Reasons Why 2-Year-Olds Rock!

Reasons Why 2-year-olds Rock!

I absolutely love this age/stage and even though you need a LOT of energy to go through the day with a toddler there are so many reasons why parenting a 2-year-old rocks, here are just a few:

  1. They can focus their attention for longer periods of time
  2. They can play games with you and understand the rules
  3. They enjoy crafting and are capable of creating awesome “art” pieces
  4. They make fun mall/shopping buddies
  5. They hug you, kiss you and tell you they love you
  6. They can dance with you and in front of people without being embarrased
  7. They are hilarious little clowns and make you laugh a lot
  8. They help with household shores (like sorting laundry and emptying the dishwasher)
  9. They love listening to your stories and laugh out loud at your jokes
  10. They repeat everything that you say
  11. They surprise you with things new things they learn everyday
  12. They are so genuinely excited to see you every  time you walk in the room they are in
  13. They allow you to see the world through their eyes
  14. Their smile lights up any room
  15. They can poop and pee IN the toilet
  16. If they are hurt or in pain they can actually tell and point to what hurts
  17. They can tell you if they are tired or hungry
  18. They eat on their own and you don’t need to use large bibs anymore
  19. They can proudly say their own name
  20. They are super friendly and make new friends everywhere

Oh, how I love our two-year-old!

What do you love about your toddler? 

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38 responses to “Reasons Why 2-Year-Olds Rock!”

  1. Love this post 🙂 Made me smile and appreciate my crazy toddler!

  2. Thanks!! I needed this post today. My 2 year old hasn’t been napping even though she is tired in afternoon and we are working on having a quiet time. I have been frustrated with this transition because I am also balancing a 6 month old’s nap schedule. We’ll work it out. It warmed my heart and made me appreciate my fun loving toddler.

  3. I love that my toddler grandson still takes naps during the day! That nothing ever makes him sad! That he has an innocent look on life!

  4. That he repeats the page we just read in his own words 🙂
    That he tells baby, “It’s okay” when she cries…they can be so sweet!
    He hears the show “Ellen” come on and gleefully screams, “Time to Dance!”
    He insists daddy can fix it…even when mom says SHE’S fully capable!
    He is proud to report everything that everyone else is doing – even when you’re witness to it right next to him 🙂

    Thank you for this – they really are amazing. God loved us when he gave us angels!

  5. sweet..thank you for this…mine is only 16 months but it makes me happy and sad that he’s growing up!

  6. I love their imaginations. My daughter *just* turned 3, but has a great imagination. Some days she wants to “grow up to be just like you, Mommy” (awww…) and some days she wants “to be a dragon when I grow up”. Ha!

  7. I must say your toddler is sooo cute. I can’t have children but I live vicariously through my friend and family. I’m the auntie who spoils them.

    • aww thank you Stephanie 🙂 I am sure they are lucky to have you showering them with love and spoiling them!

  8. This the sweetest thing! I havent really known how to feel about my daughter growing up so fast but this gave me so many wonderful things to look forward to as she grows up.

  9. January 15- My daughter babysits her soon -to-be-2 year old grandson. She loves the way he greets her with his arms uplifted to be picked up. TThen come the hugs and kisses from him. This makes her day. :Love those toddlers!

  10. I remember this time in my life filled with happiness watching my baby cubs

  11. Awesome-especially the caught red-handed on the table with all evdcenie spilled on the floor! Of course, I probably have some good stories to tell about the glories of twin toddler girls as well

  12. I love my 2 year old. She just turned 2 on Tuesday and she is SO much fun. We are TTC right now too and I just love how awesome she is. I hope our next one is just like her!

  13. We want more kids, but later, my DD is 6 months old and my DH an I want enjoy my princess!

  14. February 11-We have five greatgrandchildren.- We have one that lives near us who is almost two and he is a sweetie with curly brown hair, big blue eyes and dimples. My daughter, his grandmother, is his babysitter. He likes to sit and ‘read’ his books to himself at times. He babbles to himself and when he is through ‘reading’ a page, he will say: See” and turn the page. This process is repeated until he ‘reads’ all the book to himself. He also likes to sit on his Nanny’s lap and have her read to him-several books, usually favourites. He is now focusing his attention for longer periods of time.l

  15. February 12– They Hug you, kiss you and tell you they love you.
    My daughter says one of the happiest day of her life was when her toddler grandson held out his arms to her and hugged and kissed her on the cheek. She has gotten many more since them but that first was very special.-Elva Roberts

  16. What a cute post! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Great post.

  18. February 13- Our toddler ggson , H., is now ‘shakin his boodie’ when music comes on tv. Our daughter gets so much joy when she sees him trying to ‘ dance’ to the music.–” They can dance with you without being embarrassed.” No 6–Why Two-year-olds rock!

  19. Aww love this. My little one is 11 months but he likes to blow kisses, cuddle and wave goodbye. He also like to look at books together. Oh and he will climb into anything- laundry baskets, drawers and buckets lol. Babies and toddlers are the best 🙂

  20. February 14- They are hilarious little clowns and make you laugh a lot.
    My famous greatgrandson, H., gets along very well with the family cat, Bogey. He found out a short time ago that Bogey does not like to be squealed at because Bogey ‘runs for cover’ when H. squeals at him.
    About three weeks ago, Bogey was sitting quiety minding his own business when H. came up to him and let out a very loud squeal. Bogey took off like greased lightning up their stairs to the bedrooms above.
    Haden was so delighted with this prank that he was literally doubled over laughing at his own little trick on Bogey. My daughter, who witnessed this event, said that the funniest part was seeing H.. almost touching the floor when he doubled over.
    “I thought he would wet his pants!. ‘ she said to me.
    And I replied: “He had a diaper on so he may well have and you didn’t know it!”..He’s never pulled that prank on Bogey since then.

  21. So cute. He sounds like a sweety.

  22. February 15-“They help with Household chores.’ My ggson, H., ‘helped’ out so vigorously and enthusiastically with the front end washer and dryer that His parents had to install a lock on the laundry room door. He still ‘helps’ empty the dishwasher and put cutlery away whether it’s clean or not. He also gets the dustpan when my daughter sweeps up the floor. He loves to help!-Elva Roberts

  23. February 16-“They surprise you with new things they learn every day.”-
    H. has been to our home enough times to feel comfortable there. My husband and I enjoy his smiles and antics but make no effort to pick him up.
    The other day he went to my husband, who was standing near our entertainment unit, held out his arms for GGrampy to pick him up. My husband was understandably very pleased to have this gesture of friendship. However, H. had other fish to fry. He pointed to a small flashlight standing on the unit and made it clear that was what he really wanted. When he go it, he got down and started to flash it around -after turning it on- and had a great time. He had figured out how to get it and trusted GGrampy enough to use him to get it.

  24. February 18-Their smile LIghts up any Room. H.s smile certainly does that. With his big blue eyes and his dimples, he is a charmer. If he feels comfortable-as he does with his Greatgrandparents (us), then he turns into a mini-tornado. He goes about all the familiar places in our home looking for pots, pans or any thing else that will possibly make a noise. He is a busy little guy. If you ask him what he is doing, he will turn that 60-watt smile on and you just HAVE to smile back at him. !

  25. February 19-“They are Super-friendly and make friends everywhere.’ no 20.
    Hayden has some anxiety about strangers. He will return smiles but is shy if he doesn’t know you . He has learned to trust his Nannie(who babysits him while his Mother works) and his Grandfather.
    He really comes into his element when he sees other toddlers. He gets so excited his hands shake. He wants to join them ASAP and has a wonderful time interacting with them. We do not try to pick him up but he will give kisses if his Mother, Father or Nannie are holding him.

  26. February 20″-They allow you to see the world through their eyes.”-no. 13
    There is nothing quite like watching a toddler out in the snow or in water for the first time. They have a sense of wonder with nature which we have lost to some extent because of familiarity or lack of time, etc. We take so much for granted. Years ago, I watched my neighbour’s little girl splash through every puddle in her yard. Luckily she had rubber boots on. Her enjoyment was wonderful to see!

  27. I completely agree – how fun are 2 yr olds? They are incredibly funny – sometimes on purpose but sometimes unknowingly too!

  28. February 21- I had forgotten how Toddlers repeat what you say. When H. was shining his flashlight about the other day, I noticed that the TV has Cartoon Kittens on it. I said to noone in particular: “Kittens!”- A few seconds later, Hayden turned to me and said: ‘Kitty.’-Close enough. Max, our oldest ggson loved to repeat anything said to him.He is four now so does not do it very much. .Everyday they seem to surprise you wonderfully.

  29. February 21- I had forgotten how Toddlers repeat what you say. When H. was shining his flashlight about the other day, I noticed that the TV has Cartoon Kittens on it. I said to noone in particular: “Kittens!”- A few seconds later, Hayden turned to me and said: ‘Kitty.’-Close enough. Max, our oldest ggson loved to repeat anything said to him.He is four now so does not do it very much. .Everyday they seem to surprise you wonderfully.–H. is such a happy little guy that his joy is contagious.

  30. Great post! Love it!!

  31. I do not have any children. But my Mother tells me all of the time that she wishes my brother and I were 3 or 4 again. So when your children grow up and are adults you will miss this age for all of those reasons and more. I agree though I spend time with my friends kids and that age is so much fun for all of the reasons you listed OSM. I love this post; it made me smile while I read all of the reasons why 2 year olds ROCK. Yes, they do.

  32. thanks for the post!! Jax is 22 months old it’s nice to see somethings to look forward to!! Great post

  33. My almost 2 year old is the sweetest, cutest, funniest, most frustrating child in the world, lol. They are such little people with such big opinions and emotions. He amazes me in how smart he is and how adorable he is every day and yet he is a huge challenge to parent. Never a dull moment! It’s sure a good thing God made those little people cute!

  34. So true, it’s amazing at that age how much they know and pick up. My daughter is 14 months so we are getting closer! Kids are awesome at every age I think, and my kids make me smile every single day.

  35. Love this list!! my DS will be 2 next month and wow!! lol I love him he is soo funny and compassionate he steals my heart everytime!!

  36. This is so cute.

  37. This is such a cute post

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