NEW Beatrix New York iPad Cases Review {Giveaway}

Beatrix NY iPad case

My iPad has been an enormous help to us during long plane/car rides with our toddler.  We can load it with his favourite music, preschool learning games and more and he is usually pretty happy and entertained for a long time playing with it. We usually save the iPad for when he starts getting bored and needs the extra distraction and so far it has worked every time!

I keep my iPad in a Pong Anti-Radiation shell that I love but this causes it to be a bit thicker than a naked iPad, making it very hard to find a sleeve/case for it. The new Beatrix New York iPad cases are sized for all generation iPads (10.5″ x 8.5″ x 1″) and they fit my iPad like a glove.

These cases are water-resistent, padded and they have velvet lining to keep the iPad’s screen protected, seriously super soft! I love how durable and high quality the cases feel, specially when little hands want to play with them. My iPad feels really protected inside the case.

Beatrix NY Dieter

The Beatrix New York cases are also PVC free, Phtahlate, BPA and lead free so they are safe for my entire family.

These cases come in four absolutely adorable designs and we picked the “pixel” case, isn’t the little robot super cute?  Having a little one that loves robots it was an easy pick for us.  Which one would YOU pick?

Beatrix NY iPad Cases

Buy it: ($32) Get your own Beatrix New York iPad case online HERE

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win an adorable “percival” iPad case from Beatrix New York. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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117 responses to “NEW Beatrix New York iPad Cases Review {Giveaway}”

  1. Adorable cases! I want them all lol

  2. Hands down it is JUJU !!

  3. Yup, the juju is beyond cute

  4. percival is my favourite!

  5. I love Papar!

  6. I like Percival

  7. I LOVe the juju one!!

  8. I think my niece would love juju

  9. percival is awesome

  10. love Juju the bestest

  11. I like the Papar

  12. They are all so cute but the Percival one would be very popular in our household!

  13. papar

  14. My favourite Beatrix New York iPad case design is Percival, the dinosaur … roar!!! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  15. Papar is my favorite. 🙂

  16. Papar

  17. I like Papar.

  18. Papar is my fave 😀

  19. Papar

  20. I like them all but Papar is my fave!

  21. Papar!!

  22. My favorite is Pixel.

  23. I like the papar case

  24. They are all so lovely! I would pick the papar as first choice and pixel as a very close second. Thanks for the chance!

  25. Papar all the way!

  26. I love the Alexander and Percival ones to match my son’s backpacks!

  27. I like them all, but if I had to choose it would be Pixel

  28. While they’re all pretty cute, my favorite is JUJU.

  29. Pixel

  30. The Robot Pixel is my fav!

  31. My daughter & I love Juju!!!

  32. Juju!

  33. Love these!

  34. Papar is adorable.

  35. Awesome cases!

  36. I think my favourite is papar. Just looking at that adorable owl makes me laugh! She seems to be saying, “Take this bow off my head. I look ridiculous!” Adorable owl with attitude! It doesn’t get better than that! 🙂


  38. The papar is my fav for sure!

  39. they are too cute, i want to win one please

  40. I would choose Papar the owl

  41. Awesome Price ! I would take any of the cases

  42. juju! love ladybugs!

  43. Percival is my favorite, but I also love Pixel. These are SO cute!

  44. percival is my favorite!

  45. So cute, I like them all!

  46. I like Papar the best.

  47. I like Papar the best!

  48. I like juju!

  49. I love the ladybug.

  50. Percival!! SO cute! 🙂

  51. percival is my favorite

  52. Percival!

  53. i’d like the paper!

  54. I like the juju best

  55. pixel is my favourite but I like percival a lot too

  56. Papar!

  57. Pixel and Percival

  58. i like percival

  59. I like Percival

  60. I like pervical 🙂

  61. percival

  62. I like Juju.

  63. Percival is very cute…as are the others!

  64. The lady bug!

    • Ladybug is my fave!

  65. Love all of them! But, if I have to choose, then, Papa and Juju are my faves.

  66. I love Papar:)

  67. pixel

  68. i like the papar…so cute

  69. I would have to say JuJu. I love ladybugs. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  70. Juju, the ladybug one is my favorite!

  71. The Robot!

  72. October -My favourite case is the one with the robot on it.

  73. I like the paper case.

  74. Juju is cute

  75. I like the pixel

  76. juju

  77. Juju is suuuper cute :))

  78. I’m obsessed with ladybugs so juju for sure!

  79. Soo cute! If I win I am soo giving it to my friend for a Christmas present, she will love it!

  80. i like the pixel one

  81. Ladybug.

  82. Ladybug, ladybug, fly to my home. Hee! Hee!

  83. Percival is adorable.

  84. i like papar

  85. love papar

  86. I love Pixel!

  87. I like papar the owl

  88. I like juju.

  89. I like Percival best!

  90. I love Pixel!

  91. I like Pixel

  92. I love the Ladybug

  93. Papar the owl is the best

  94. I love the little owl!

  95. Love JuJu

  96. I can’t choose between Pixel and Juju. So cute!

  97. I like the ladybug

  98. We like Papar.

  99. I love the juju case. Thanks!

  100. I like papar

  101. Percival, I guess.

  102. I love Pixel!

  103. Tough choice, but I think the juju case is my fave 🙂

  104. papar

  105. I luv juju

  106. Papar

  107. Juju!!!

  108. Papar the owl is cute!,

  109. Papar is my fav. Cute owl

  110. I like pixel

  111. lady bug

  112. Percival is my favorite.

  113. Thanks for sharing your nice info


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