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I must admit that I didn’t know about the Diaper Genie before becoming a mom. It was actually my husband’s college buddy and fellow parent who tipped us on to the wonders of the Diaper Genie. Before I had one I didn’t really get what the big deal was but once you start using it you can’t live without, especially once your baby is eating solids and generating an ungodly amount of smelly diapers.

The Diaper Genie Elite seals away any odors and helps compact soiled diapers into a kind of plastic sealed tube bag. Once the bag is full you open the pail, cut the end of the bag, tie it and take the garbage out, without getting your hands dirty. It is SO easy to use and maintain! We used it daily with our first son until he was potty trained and we are using one right now with our second child.

Super easy to assemble!

Unlike ordinary household trash cans you can trust that all unpleasant smells will stay where they belong, this means you can leave the genie inside of your baby’s nursery or inside a bedroom without having to worry about it. Love that! The Diaper Genie Elite also comes with Diaper Genie Carbon Filters to help tackle even the strongest diaper odours. The filters are made with natural activated carbon that locks in odour molecules rather than just masking the odour with fragrance.

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Bye-bye stinky diaper!

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Carbon filter

The new redesigned Diaper Genie Elite has a front-tilt pail for easy diaper disposal, I really like how easy it is to remove the waste that way, a definite improvement over their older models.

If we are cloth diapering we usually use the Diaper Genie to throw away our dirty wipes. The wipes are usually super messy and can stink just as much as the diapers so the Genie is a great place for them! Having only wipes there also means that the bag refills usually last us a long time, making it a very economic and hygienic disposal system. Super useful!

If you are expecting a little one then I advice you to add the Diaper Genie to your baby’s registry, you will thank me later!  If you are already dealing with smelly diapers, taking the trash out multiple times a day  and suffering with dirty diaper smell all over your house then get yourself a Diaper Genie, it will change your life! You can also now choose from a variety of pretty colours, including pink, white and grey!

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  • Diaper Genie Elite is the No-1 selling diaper disposal system
  • Double-lock diaper pail design and multi-layer refill helps seal in odors and germs
  • Ergonomic design with foot pedal and Front-tilt Empty Bin allows for enhanced ease of use
  • Includes an activated carbon filter that is made with safe, natural carbon that locks in odor molecules rather than just masking odor with fragrance
  • Each unscented refill can seal up to 270 newborn diapers


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