Love Child Organics New Snacks! {Prize Pack Giveaway}

I first heard about Love Child Organics baby food puree pouches a couple of years back. Even though we made all of our son’s baby food, I love that there is a great organic option, and now with baby #2 here, we’ll definitely be trying some of the pouches since we have WAY less time. When I heard they now make snacks, I was really excited to try them out. My son was so excited about the fun shapes!


We tried both flavours of the Love Ducks – Tomato+Carrot and Carrot-Apple. These great puff snacks are tasty and contain only real ingredients: non-GMO corn flour, rice flour, sunflower oil, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. We always look for non-GMO when it comes to corn, and we also try to avoid any additives, especially for the kids’ food. I love that we can pronounce all the ingredients in these snacks and I feel good about letting the kids eat them.

Next up: the Owlie Cookies. These are so cute! My son was so excited to try these cute little owl-shaped cookies. They come in two flavours – Sweet Potato+Ginger and Raspberry+Vanilla. The cookies are made with spelt, which is also my favourite grain to use when we bake at home. The ingredients in the cookies are also all-natural and safe and I really like that they use sustainable/organic palm oil. These cookies were definitely a hit.


We were also sent some Teefies multi-grain teething biscuits. These biscuits are awesome and contain a mix of grains (rice, buckwheat, amaranth and millet), plus they have no added sugar or salt. While my babe is not yet old enough to try them, she is in the hard-core teething mode, and I have a feeling they will come in handy once she’s a bit older.

I love the look of all the other Love Child snacks and we’ll definitely be checking out some of their other products. Knowing they are not only healthy, but use whole-grain and natural ingredients, is really important to me. Plus, they’re a Canadian company!


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a $50 prize pack from Love Child! Including 2 packages of each  new flavour (4 Teefies (2 of each flavour) 4 Owlies (2 of each flavour) and 4 Love Ducks (2 of each flavour).  Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck All!

I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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Megan Powell is the mom of two – a wildly imaginative preschooler and a baby girl – as well as a writer, editor and blogger. She writes about healthy, eco-friendly, natural family living on her blog HEN Family (, sharing information, tips and products with her readers, and also contributes to other publications on various topics.

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  1. Tomatoes are definitely her favorite!

  2. she loves carrots

  3. oddly enough mine love broccoli and peas

  4. He’s in love with cantaloupe!

  5. Mine all loved bananas and melons.

  6. My daughters favourite fruit is banana.

  7. tomatoes, peppers, green beans, peas, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas, oranges, apples

  8. He loves with melons.

  9. He loves strawberries and
    he loves bananas for fruit.
    He really loves broccoli too!

  10. my youngest son loves broccoli but only the tops of the broccoli lol

  11. Bananas and carrots!

  12. My loves pears and peas.

  13. My little one’s favourite fruit is mango. Like mother, like daughter!

  14. Blueberries for fruit and tomatoes for veggies. But overall she loves all fruit and veggies so far, just like me! 🙂

  15. My granddaughters favorite fruit and veggie is mango and cucumbers .

  16. I think my granddaughters might be bananas!

  17. Bananas!

  18. My daughter loves strawberries.

  19. He absolutely loves oranges!

  20. My youngest’s favourite fruit is pear and vegetable is carrot. My middle daughter likes pretty much any fruit she’s tried and most veggies too. My oldest daughter’s favourite fruit is pomegranate and her favourite vegetable is cucumber.

  21. My kiddo loves mashed potatoes.

  22. My little one loves oranges.

  23. My son loves butternut squash

  24. Definitely fruit! He loves oranges.

  25. Our little guy loves peppers.

  26. My son likes bananas the most.

  27. My daughter will eat ANY veggies, I call her my aspiring vegetarian. My son is more picky, he just likes carrots.

  28. Strawberries are her favourite.

  29. for fruit, he loves bananas, for veggies, he loves little peas

  30. My daughter loves apple and banana. Her favourite vegetable is corn.

  31. strawberries are the fav in our house

  32. blueberries are the fave

  33. my step granddaughter loves strawberries and apples right now

  34. My little ones fave. is apples and cucumbers

  35. Bananas and apples

  36. yams

  37. My daughter’s faves are berries and tomatoes

  38. apples are my youngest childs favourite

  39. Apples and bananas never fail!

  40. Bananas and apples.

  41. My son loves apples.

  42. Apples , Strawberries and mostly blue berries

  43. one- mango one apple

  44. Strawberries

  45. Apple and banana

  46. My girls love pears and berries! Oh, and watermelon!

  47. It changes so often but right now she likes baby carrots with dip and apples.

  48. Cantaloupe is one that all my children live.

  49. Strawberries are a definite favourite.

  50. Strawberries

  51. My little one’s favorite fruit are strawberries

  52. My little one loves cherries.

  53. Both my children love fruit and veggies. I guess we’re lucky that way! Of their favourites, my 16 month old loves bananas, grapes, melons and berries. My oldest loves grapes and watermelon, along with oranges. Their favourite veggies are cucumbers and green beans but I sneak in some spinach and kale in their smoothies and they happily slurp them up!

  54. My 3 year old loves apples right now, and my 9 month old is loving banana chunks

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