Milk & Sass Hair Accessories – Sugar Twist {Review & Giveaway}

My very first thought when I used the Milk & Sass Sugar Twists was “these are fantastic!”. I’m not exaggerating! I’m in the process of growing out my own hair, or I’d be using these in my own hair right now.

We have two girls: My oldest has thick, straight straight hair. My middle has thin, fine, straight hair. Their hair is challenging each day, barrettes and elastics slide right out.

These actually held their hair in place. In my world, where I’m fixing their hair every hour, where an hour in gymnastics leaves them looking like bed ragged kids, these are amazing!

Speaking of plastic hair elastics, which come out of hair causing pain, pulling hairs, or even needing to be cut out; but not the Milk & Sass Sugar Twist, they slid out nicely. In fact, I pulled one out of my oldest hair with her complaining… and she’s whiny.

Sugar Twist are made for men, women, and children of all hair types and textures–from the curly-headed beauties to the straight-haired stunners. They won’t leave dents in your hair, you don’t have to worry about them snapping against your fingers. I can put one (or more) around my wrist without cutting my wrist off, and the tiny plastic ones that I normally have to use don’t even fit around my finger.

I definitely, 100% love these, as do my girls.


Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win two packs of Milk & Sass Sugar Twist. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure:  I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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57 responses to “Milk & Sass Hair Accessories – Sugar Twist {Review & Giveaway}”

  1. I’d love the pink Marshmallow Sugar twists. I have three little girls with long hair, and to try something easy in their hair would be amazing.

  2. My nieces ponies fall out constantly, something that would stay in place would be awesome!!

  3. these look awsome so much easier to get in hair

  4. I would love to try those because they are different and my little girls would love them

  5. I would love to try the Sugar Twists – Chocolate Mocha. I have been growing my hair out and I find a lot of the pony tail holders don’t last wrong before breaking.

  6. the pink marshmallow ones, to give my girls with long hair much needed relief

  7. I love the Sugar Twists – Cotton Candy

  8. We are always missing hair ties and there’s never enough of them around! I like the Sugar Twists – Chocolate Mocha

  9. I’d love the pink Marshmallow Sugar twists.

  10. I think our girls would love these and the Sugar Twists in Shimmering are my fave 🙂

  11. I would like to try the Sugar Twist in Cotton Candy because I think they would work well in Sophies very thick and curly hair.

  12. These would be great for at least two of my granddaughters who have long hair that often needs to be put up for dancing class or skating. I’d really like any of them but having to choose it would be the Sugar Twists – Glittering Candy 🙂

  13. I like the sugar twist blonde. These would be perfect for my granddaughter.

  14. Would love to have a pony that doesnt fall out!

  15. I like the Sugar Twist in Cotton Candy

  16. these would be great for my nieces!

    • Pink Candy is what i would pick

  17. I like the Neon Candy

  18. I love the Pink Candy set!

  19. My daughter has long hair and each morning, I will need to tie up her hair, so it would be great to try out this product. I love the Sugar Twists – Pink Candy

  20. I really like the Sugar Twists – Glitter Candy.

  21. would love to try these on my niece who has fine hair and her pony tails never stays in, the pink Candy ones are cute

  22. My niece wears her hair in ponies everyday & these would be great for her. My favorite pack is the Neon Candy 🙂

  23. Love these! I would buy the Sugar Twists – Glitter Candy

  24. We have long hair and would like to try these. My favourite it the Sugar Twists – Glitter Candy.

  25. I like the neon toffee and the caramel candy. I’d like to win because my 2 year old daughter HATES having her hair done, I think in large part because the little elastics pull at her hair and hurt her. I think these look like a totally awesome alternative to getting her hair up and dealt with so it doesn’t get all tangled and dirty.

  26. These look pretty fun and cute. They’d look great in my daughters long hair. We like the Sugar Twists in Pink and Black the best.

  27. the pink sugar twists

  28. My daughter has super fine hair and it’s short. Nothing ever stays in her hair, poor girl. I really like the cotton candy ones as she would love those colours .

  29. I would like to try these for my daughter, because regular hair ties give her a headache. My favourite Sugar Twists pack is Chocolate Mocha!

  30. i love the Sugar twists, the Marshmallow Sugar twists…would be great for my teen daughter’s hair as has to tie back her hair for a few of her classes every day! would also be great for my little step granddaughter.

  31. I love the Urban Pop set!

  32. I would love to win these for my hair and for one of my daughters who has long hair (the other has short). I love that they won’t pull (this would be a major win for my little one!), or leave lines on my wrist (I often wear my elastics on my wrist for the first half of my shift at work, then tie my hair back later, and I always cut off the circulation in my wrist!), or leave lines in my hair (so that I can take my pony tail out later and still have decent looking hair). I think the Glitter Candy pack is my favourite.

  33. they look really useful. id like the pink sugar twists

  34. I like the Pink Candy Pack. I think it’s great that these don’t damage your hair or leave the pony-tail dent.

  35. I like the Sugar Twists – Cotton great granddaughters hair is always in their face and these would be great to keep their hair back in a ponytail or braids

  36. I like the caramel toffee and Neon candy! i could use these for both my hair and my daughter’s!

  37. I like the Glitter Candy! Perfect colors to go with just about everything dd has!

  38. I would give these to my daughter to try and she loves anything bring and neon or green.

  39. great for my daughter

  40. sugar twists in the browns and blacks for me and the blues for my daughter. We both have long, curly hair. My daughter works in a daycare and I work outside at a car auction. We both need our hair tied back…lol

  41. I like Sugar Twists – Neon Candy

  42. I’d like to win because you really can never have to many hair accessories. I seem to loose them faster than i buy them. My favourite is their Sugar Twists – Caramel Toffee.

  43. My girls would like the Pink Candy set. They have long, fine hair and could use these to keep it tidy.

  44. I would love to try these to see if my ponytail will stay up. I like the Sugar Twists in Pink and Black.

  45. Love the Sugar Twists – Cotton Candy.
    These look like just what our family needs- 2 of us have super long hair, and always have ponytail holders slipping out!

  46. I would like to try these because they don’t look hurtful according to your review! And they are stylish too! They also don’t make marks in your hair! I’d pick the chocolate mocha colors

  47. I’d love to have one less fight over hair, I liked the Sugar Twists – Glitter Can

  48. I would choose the Sugar Twists – Cotton Candy.

  49. Im always looking for solutions to keep back my daughters fine hair! Id love to try the caramel toffee

  50. My daughter’s long fine hair is always escaping elastics and barrettes. Like the pink marshmallow combo.

  51. Someone gave my daughter one of these awhile ago, it worked awesome! Till she lost it. She hates elastics and I hate messy hair. She would love Cotton Candy!

  52. I’d like to win because they look like they’ll stay in your hair well. I like the Chocolate Mocha pack best.

  53. I like the sugar twist in cotton candy.

  54. these would be great for my little girls hair. I like the pink marshmallow set

  55. My little one is obsessed with pink, so I’d have to go with the Sugar Twists – Pink Marshmallow trio. I’d love to try ’em since they don’t leave dents in hair.

  56. I’d love to try these as my daughter has issues with hairties staying in place. My favorite pack is the Sugar Twists in Shimmering.

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