Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Review

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Our family recently received a couple of Little Tikes Waffle Blocks sets to try out. Right on the box, it says they are for ages 2-102, and Hubby, not at the 102 point mind you, definitely enjoyed building with the Waffle Blocks when he was putting them together for the first time for our three-year-old.

Each set came with an instruction book on how to build, not only what is on the box cover, but all so other things with the pieces in the box. So for example, the farm has the pieces to build the house, the barn, the fence and silo (all at once!). There are also step by step instructions to build a skyscraper, a cabin, and an ark. Also includes farmer boy, farmer girl, tractor, horse, sheep, and cow.

Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Review Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Review

Just because you buy the castle set doesn’t mean you can only build the castle, or the instructions to build that, but also to build other things.  And of course your child is not limited to just building what is in the instructions, imagination is the limit with each set having over 80 pieces. Also included are a princess, knight, dragon and two horses.

My three-year-old loved getting the waffle blocks because now he can build things just like his older sisters build with their LEGO. Plus, they can all build together and not scream at him because he’s the perfect age for using his Waffle Blocks.

Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Review

For the first time in, oh forever, a toy has come into our house with a clean-up/storage plan. Each set came with a mesh bag that zipper closes. Probably my favorite thing. And bonus, my kids are using them to clean up the waffle blocks themselves. I love it!

The Little Tikes® Waffle Blocks Set includes:

• 80+ pieces and figures

• Reusable bag for easy storage

• Unique block design so kids can stack flat, snap together and build in any direction

• Four playsets in one

MSRP: $34.99

Age: 2+

Available at: Toys“R”Us


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Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Little Tikes. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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116 responses to “Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Review”

  1. I would definitely say my favorite brand is Little Tikes, but I love them all!

  2. Little Tikes

  3. We love little tikes

  4. Hi everyone I have to say little tikes is number 1 for my family. Have toys that are passed down from my first which is like 15 years ago to my 2 youngest 2 and 3. Great durable product.

  5. I love the The Little Tikes® Waffle Blocks Set

  6. Little Tikes. Thanks for the chance.

  7. I love the of Little Tikes Waffle Blocks. Creative and fun.

  8. My favourite brand is the Little Tikes.

  9. My kids would love this!

  10. Love Project MC2

  11. Love little tikes

  12. Little Tikes never disappoints!!

  13. Little Tikes is my favorite brand from the prize

  14. L.O.L Surprise Dolls – are sweet

  15. Favorite brand would be little tikes.

  16. My favorite brand would be the Little Tikes.

  17. I’d have to say that Little Tikes has been a favorite brand here for almost 20yrs.

  18. oh my gosh I absolutely love the Little Tykes Waffle Blocks! Both my daughters would have such a blast with it but especially my oldest. They would really come in handy for her ABA therapy sessions

  19. Love to win!!!!!

  20. Little Tikes would be my favourite, but this is an amazing prize pack and would be great for a few birthday parties I know we have coming up!

  21. Love the leggo waffles

  22. My little grandson would like the Little Tykes Brand. He has enjoyed the gifts that we gave him from this high quality Brand. Sure would like to snag this swag for him.

  23. Little Tykes is my fav brand! Thanks

  24. The only brand I am familar with is Little Tykes and it is a very good brand,


  25. Gel-a-Peel without a doubt!

  26. My favorite brand would definitely be Little Tikes

  27. Love the Little Tikes Waffle Blocks, I can see my nephew having lots of fun with those.

  28. A difficult choice to make but for me it would be Little Tikes.

  29. The waffle blocks set! Would be great to play with this with my little one!

  30. Project MC2 for our daughter and her cousins!

  31. Little Tikes is my favourite brand from the ones featured, because it is the one my family is most familiar with and the one from which we own lots of great products.

  32. Little Tikes is my favourite.

  33. Little Tikes is my favorite.

  34. The Little Tikes brand. I forgot all about Waffle blocks. My child is just at the age for these.

  35. My favourite is Little Tikes.

  36. Little tykes

  37. My favorite is Project Mc2.

  38. I love Little Tikes.

  39. I think my nieces would go nuts for the Project MC2 kit.

  40. My favorite is Little Tikes because their stuff is built to last. The waffle blocks would be perfect to improve my son’s fine motor skills & build his imagination!

  41. my kids love little tikes

  42. I really like the Little Tikes Waffle Block Farm. It looks like a lot of fun.

  43. Little Tikes is my favourite, but I really want to try those Gel-A-Peel!

  44. My favourite would be the L.O.L Surprise Dolls

  45. My favourite brand is Little Tykes!

  46. Little Tikes is my favourite!

  47. I like the Little Tykes Waffle Blocks. They are great.

  48. Love little tikes waffle blocks!

  49. the Gel-a-Peel does look like fun

  50. My favourite brand is the Little Tikes!

  51. I think the Gel O Peel would be great for my nieces & my nephew would love the Little Tikes Waffle Blocks!

  52. I love the Waffle Blocks. They are original and so much fun that even I love playing with them! Thanks for the awesome prize pack giveaway!

  53. for sure the waffle blocks.

  54. My favourite brand is Little Tikes®

  55. My favorite brand is Little Tikes.

  56. I am always a fan of Little Tike. Their products are very durable and withstand any kids handling.

  57. If I have to choose only one it wold be L.O.L Surprise Dolls

  58. My favorite brands is the Little Tikes. I really enjoy this that encourage building skills.

  59. Wwe have been fans of little tikes for many years 🙂
    Thank you for the chance!

  60. Little Tikes

  61. Little Tikes because they’re well-known and trusted.

  62. Little Tikes has been a great company and my favourite!

  63. Little Tikes

  64. My favorite brand from the selection is Little Tikes, I don’t really know the others

  65. Little tikes! That is an awesome brand. Thanks for this opportunity.

  66. My daughters would like the Gel-a-Peel best. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. My favorite brand is Little Tykes.

  68. love little tikes brand.

  69. The Little Tikes Waffle Blocks look like a lot of fun!

  70. Little Tikes Waffle Blocks are my favourite!

  71. Little Tykes ,consistent quality I can count on.

  72. I like the Project Mc2 because it encourages girls to use their brains

  73. Little Tikes is our favourite.

  74. The Gel-a-Peel because I think my daughter would love it

  75. Love project mc2! It’s cool and smart.

  76. I love the of Little Tikes Waffle Blocks.

  77. Definitely Little Tikes!

  78. Little Tikes

  79. My favourite brand is Little Tykes.

  80. Our favourite brand is the Little Tikes brand. The waffle blocks look like a lot of fun!

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  82. Little tykes is our favourite.
    These waffle blocks look like so much fun!!

  83. Little Tikes is a great brand and my favorite.

  84. My son and daughter would both like the Little Tikes prize. I like that it’s so versatile and gender neutral. Thanks for hosting. Besos Sarah.

  85. My favourite brand listed is the little tykes. I have a little tykes toy box I got from a bidding site and I love it! The kids love it! I find their Irene are high quality and great for kids to use their imaginations like this set it has then building and using their imagination, I love that. Great item. Good luck everyone, super exciting.

  86. We love them all but especially Project Mc2!

  87. My grandson would love the Little Tikes® Waffle Blocks Set for sure!

  88. My daughter loves littleTikes Waffle blocks

  89. My favourite is the Little Tikes Waffle Blocks

  90. My favourite is Little Tikes Waffle Blocks

  91. Little tikes blocks

  92. My favourite brand from this contest is definitely Little Tikes. I find their products are well made and very durable for children.

  93. I like Little Tikes.

  94. Little Tikes is a favourite, and always has been, around our house!

  95. little tykes is my favourite 🙂

  96. We always buy Little tykes toys. They are tough and last. It it usually a go to brand when we go to a baby shower, birthday or Christmas. There’s so many options for their toys for a wide age range and they last. They are safe. I and, love Little tykes!

  97. Little Tikes is my favorite brand

  98. My little girl would love this!

  99. Love the Little Tikes®

  100. Little Tikes is my fave!

  101. Little Tikes is my favorite brand from the giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  102. Little Tikes is my favourite brand!

  103. We love the Little Tikes

  104. My daughter would love the Gel A Peel

  105. Little Tikes is a great brand!

  106. We are huge fans of Little Tikes!

  107. My little cousin LOVES Little Tikes – hands down his favorite!

  108. Little Tikes

  109. Hands down its little tykes, the stuff basically lasts years and years (sold a bunch of the stuff that was almost 20 yrs old)

  110. love little tykes

  111. My favourite brand is Little Tykes!

  112. My daughter loves makeup so I know she’d love those kits

  113. My favourite is the Little Tykes brand.

  114. Little Tykes is a classic! Especially building toys that teach motor skills!

  115. Little Tykes .. I love the waffle blocks.

  116. Little Tykes is definitely my favourite brand.

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