. I like that it holds up to 1000 e-books

  341. cool!

  342. I love the price and that you could easily slip this into your diaper bag loaded with books to read to your child whenever you want and also have books for yourself during nap time or while waiting for your children taking a class etc…

  343. I like that it can hold up to 1000 ebooks.

  344. that there is no glare

  345. Light in weight.

  346. i like it holds up 1000 ebooks

  347. Teh battery life can last up to 3 weeks

  348. I love that it can hold so many books. Way better for when I can’t decide what to read then bringing 3 or 4 regular books with me.

  349. the mini readers are much better imo, i dont need additonal features on a reader besides it allow me to read…this kobo is perfect for that

  350. I like that it has good battery life!

  351. Im technologically challenge so easy to use User Interfaces are very well received.

  352. I like the non-glare feature.

  353. I like the multiple formats supported. Makes it easier to borrow ebooks from the library.

  354. I love its storage space

  355. I love it’s light weight! I have books that weight way more than this e-reader.

  356. My daughter is an extreme book worm and loves to have all books in one place

  357. Would love one of these! Thanks for the opportunity! I had an old button one without any touch features.

  358. I find that the price is the best thing about the Kobo. Very economical for families with a tight budget 🙂

  359. I love the fact that Kodo Touch supports up to 32G SD cards, and has long battery life…for up to 3 weeks, and can store up to 1,000 “books”. I also enjoy the fact that you can access your email and surf the internet too! Also it is great to take with you to encourage reading to and with children! Wonderful!

  360. I like the no glare feature best. I find that many screens are strenuous for my eyes too so that’s a key feature for me.

  361. I like that it takes SD cards to expand the memory capabilities. Great feature.

  362. I like that it is lightweight

  363. size, storage space, and all the formats it accepts. Perfect for my son and just the things to keep him reading. I like the price on it too.

  364. I love its longer battery life.

  365. I love the size! Lightweight & easy to take anywhere! Perfect for using in between races at my daughter’s swim meets!

  366. I like the glare free screen & the promotional $

  367. I love the convenience of an e-reader

  368. I love the convenience of a Kobo

  369. Love the size and weight!

  370. I like the great battery life!

  371. I love that kobo ereaders can support so many file formats!

  372. Love the small size and good battery life!

  373. I love that it has “extras”

  374. I am a huge reader and would love to have one of these!!

  375. Love the fact that you can take it anywhere you want ..holds up to 1000 books ,always ready to read how handy this would be to travel with road trips ,a day at the park just relaxing on the porch !

  376. Love that it’s light and I could eliminate carrying so many books on vacation

  377. I like that is has so much space. I think its important to be able to read text books for studying anywhere and on the go!! Great for commuteing!

  378. Battery life. Looks awesome. Hope I win

  379. Love that e-ink!

  380. What a great prize! Would love to win this one. Thanks for the contest.

  381. Love the no glare feature and how small it is.

  382. Love the 1000 ebook feature.

  383. I like the long battery life.

  384. storage capabilities

  385. I really like the idea of the E-ink screen. My husband uses a color tablet to read and gets headaches. This would be great to try.

  386. I love the wi if feature

  387. I love that it has a long battery life!

  388. Love its size! Perfect for fitting into your purse to take anywhere! Also love the Wifi, so much easier to connect with the bookstore to download books!

  389. The E-Ink screen sounds really interesting.

  390. I like the e-ink screen. It’s hard to read in certain light with many other devices.

    Would love a Kobo!

  391. No glare and I can load 1000 books…this would be heaven! I could finally enjoy public transportation!

  392. I love the long battery life, since I often forget to charge things like my iPod until I go to use them.

  393. I would love a kobo touch ereader, I have adult ADHD and i think it would help me concentrate rather than a book.

  394. I love how light it is.

  395. comfortable display and usable features

  396. I like that it is so light and battery last forever.

  397. I love the wide screen it has and the fact that you’re able to carry so many books without the weight 😉

  398. Small handheld size.

  399. I love that you can download books from the library and the long battery life.

  400. I like it’s compact portability! Great for on the go and travelling!!

  401. I love the fact I can read in the sun

  402. I like a lot of the features: that it has a glare free screen, supports lots of types off documents for reading, has expandable storage and an excellent battery life

  403. I love that I can put soooo many books on it, and that it won’t take up so much room in a suitcase. My husband will LOVE that he won’t be paying to take books on a vacation with the luggage restrictions. LOL He gets especially ticked off when I bring them home unread. Oops.

  404. great giveaway!

  405. I love the large storage capacity

  406. I can’t believe you can get 3 weeks out of the battery. That’s nuts!

  407. I like the size, it looks like it really fits a woman’s hand nicely

  408. I like the expandable storage capability, which means I dont have to delete any books anytime soon.

  409. I like the small size

  410. put 1000 books

  411. The e-ink is my fav!

  412. You don’t need a credit card to download.

  413. I like that you can expand the memory up to 32 gigs…lots of room for books 🙂

  414. I love that it’s so light!

  415. that its so light and portable would love to own one

  416. Multiple file format compatibility – non-proprietary

  417. I would like to win a Kobo Touch Ereader!

  418. 32 gig and a scetch pad!!! NICE 🙂

  419. I like the extra options in case reading doesn’t suit them anymore.

  420. The amount of books the kobo ereader can hold is probably the biggest pro for me. I love flipping through real books, but for a book nerd like me the fact I could have a 1000 books at my fingertips is mighty appealing.

  421. There’s a lot of great features on this Kobo Touch E-Reader. I like that it holds up to 1,000 ebooks.

  422. I haven’t tried an e reader yet. Would be great on holidays instead of heavy books. Now if they can just make one waterproof so I can read in tub.:D

  423. I like that it is lightweight

  424. Lots of memory in the Kobo touch- easy to use, easy to download and the Kobo desktop makes managing books easy too!

  425. Favorite feature of the Kobo Touch eReader is the fact that is can support multiple formates and third party files.

  426. I like the no glare, the large amount of storage, and the fact I can carry so many books in such a lightweight easy way!

  427. I like that it holds alot of books so I can load some for me and some for my little guy so I dont have to carry some many books when we go on a trip

  428. I love that my children & I could share it for quick reading on the go.

  429. I lke the storage capacity.

  430. lots of storage

  431. I like how it supports multiple formats!

  432. What a fantastic way to spend a summer afternoon…!!!

  433. I would love to win this, I’m going on some summer trips, and this would make reading a LOT easier

  434. I love how light weight it is

  435. The size of it.

  436. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed! I’d LOVE a KOBO

  437. I love that it’s easier on your eyes (than a typical tablet, when reading for lengths of time)!

  438. What I love about it,the long battery life.

  439. Love the screen…ithink its e-ink

  440. The Kobo eReader is a lot more portable than a bunch of books in my handbag!

  441. I love the prices.

  442. I like that it has bonus feature with games

  443. I like the long battery life

  444. I like the on screen keyboard and the ability to use SD cards.

  445. I love that it can store 1000 books, it’s like having an incredible shelf without taking up an enormous space!

  446. that it has so much memory!

  447. All those books in one tidy neat package!

  448. I like how little it is. Perfect for a kiddo!

  449. Love the great battery power

  450. my favorite feature is that the kobo touch e reader,I will be able to take this one reader and view all my favorite books with one touch. Right now,I am having to pick through my books and decide which one I want to take to the park and read,sometimes I take two or three books because I can’t make up my mind which one to read.With this kobo,I can take all the books I love and bring them all with me at the same time and look through them easily.

  451. This would be great for those long car rides!

  452. good battery life is a must in my book and this one has it!

  453. Great battery life and large storage capacity!!!

  454. Great giveaway….light weight and no glare!

  455. I like the 2gb built in storage. great battery life.

  456. Would love one for my wife.

  457. I like that you can adjust the backlight.

  458. E-ink! Makes it easy on the eyes.

  459. I really like that it’s WiFi ready so it’s easy to download books! And large amount of storage is a huge plus.

  460. I like that it is lightweight

  461. I like that it holds 1000 books, also that there is no glare.

  462. I like that is supports extra memory. I have a lot of books!

  463. The space to hold up to a 1000 books!

  464. I like that it is not backlit. Much easier to read e-ink

  465. I like that it holds up to 1,000 e books!!

  466. I like that it works with lots of different formats like pdf

  467. The 32 gb storage means it will hold alot and be fast

  468. The no glare screen is awesome… that is my biggest pet peeve about some other products out there!

  469. I love that it is light and has a long battery life!

  470. I think it would be awesome to win

  471. I love being able to carry a multitude of books with me anywhere! Makes long subway rides easier!

  472. I love the size of it, as well as the amount of space! (up to 1000 books… wow)

  473. I like the no glare aspect and it can hold up to a 32G card

  474. sometimes I envy the Kobo users on the skytrain. Its thinner than a paperback book but provides the same font size. Me with my big iPad that I only use for books on transit look over at the little Kobo and imagine what it would be like…

  475. i like the good battery life

  476. No glare feature is fantastic

  477. SD card! That is amazing 🙂

  478. Good battery life

  479. I like the quality of this one

  480. I like that it has the ability to expand its storage up to 32GB

  481. The battery life

  482. My favorite feature of the Kobo Touch eReader is that it supports multiple formats & I can read library books off it. Borrowed one from the library & took it on my travels. I was hooked. Great for the gym. No page turning!

  483. I like how many formats it accepts!

  484. I like the long battery life!

  485. I would love to Win this E Reader .. Thanks for the Chance

  486. Wow ! Holds 1000 ebook !

  487. wifi and the size

  488. I love how light it is and that its ore then just a reader!

  489. Love the large storage capacity and the light weight

  490. My favorite feature is the sketch pad.

  491. I love that it is light!

  492. sounds like a great e-reader with lots of storage. I would love to try it out.

  493. I have the original Kobo and I LOVE it! It would be awesome to win an upgrade 🙂

  494. I would love to use this while traveling!!

  495. I like the idea that it has a non glare touch screen

  496. this looks awesome!

  497. my favorite feature is that is supports multiple formats

  498. Battery life and ease of use are wonderful!

  499. The lightness for easy portability into my purse.

  500. love this product!

  501. That it can hold 1000 books!

  502. I love how simple, compact and light weight it is!

  503. The battery life!

  504. My daughter would love this. I lve the educational prospect of it 🙂

  505. I like that this is no-glare.

  506. It can hold up to 1000 books – that would cover every book I own!

  507. My favorite feature is no glare! Nothing is worse than glare!!

  508. I like how small and light it is.

  509. storage

  510. I like the fact that you can use an SD card and the variety of file format’s it can read.

  511. My fav feature is Wi Fi.

  512. So handy! love that its green!

  513. I like the size.

  514. I like that it’s essentially black and white making it less strenuous on the eyes.

  515. I love the fact that it has a long battery life.

  516. It’s only 6.5 ounces!

  517. I like that you can do light web surfing on it!

  518. This is fantastic, nothing about it that i don’t think will be a great improvement. fingers crossed 🙂

  519. my daughter really wants one! it would be awesome to win it!!

  520. The amazing storage capacity

  521. easy to use

  522. I like the sketch pad. I’m always looking for some paper to doodle or jot down some stuff so having it in my ereader would be great!

  523. Would be great for travelling

  524. love the no glare feature

  525. I like that it also has basic browsing capability.

  526. It is a great size for reading.

  527. I like that it can load such a large number of books.

  528. i love how many books it holds, and that it has games and a sketch pad too! 🙂 thanks for the great giveaway!

  529. my favorite feature is the no glare screen

  530. It’s lightweight but has a huge memory

  531. I like that it’s so light.

  532. I love that it supports SD cards! Not a lot of ereaders will.

  533. i like the long battery life!

  534. The no glare screen is a great feature.

  535. I like that it does not have a glare, because I have tried reading from my tablet when we go on trips in the car and it is impossible to see the screen because of the sunlight, and I like that it is lightweight also. nice little piece

  536. Long battery life

  537. I like the user friendly interface

  538. It’s so light at 6.5 ounces!

  539. I like the Sketch Pad feature

  540. This looks loverly! It sure would beat having to lug books around.

  541. I like that you can also use it to surf the web or check your email.

  542. Good battery life

  543. My favourite is the “Extras” menu with Chess game, sketchpad, Sudoku and web browser.

  544. I love that it’s small and lightweight and holds 1000 ebooks.

  545. I love the size!!

  546. I like that the screen has no glare.

  547. it weighs only 6.5 oz

  548. I like that it is light weight and can hold up to 1000 ebooks and lasts about 3 weeks before the battery has to be recharged.

  549. expand the memory with sd cards

  550. I like that it can read many different formats

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  551. browsing feature

  552. I like that the battery can last up till three weeks.

  553. I love that is supports so many different formats of files.

  554. I like that it can hold 1000 books!

  555. Kobo Interface is very intuitive and excellent battery life

  556. I love that I can take hundreds of books with me anywhere I go

  557. I love the fact that it has such a large storage, as an avid reader I like to have several books with me so this would be ideal

  558. I love the battery life

  559. Love that you can use a SD card and the price is great.

  560. The large amount of storage

  561. I love that you can put SD cards in to add up to 32GB!

  562. over 1k books!

  563. I like the long-lasting battery life!

  564. I like that the battery lasts for so long.

  565. something I have been thinking of getting this xmas

  566. the size!!

  567. Oh! Looks interesting!

  568. I love that there is no glare and that my kids can use it!!\

  569. I love the size of it so I can put it in my purse

  570. I have wanted one of these for soo long

  571. I like the multiple format feature and the capacity to hold up to a 32GB SD card.

  572. The long battery life.

  573. I like that I can customize the memory size.

  574. I’ve never used a kobo before but it looks like a great option for a tablet and I found out it’s compatible with my library site for free downloadable books which makes it even better

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