Live Clean Baby Bath Products {Giveaway}

We love Live Clean products and use their Baby Bath line daily with our boys. One of the reasons why we love their products so much is because they are completely vegan/vegetarian, plant and natural based, with no animal products or animal by-products used in the formulations.  Their products are also cruelty-free and free of phosphates.

The Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Tearless Baby Bath is a super gentle and highly effective everyday bath formula. Clinically tested, super-mild and tear free, it cleanses and moisturizes, leaving baby’s skin feeling soft and smooth. Made with purified water and enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender, and Aloe.

The Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash features a deliciously scented blend of Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla and Chamomile extracts and essential oils to soothe and comfort babies’ senses. And natural Coconut and Safflower Oils keep baby’s delicate skin soft and smooth. Perfect to help baby get ready for bedtime.

Finally, the Soothing Vapour Bubble Bath is ideal for this cold/flu season. Featuring certified organic botanicals of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Menthol, it helps provide extra comfort for fussy babies. Hypoallergenic, tear free, this soothing bubble bath gently cleanses and moisturizes while providing an aroma that soothes and calms.

Live Clean products are available online at many local retailers. For a full list of retailers check their website here.


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win the following products to try from Live Clean:

  • Gentle Moisture Tearless Baby Bath
  • Baby Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash
  • Soothing Vapour Bubble Bath

Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter. Good Luck all!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Live Clean. A product sample and/or compensation has been received for this review and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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Angela V

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129 responses to “Live Clean Baby Bath Products {Giveaway}”

  1. If I win the products they will be for my infant niece. I’m pretty sure she has a nightly bath routine to clean off her massive poops!

  2. We do. Bath time is our favourite!

  3. nightly baths with Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash are a must before bedtime

  4. If I win I’d use it for my boys.

  5. when you say bathtime, usually everything gets dropped and into the tub. Aaaand they can’t get out. few seconds of peace until you hear water, either splashing or hitting the floor

  6. Yes we do! girls get a bath every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday and we always read them a few books before their bath or getting ready for bed. Then we get them in their jammies, brush our teeth and my youngest goes into my oldest daughters room to read some more books before calling it a night

  7. we do baths every second night usually, with lots of bubbles and bath toys!

  8. We no longer have a nightly bath routine. She gets messy enough some days (she’s 3) that she often enough gets tossed in the tub earlier in the day.

  9. Don’t really have a nightly bath routine! 🙂

  10. Yes, bath, stories, songs and bedtime.

  11. I do…I love including Epsom salt

  12. yes the girls love their bubble baths then a small snack before bedtime

  13. We do both kids bath and then story and bed

  14. Yes! We love bath time!

  15. Yes there was always a nightly bath routine, routine is good and so is Live Clean products.

  16. If I’m lucky enough to win this, these would be going to Australia and my daughter does have a nightly bath routine.

  17. We do have a bath routine and that is fun time and lots of chatter time

  18. We do have a nightly bath routine, my kids and I love it, we always have!

  19. Yep supper, bath, clean up, book then bed. Thanks for the chance.

  20. When I have one of my grandkids, I do have a bedtime/bathtime routine. I find it gets them to sleep easier.

  21. I have fun with my nephew for bathtime… we play games and have lots of fun. They seem to relax and makes bedtime easier.

  22. Night time routine but bath isn’t part of it. Bath a couple times a week!

  23. We do not have a nightly bath routine. We bath in the morning.

  24. I love taking baths. Usually at night.

  25. Not yet! The baby in our household is on the way.

  26. I don’t have a nightly bath routine.

  27. Not really I take showers

  28. each day is a little different depending on what we’ve done that day

  29. Hubby bathes my little guy every 2 days followed by a night feed. Usually he falls asleep soon after.

  30. We do have a routine. Bath comes after supper, before bed, and always involves splashing around! 🙂

  31. I currently do not have a baby for a nightly routine. I am hoping to win this for my girlfriend who is expecting her first baby in April and I would love to introduce her to the Live Clean brand.

  32. When I look after my niece, it is a nice bedtime routine we have.

  33. For my niece, it is a bath before bed with lots of bubbles and bath toys. Then pj’s & a book.

  34. Fun in the tub always!!! No matter what age!

  35. Our son loves bath time, but it is major playtime for him. It used to be a calming part of his bed time routine, however, now that he is 3 it is play time all the time. Maybe the calming bubble bath might help!

  36. loves baths!! it is calming and relaxing!

  37. My grandchildren do ,and it’s so adorable to see them play in the bubbles and giggle !

  38. My baby is due in April so we do not have a bath routine yet but I’m excited to hear everyone else’s!

  39. Grandkids get clean in the tub first and then play for a while, then lotion then reading in pj’s & bed

  40. No bath routine in my home. I would to win to gift to my nephew for his little boys’ bathtime.

  41. We don’t bath nightly, but we do have a routine. Makes things easier!

  42. We do baths every other night unless extras are needed.

  43. In our house, baths are on weekends so we can enjoy it and it is also a playtime.

  44. Not nightly, especially in the winter. It’s too drying on my boys skin

  45. Nightly bath routine actually involves Live Clean products! So great for the skin 🙂

  46. We don’t actually have a nightly bath routine. My daughters have sensitive skin, one has eczema, and our doctor recommends very little bathing since it makes their skin worse. Tuesdays and Fridays are their main bath days, and then “as needed.”

  47. Yes, its bath, brush teeth and read a book.

  48. we do not have a nightly routine due to bad skin irritations.

  49. We don’t really have a nightly bath routine

  50. No bath time routine yet 🙁

  51. My grandkids have a bath every night. It helps them relax for bedtime.

  52. we dont really have a nightly bath routine.

  53. My family has a bath routine. We let them play in the bath. They love it.

  54. With mild eczema, baths aren’t nightly.

  55. Bath time before bed always make for a better sleep. It’s definitely part of the nightly routine.

  56. Yes, we have a nightly bath routine.

  57. Our baby grandson parents puts the rubber duckie that we gave them in
    their bathtime routine. It is a fun time. They sure would use the awesome swag products, thanks.

  58. I always have a nice warm bath before I unwind for the night

  59. Yes, we do. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  60. Come to think of it I haven’t had a bath in ages. I usually just shower quickly.

  61. lately I’ve been into bath bombs

  62. yes i do

  63. Not anymore

  64. No, we don’t have a bath routine, yet.

  65. Always! Warm water helps for a better night sleep.

  66. yes i do. A nice bubble bath soothes my aching muscles after a 12 hour work shift.

  67. My sister is due with her first child in June. I feel like this would be a perfect gift for her and the little one from her favourite brother:)

  68. my baths don’t happen every night but when they do I like a nice scented foam bath, usually lavender

  69. Yes i usually have a bath at night as it relaxés me and préparés me for bed. For my son i have a daily routine for him where i will give him arelaxing bath as well it préparés him for bed and helps both of us sleep better at night.

  70. We haven’t established a routine yet.

  71. Snack bath and story then bed

  72. We do… dinner, slowly quiet things down for the night, bath, books, bed!

  73. we do. we do a mommy baby bath every night. nice and relaxing and all clean

  74. I do not have a nightly bath routine, just a few times a week. These products make me want to have a bath routine every night, though.

  75. Yes, we have a nightly routine!

  76. we sure do 🙂 bath, song or book/cuddle with daddy because he misses him all day at work and then off to bed 🙂

  77. When my kids were younger we had nightly bath routines.

  78. My niece does have a bath routine but it is not a daily one… just a few times a week.

  79. Yes, we do have a nightly bath routine…though sometimes she gets to play longer than other nights.

  80. Not every night but baths are loved at this house

  81. We have a nightly routine.

  82. Baths and rubber ducky’s…oh yeah

  83. We have a nightly health care routine but it doesn’t always involve a bath. My kids love having baths!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  84. With two little ones, a two year old and a 9 month old A routine Always gets flipped and flopped (: Every night at least one of them is wearing dinner So baths are necessary, Sometimes they bathe together Sometimes mommy takes one daddy takes one And sometimes A nice wet washcloth does the job!

  85. Yes, we have a nightly routine. We bathe, get jammies on, have a glass of milk and a small snack, brush teeth, read a couple stories and lights out, sound machines on.

  86. We do have a nightly shower routine (not bath)

  87. We do! Bath every few days before bed…soothes the kids and eases them to bed!

  88. We don’t have a nightly bath routine. My son and I both have really dry skin and find bathing a bit less frequently is better.

  89. My son has his bath in the morning. For whatever reason that is the schedule that worked out for us. I usually let him play for a bit in the tub but sometimes it’s a quick scrub and go.

  90. I have a nightly routine of playing my 3DS before sleep

  91. Our bath routine involves a lot of singing from us, the parents.

  92. I would like to win this for my niece who is expecting her first baby on March 10th! I would love to give her the Live Clean Baby products to use on her new baby’s sensitive skin.

  93. Very important to have those nightly bath ……. to soothe you into sleep.

  94. Every night before bedtime.

  95. No nightly bath routine these days, once or twice a week for this season of little boys. Not so dirty when they only play outside in the snow!

  96. I start with dinner, bath, book, prayers, and lots of hugs and kisses and wishes to see each other in the morning

  97. My kids love bath time! Our bath routine starts after dinner, with lots of toys and bubbles in the tub! Then it is time to brush teeth, read stories, and then off to a cozy bed for a good sleep! Thanks very much for the chance! 🙂

  98. Yes, we have a nightly bath routine

  99. we used to have a routine

  100. Our bedtime routine is bath, toothbrushing, reading, prayers, snuggles and kisses then sleep time. Love Live Clean products!

  101. Yes, always had a bath routine.

  102. Not every night 🙂 Every other night for sure and Live Clean products are my favourite.

  103. like to try these products

  104. Yes, bath time is fun!

  105. Our bath routine is simple. Bath, brushing teeth, story and cuddles. Then they will almost always come out and ask for water.

  106. Nope,no routine here!

  107. Our night time routine stars with a bath, then a snack before teeth brushing time. We read a story or two and then into bed.

  108. If I win these products they will be gifted to my niece and her newborn baby.These are such fantastic products for sensitive skin. 🙂

  109. My sister having baby after 16 years they will be very happy to to give the baby a bath and they will have fun

  110. Absolutely best part of the day is bath time! #QualityTime

  111. Yes we definitly love bath time! It’s the time to wind down and relax after the day- we love to have a bath after dinner, and sometimes add some lavender to relax!

  112. no we have no bath routine

  113. We’re hoping to once we have ours in August! I’d like to do bathtime, then story then bedtime and keep it at the same time each night. 🙂

  114. Nothing better than a bubble bath before bed.

  115. Yes and stick to my routine!

  116. …not for me but for the kids.

  117. Yes we have a nighttime routine

  118. Bath, book, bed ????

  119. love bath time! Best time

  120. Yes, we do homework, eat supper, and start bath time by 8pm then a snack and brush teeth

  121. nightly baths-yes

  122. No we don’t.

  123. I don’t keep a scheduled bath/shower, whenever needed. I do have a routine when in the shower, head to toe.

  124. Yes our routine is, bath, stories, then settle down for bedtime and snuggle with stuffed toys.

  125. No we don’t have a nightly bath routine

  126. We do not currently have a nighttime bath routine.

  127. I usually try to get the boys in the bath every other night. We lay out PJs first and then usually head for bed soon after they get out.

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