Life Locket Digital Frame {Giveaway}

locket frame

Both my husband’s parents and mine live in different cities and we don’t get to see them as often as we wish.  Not having our families around to share all of our children’s early milestones and memories is hard, but we use technology as much as we can to keep connected, sharing photos, videos and audio by e-mail and social media.

The trouble with social media is that it is not completely private and for our parents to see our children’s photos and videos they still have to log in to their profiles and e-mails to see individual updates. There is no private place where they can easily see all of their organized memories.

Enter the Life Locket Digital Frame. The Locket frame automatically receives and displays all of the photos and memories captured through the Locket app without the need to e-mail, download, save or store anything. All of your memories are automatically shared with your loved ones via a secured connection using WiFi. (See my full review of the Locket app HERE)

Locked does all the work for your loved ones, they just need to set up the frame’s WiFi and wait for the memories to start appearing on the screen instantaneous. The frame can also sync up to 10 users so large families can purchase one frame per loved one, for example one for the grandparents home, and have all of the grandchildren’s photos syncing together to that one  device.

locket frame
locket frame

My parents received a frame to try and they absolutely love it. They sent me the photos above. My mom tells me how excited she is to receive updates on her screen with new photos of our children all the time, they set it up in their living room and seeing new photos without having to use their computers has been wonderful. They also like that the frame has a motion sensor that wakes up when they enter the room to show them the latest updates.

A Locket Frame would make a beautiful present for grandparents, family living far away or for elder relatives who are not computer savvy and have a hard time following social media to see photos of the family. A one time easy set up is all it takes and once that’s done the frame is ready to display new updates without them having to do anything.

The frame is available in three different sizes: 8”, 12” and 15” and can be found to purchase through the SHOP in the Locket app. Retail Prices range from $149.99-$280.99 but they are currently on sale from $109.99-$219.99, a wonderful gift idea! You can also download the FREE Locket app HERE.


Win it: One very lucky Canadian reader will win a Life Locket Digital Frame ($149.99 value). Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

*Note: Winner must download the Locket app for the frame to work, the app is FREE and is available on iPhone.

Disclosure: I am part of the Timewyse Locket blogger program with Mom Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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65 responses to “Life Locket Digital Frame {Giveaway}”

  1. I really think I would keep it for myself! Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. I’d actually really keep it for myself if I won. I’ve been wanting one for awhile.

  3. My mom – she has pictures everywhere in her house so this would be perfect to display pictures of all her grandkids!

  4. I would give this to my sister full of pictures of us.

  5. Thank you for the giveaway,I would keep it for myself!

  6. I’d love to keep it, but I would give this to my mom, that way she could enjoy pictures of all 7 grandkids

  7. To my eldest daughter Tia who has to work long hours and misses her children so much when she can’t be home with them!

  8. I would give it to my sister.

  9. I would give it to my grandparents

  10. I’d probably load it up with pics of our family and give it to my husband

  11. I would give this to my father!

  12. I love looking at family pics so this would be perfect !!

  13. i would give it to my mother in law!

  14. I would probably keep it for myself. I dont have a frame like this and I think it would be nice to have the pictures constantly changing.

  15. I would give this to my mother. She would love this!

  16. I have wanted one of these frames for awhile now so I think I would keep it for myself..

  17. I would give it to my daughter who has a birthday coming up soon – thanks!

  18. I would love to give it to my mom for Christmas.

  19. I would love to win and give the frame to my daughter & hubby. They just had their first son a few months ago & this would be a great start for showing the pic’s!


  21. I would give it to my Mom.

  22. I would give it to my mom

  23. Id give it to my parents as a gift from their grandkids

  24. My mom! It would be a great gift.

  25. I would give it to my mom she would love this.

  26. I would give it to my daughter and her husband.

  27. my sister in law

  28. I am currently in the market for a digital frame.

  29. I would give this to my grandma – she would love this.

  30. Yeaaah, this one I’d keep for me. I”ve always wanted a digital frame.

  31. I would give this to my daughter and her family who live far away in Alaska!

  32. I would give this to my father in law.

  33. this is perfect to display a collection of photos vs. the analog one only. It’s about my family got Techy with it – not really.

  34. I would keep it for me, a Grandma to 5.

  35. I would give this to my daughter so she can see us when she’s away at school.

  36. my mum and dad

  37. to my mom

  38. I would give it to my parents, for photos of the grandchildren.

  39. I would give this to my sister so she can display all her grandkids photos on it

  40. I would give it to my mom!

  41. I would give it to my son.

  42. I would give it to my mom and dad. They live in a pretty small place so they don’t have room to display a lot of photos. Something like this would be a great solution for them. They have tonnes of amazing photos of wildlife, incredible landscapes and of course their adorable grandchildren that should all be displayed!

  43. I would give it to my grandma.

  44. I would keep it for myself and this way I can see all my pictures in real time so I don’t miss our boys ( young men) so much.

  45. A friend of mine who would absolutely make use of this with her adorable LOs

  46. I would give it to my daughter

  47. I would give it to my girlfriend who is a new mom and would love to show off her son.

  48. I would give it to my parents in Peru. I have already downlowded the app and I am loving it! Angela, do you know if the video and audio recordings can also be seen and heard in the frame? What about the written entries? Thanks!

  49. I would keep it (it would be a gift to me from Santa). With 5 kids, this would be so useful! Thanks for the chance.

  50. I’d give it to my brother and his wife – their little boys would love seeing pics of themselves in this great frame.

  51. If I were to win, I would give the Life Locket frame to my aunt with as many family photos as possible to keep her smiling. Thanks

  52. I would give it to my husband.

  53. My mom would definitely use it so I would end up giving it to her

  54. My boyfriend would love this!

  55. I would be gifting to my parents.

  56. my boyfriend would love this

  57. My mother in law would appreciate it.

  58. This would be for one of my adult children, no idea which one yet there are a lot to choose from so unless I’m lucky enough to win I’ll not worry about it 🙂

  59. I would give it to my brother

  60. I would give it to my mom!

  61. My mother in law 🙂

  62. I would give this to my hubby.

  63. I’d give it to my sister.

  64. My good friend is about to become a grandma, so I think I’d give it to her!

  65. I would give this to my mother-in-law. It would be a great way to keep her updated as my daughter grows.

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