Reasons Why 2-year-olds Rock!

I absolutely love this age/stage and even though you need a LOT of energy to go through the day with a toddler there are so many reasons why parenting a 2-year-old rocks, here are just a few:

  1. They can focus their attention for longer periods of time
  2. They can play games with you and understand the rules
  3. They enjoy crafting and are capable of creating awesome “art” pieces
  4. They make fun mall/shopping buddies
  5. They hug you, kiss you and tell you they love you
  6. They can dance with you and in front of people without being embarrased
  7. They are hilarious little clowns and make you laugh a lot
  8. They help with household shores (like sorting laundry and emptying the dishwasher)
  9. They love listening to your stories and laugh out loud at your jokes
  10. They repeat everything that you say
  11. They surprise you with things new things they learn everyday
  12. They are so genuinely excited to see you every Β time you walk in the room they are in
  13. They allow you to see the world through their eyes
  14. Their smile lights up any room
  15. They can poop and pee IN the toilet
  16. If they are hurt or in pain they can actually tell and point to what hurts
  17. They can tell you if they are tired or hungry
  18. They eat on their own and you don’t need to use large bibs anymore
  19. They can proudly say their own name
  20. They are super friendly and make new friends everywhere

Oh, how I love our two-year-old!

What do you love about your toddler?Β