baby skin

Our second child has struggled with eczema off and on since he was born, and after a pretty severe episode he was prescribed steroidal cream by his doctor. We reluctantly tried the cream for a few days and it helped clear his eczema a bit, but after we stopped the cream it seemed like his eczema came back with a vengance.

After reading about the many side effects of topical steroids, steroid addiction and withdrawal, we decided to stop using the cream and instead tried implementing some new routines and using natural remedies. After a couple of months we noticed a significant difference in how his skin felt and looked and his eczema has been under control for close to six months now.

We have been very consistent with the changes and we have seen great results. Remember that if your skin doesn’t respond to any of the natural treatments or gets worse you should definitively consider an appointment with your doctor.

  • Wear 100% Cotton or Bamboo Clothing Only

This one is very important. Our son wears 100% Cotton or Bamboo clothing ONLY. Any time he wears any other material we notice his skin gets red and irritated and his eczema starts coming back. Make sure that all your clothing is loose, breathable and comfortable and remove tags or anything that can irritate your skin.

  • Use Fragrance Free and Dye Free Laundry Detergent

Wash all of your clothes using fragrance free and dye free laundry detergent.  Try using a natural washing powder, we already use one to wash our cloth diapers and all of his clothes are washed with the same detergent. Again, we notice his skin reacts right away if he wears something that has been washed with regular detergent.

  • Don’t Bathe Too Often Or Stay In The Tub For Too Long

Bathing too often can strip moisture from the skin and make the condition worse. Limiting bath time and not staying in the tub for too long can help your skin immensely.

  • Use Natural Soap and Shampoo

During bath time use warm water and only use natural, perfume-free shampoo and body soap. Check for and avoid any products containing sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens.

  • Use Organic Coconut Oil Or a Fragrance-Free Base Moisturizer

Apply organic coconut oil or fragrance-free base moisturizer cream on any eczema patches twice a day. I usually do it in the morning before changing my son and after his bath in the evening. Look for cold pressed coconut oil at your local supermarket of health food store.

Eczema can be extremely itchy so make sure you keep your little one’s nails trimmed to avoid scratches and cuts. The more you moisturize the less it will itch.

Do you or somebody in your family suffer from eczema? Do you have any other natural treatments to share? Share them below!