LunaTik: CMYK TikTok MultiTouch Watch Bands Review {Giveaway}

TikTop Ipod Nano

Scott Wilson, founder of MINIMAL and former Global Creative Director for Nike Watches is the creative mind behind TikTok+Lunatik. offers modern and clean snap-in designs that allow you to securely snap your iPod Nano in and out of a wrist dock (Compatible with iPod Nano 6th/7th Generation).

Using your iPod Nano as a wristwatch allows your iPod’s amazing multi-touch full color display to really shine.  Just use one of the many watch background options available on your Ipod’s “watch” menu. Easy!

I received a set of their colorful CMYK TikTok watch bands and  I was blown away by the beautiful modern design and high quality materials. The colors are bright and fun and the straps are made from silicone rubber with an anti-dust coating.

TikTok is a simple snap-in design that allows the user to quickly and securely snap the iPod Nano in and out of the wrist dock. It cleanly and simply integrates the Nano and transforms it into a modern, multi-functional timepiece.

TikTok is designed for those who want to easily transition from clip mode to watch mode. The TikTok is molded from reinforced PC/ABS and the straps are made from compression molded high-grade silicone rubber. All hardware is stainless steel.

LunatiKa TikTok

I find that the LunaTik watch bands complement my Nano and I love wearing them.  I really like that I get direct access to the connectors from the side and to the headphones without having to remove the iPod from the bands.

The wrist bands are soft and comfortable to wear and I just love their size and how they look like. My husband loved them so much he starting wearing them himself,  I guess I have to get a few other colors for myself now, right?

Ipod nano wristwatch band

These cool TikTok Multitouch Watch Bands sure make a wonderful present for a loved one (father’s day and graduation season are coming up).

I recommend you visit their website to learn more about their products and the color options available (CMYK TikToks start at $39.95). We love ours and we are thinking of getting the Lunatik premium kit to convert the nano into a full-time wristwatch, a bit more permanent but fantastic if you are planning to use your Ipod as a watch everyday.

Win it: Two lucky readers from the US/CAN will receive one CMYK TikTok each (Cyan or Yellow). Enter to win via Rafflecopter bellow. Good Luck Everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a product sample to review, all opinions on this post are 100% my own.


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105 responses to “LunaTik: CMYK TikTok MultiTouch Watch Bands Review {Giveaway}”

  1. Yellow

  2. Love Cyan

  3. The black TikTok

  4. I love the yellow 🙂

  5. Pink

  6. Blackout

  7. I like the red one.

  8. I like the red one! Very cool!

  9. I would LOVE a PINK one!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I like the Cyan

  11. Cyan is my fav.

  12. yellow is my fav

  13. I love the blue or the pink but the camouflage is cool too!

  14. I like the pink and the blue color!

  15. black

  16. I like black

  17. I like black the best

  18. My favourite colour is pink.

  19. The pink would be nice for my daughter.

  20. the pink!

  21. Love LunaTik!

  22. BLACK is My fav!

  23. Love the cyan one.

  24. Cyan looks cool. These watch bands in general are cool.

  25. I like the red one

  26. Cyan is very purdy~~~

  27. the pink

  28. I like the blue color!

  29. White

  30. haven’t worn a watch in years. This could be the one to change my ways 😉

  31. cyan

  32. The silver,then the black,then the cyan.

  33. Cyan please

  34. CMYK = cyan, magenta, yellow but no key/black? I guess out of the three, my favorite would be cyan. Now just have to win me a nano.

  35. I like cyan

  36. I like Cyan.

  37. I like the yellow one best.

  38. I would love a pink one!!!!

  39. I like the black or the red.

  40. I like the blue one,very interesting video. Leave it to Apple.:)

  41. black

  42. My son would like the blue one.

  43. I love the cyan.

  44. The Magenta is nice.

  45. My grandson would love the blue one!

  46. I like cyan the best 🙂

  47. I love the blue one!

  48. I’d like it in blue.

  49. I like it in cyan or red.

  50. I like the black ones.

  51. cyan!

  52. Would love to win on of these. Would be fun as a graphic designer to own a CMYK watch, LOL! 🙂

  53. i like the cyan

  54. I love the Cyan! The one on your Home Page Editor’s Choice is Awesome!

  55. Cyan 🙂

  56. I with everyone else, Cyan will work just fine! 😉

  57. I love the cyan

  58. I wish I knew what the color was called but I really like the blue one alot!! What a cool watch!

  59. The Blue.

  60. Thank you very much for the chance! The cyan one is really pretty!

  61. i like the pinkish purplish one the best!

  62. Love the flourescent green, reminds me of the good ole days…

  63. my favorite is the pink

  64. Cyan is my favorite color

  65. I like the Whiteout watch.

  66. the blue is striking

  67. May 26- All the colours are amazing but I will choose blue.-el03ro

  68. i like the hot pink

  69. I like the black or whitEout

  70. nice 4 my wife

  71. Pink!!!

  72. the purple

  73. I love the blue.

  74. Cyan 🙂

  75. Hot pink!

  76. like it in cyan

  77. I love them all. I think the yellow is fun, but the blue is my favorite.

  78. I like the Lunatik watch with the black band but it was a hard choice between the black and the blue. Nice review on this product. Thank you!

  79. My favourite colour would have to be purple!

  80. love the white

  81. i love this in pink!

  82. i love the magenta one!

  83. I love the Silver or Blackout

  84. my favorite is the pink one

  85. I like the silver color.

  86. pretty neat watch to keep time on the little ones

  87. oh – i thought this was a kids watch — even cooler that its adults too!

  88. blue is my fav colour

  89. I like the blackout one, very nice!

  90. I love the purple one !!

  91. I love the yellow!

  92. I like the white one

  93. I like the pink!

  94. Pink. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  95. I love the cyan.

  96. The blue one.
    Thank you

  97. I love the cyan!

  98. good luck everyone

  99. cyan is the best!

  100. Yellow looks cool!

  101. I would like cyan one,

  102. I love the idea of having a snap case like a wrist or an arm band for better convenience. And the colors are totally eye catching.

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  104. I like the concept of these watches but I don’t like how big they are. But I do like all the things it can do.


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