Parker Urban Pen: Father’s Day Gift Idea {Giveaway}

Parker Pen

Father’s day is coming up on Sunday June 16th and this time I am bringing you a fabulous Father’s Day gift idea for him along with a fun reader giveaway.

This year you can pick up a stylish Parker Urban Pen for Dad. Handwriting is making a comeback and this great gift is perfect even for the man that seems to have everything.

The Parker Urban pen is modern and bold and it has been designed to be ergonomic and to be a pleasure to write with. It also has an unconventional bullet shape that gives it the perfect weight and balance.

This Parker pen comes in a beautiful gift box that makes a wonderful Father’s Day Gift.

Parker Urban Pen
The Parker Urban is available at fine writing specialty stores throughout Canada and at Reids, Basics, Wallacks, Novexco, Boutique Du Stylo, Le Parchemin, and Duly Noted. Prices range from $32 to $100, depending on the model of choice.

For more information on this or other Parker pens, visit

Win it: One lucky CAN reader will win a classic Parker Urban pen, a perfect gift for the man in their life.  Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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92 responses to “Parker Urban Pen: Father’s Day Gift Idea {Giveaway}”

  1. usually have a bbq for dad

  2. Taking Dad for dinner and a Jeanne’s cake…popular in the ‘peg! 🙂

  3. We usually celebrate Father’s Day with a special dinner for my husband and sour cherry pie for dessert. His fav.

  4. Usually, with an Ecard or phone call

  5. I just usually give my dad a phone call, and buy him a book or dvd. This year is my husband’s first as a Dad!

  6. we get together and share memories and a meal. thanks

  7. Beautiful pens.

  8. To celebrate Father’s Day we have all the family over including our brothers and sisters because my dad is 90! Also our children and grandkids come as well to celebrate their wonderful father’s birthday!

  9. I take him to his favourite steak house.

  10. Going out for a nice dinner.

  11. we make breakfast for dad in bed i think he would love the pen set

  12. We BBQ and hang out with family all day

  13. We take a family trip to the Seattle area for the Ride to Conquer Cancer (my husband rides, while my parents, daughters and I go to cheer him and his team on). This year will be our 5th year in a row, and it’s been a great tradition.

  14. our family get together for a dinner and presents and alot of laughs and fun

  15. My sisters and I take my dad out to breakfast

  16. We’ll make a BBQ and invite the inl-laws over to enjoy it too.

  17. My Dad’s been gone for 22 years, so we don’t really celebrate, but enjoy our happy memories!!

  18. weekend at the cottage, sharing memories

  19. We will take my father out for diner 🙂

  20. Making a nice breakfast for dad, and being with the family !

  21. I’d have a hard time not keeping this for myself. I love good pens!

  22. We usually go fishing and have a “daddy dinner” (his favorite foods).

  23. A game of golf or biking and then a bbq.

  24. We go out for breakfast before church and then go to church with my father-in-law. Then we spent the afternoon playing mini golf. The [Satur]day before father’s day we go hiking with my dad.

  25. Dinner and a movie

  26. Getting the family together and having a BBQ

  27. We celebrate with a lobster dinner, because lobster is dad’s favoritelol

  28. making waffles with my dad

  29. I usually visit my Dad, and support my husband as he misses his Dad on this day.

  30. We have a nice dinner with my Mom & Step Dad and my husband likes to spend the day doing different things with the kids, depending on weather of course.

  31. would love to win this pen for my kids to give it to their dad (my husband)

  32. We make my husband (me and my 3 sons) breakfast in bed. I make my husband his favorite dinner and then we try to just spoil him and give him extra love all day.

  33. Family BBQ!

  34. We usually just have a family BBQ

  35. We usually have a family BBQ in the afternoon, with all the Dads being waited on for a change..Then we have one huge cake wishing them all Happy Father’s Day.

  36. I am not very close to my dad but we do make an effort to meet a couple times of year including Father’s Day.

  37. we spend time with family and friends

  38. We have a nice meal planned

  39. We usually go golfing, quading or fishing. Something that my husband wants to do 😀

  40. cook a nice meal and people come over

  41. We all get together for a family BBQ and treat dad like he is a king

  42. I don;t anymore as my father passed away 5 yrs ago

  43. We have a BBQ and play horseshoes, have a couple of beers.

  44. We spend a family day together and end with a meal at a favourite restaurant.

  45. We usually go out to lunch with Dad.

  46. We usually have a barbecue and eat out at the picnic table.

  47. We go out to brunch and a movie!

  48. We usually make the rounds visiting both of our dads and then have some quiet time at home.

  49. We have a BBQ

  50. BBQ Dinner at home with the family.

  51. Just a dinner.

  52. I call him and we share a long newsy conversation.

  53. i go bowling with my dad of fathers day, its fun actually

  54. I usually celebrate Father’s Day by taking my parent’s to dinner & paying.

  55. We usually take my dad out for brunch

  56. We do family things usually includes a BBQ

  57. We usually have dinner over at my parents house.

  58. We often attend a classic car show if we can find one.

  59. My girls and I get something for the Grandpas and do something special with daddy like a nice dinner.

  60. Sadly it is “Fatherless Day” for me since my Father is no longer living on this earth…But my hubby is a Daddy too and so we usually BBQ or got for bite to eat!

  61. We eat hot dogs.

  62. let my husband have a day for himself

  63. We usually have a big BBQ with family.

  64. Always golf!

  65. Usually at home…brunch or dinner

  66. We usually have a nice meal and give hubby some kind of present from the kids.

  67. We have a big family bbq on fathers day

  68. My dad passed a few years ago. I usually buy a little something for for husband.

  69. we make a special day for father’s day for my husband!

  70. Quiet day together and dinner.

  71. We go to church and spend the day together.

  72. We usually have a huge turkey dinner, with all the trimmings… but this year, we are all over the place… and my dad is working away from us. So I’m sure we will just have to organize something out of the ‘ordinary’… but well figure something out. He’ll feel special, on his day… because he is. My dad is the best.

  73. I usually make an awesome dinner and a delicious dessert

  74. We usually just hang out with the family and have a nice lunch or dinner at home or go out to eat.

  75. Let my hubby sleep in and have a big breakfast ready for when he gets up.

  76. Family Dinner

  77. We usually take a picnic.

  78. We try to give dad a break, and take him out for supper:)

  79. Its a special day for your father.Why take risk for buying premium pens from anywhere?Buy it from Zoffio,India’s top multi-brand online retail store that offers premium pens and other writing instruments all over India.

    buy parker pens online

  80. I take my whole family out for a nice lunch, then we all watch a movie at home as a family

  81. We don’t really. My baby daddy gets a card and a small gift and thats it.

  82. BBQ with my dad and the rest of the family

  83. I’d love to win this for my Dad, a crossword puzzle fan 🙂 We’ll be having lunch with my in-laws tomorrow for Father’s Day and then dinner with my parents. Hope it’s sunny! Thanks for the pen giveaway–the Parker Urban is a very attractive writing instrument 🙂

  84. Always call my dad and thanks to computers we have video chat which is even better. 🙂

  85. A card and a telephone call.

  86. Usually we let the Dad to golf or fish all day and greet him at home with his favorite dinner at night.

  87. We go out for dinner.

  88. Just by spending the day with Dad and making a nice BBQ supper!!

  89. since its June we usually have a nice outdoor BBQ!

  90. We spend Father’s Day doing whatever my husband wants

  91. We go out for breakfast or lunch to celebrate fathers day

  92. just lots of hugs

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