Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes {$50 Giveaway + Cereal For a Year}


Kellogg’s Rice Krispies has recently launched a new cereal in Canada called Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes, a new, delicious cereal that is great for breakfast with milk, or on its own as a snack. The cereal is packed with the goodness of whole grains, with no artificial flavours or colours and it is delicious. We love the fun shapes that help to spark creativity: stars, fish, trees and “me”, perfect for little fingers.

Our preschooler loves having cereals for breakfast and he enjoys having Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes cereal with milk in the mornings. Cereal is a good source of fibre and he likes to talk about the fun shapes and what he is eating.


Win it: To celebrate the launch of their new cereal, Kellogg’s is giving away a fun, imagination inspired prize pack, approx. $50 in value, which will include the product along with another fun, creative item (see image above). Canadians Enter to win the prize pack below via Rafflecopter.



You can also enter to WIN a grand prize of cereal for a year. Ask your child to create a drawing or picture that is inspired by or represents the shapes of the cereal: Star, fish, trees and “me” and share the artwork via Twitter, be sure to tag @onesmileymonkey and use hashtag #RKSHapesContest

One participant would win Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes cereal for a year!

This contest is open to CANADIANS 18+ with a twitter account. One tweet per person. Contest ends December 1st, 2014 when OneSmileyMonkey will randomly draw one lucky winner from those who tweeted a picture using the hashtag and they will win a variety of Kellogg’s products inlcuding new Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Multi grain Shapes worth $320. Prize sponsored by Kellogg’s.

Good Luck! for full contest rules and regulations, please click HERE

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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147 responses to “Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes {$50 Giveaway + Cereal For a Year}”

  1. Cold healthy organic cereal

  2. Cereal

  3. my daughter’s current favourites are instant oatmeal and English muffins toasted with cream cheese

  4. My little guy usually have yogurt with some fresh fruit. Then he’ll munch on some dry cereal.

  5. My kids have some combination of toast, cereal, fruit and yogurt or applesauce.

  6. They usually have cereal and milk.

  7. We usually have cereal & toast with peanut butter.

  8. My kids usually have cereal or pancakes for breakfast.

  9. I change it up daily, oatmeal, cream of wheat or Kellogg’s raisin bran.

  10. We like smoothies at our house

  11. Cereal, toast, waffles or pancakes

  12. Cereal or homemade bread

  13. my ‘child’ is now 27yrs old and takes care of his own breakfast. I usually have a bowl of cereal, sometimes a fried breakfast sometimes I skip altogether 🙂

  14. Sometimes cereal or toast and yougurt

  15. My kids love having a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast.

  16. I usually don’t eat breakfast but when I do it is a banana and fruit juice.

  17. Eggs, toast or cereal.

  18. We offer lots of choices to our kids each morning – yogurt, fruit (typically a banana, grapes or berries), toast or an English muffin, porridge, or cereal. They usually choose at least 2 things, plus a glass of milk.

  19. We usually have baked oatmeal with fruit for breaky!

  20. my boys eat cereal,oatmeal or eggs with bacon

  21. I usually et bacon and eggs for breakfast.

  22. She usually has cucumbers and rice cakes…I know strange, eh?

  23. My son has his cereal everyday, sometimes he likes sliced banana with it

  24. cereal, sometimes toast, sometimes yogurt, it depends on the day

  25. waffles

  26. ususally cereal or oatmeal and orange juice and some fruit

  27. My kids have cereal or toast with apple juice and a muffin.

  28. My grand-daughter has either cereal and yogurt or pancakes.

  29. My daughter’s preferred breakfast is heritage o’s. She also likes oatmeal, toast and pancakes! We always serve fruit with her breakfast.

  30. cereal every morning!

  31. My kids always have cereal

  32. My kids eat a lot of multi-grain cheerios or whole wheat toast for breakfast. Love the new multi-grain option! Rice crispies were my favourite cereal when I was a kid.

  33. Cereal

  34. They usually have toast and fruit

  35. oatmeal, fruit smoothie, or toast!

  36. Cereal and milk

  37. cereal and milk and juice

  38. we usually have toast or cereal for breakfast

  39. Today it’s Rice Krispies, she’s a fan of cereal for breakfast.

  40. Cereal, oatmeal, bacon & eggs, pancakes, yogurt, fruit…I mix it up. Something different everyday

  41. My son usually has french toast or a breakfast sandwich.

  42. During the week quick and easy oatmeal and on weekends egg and veggies.

  43. English muffins with pb& home made jam are my two boys fav.-with milk and fruit

  44. My kids like oatmeal in the morning.

  45. A bowl of cereal and milk. Some fruit, maybe.

  46. Always cereal for breakfast.

  47. My grandchildren love cereal!

  48. my son usually has oatmeal./toast or cereal/toast

  49. I like to mix it up but lately i have been having cheese bagels.

  50. A bowl of cereal with milk, banana, strawberries, blueberries and yogurt..

  51. I usually have toast and coffee for breakfast, but I really like to snack on Kelloggs cereals later in the day!

  52. My breakfast usually starts in the office with coffee & then around 11am, oatmeal or some kind of cereal.

  53. cereal and coffee

  54. My daughter usually has a smoothie or a homemade muffin with fruit.

  55. They usually have toast or cereal!

  56. Something different every morning – but coffee is a must!

  57. my breakfast is just oj

  58. My kids usually have toast or bagels.

  59. cereal, yogurt and granola or toast and eggs

  60. cereal or toast

  61. yogourt and fruit with all bran on top. thanks

  62. My kiddos have cereal with milk almost every morning. They also love waffles.

  63. my young one usually has bread with peanut butter and jam. without crust.

  64. Cereal with milk… lately, Kellogg’s Multigrain Shapes, in fact!

  65. my daughter doesnt eat much for breakfast usually i can get her to eat and apple or a banana.

  66. normally eggs and either a sausage sandwich or waffles or grilled cheese

  67. Generally oatmeal or something I can grab and run with

  68. my son usually has oatmeal

  69. J’aime bien le gruau et le jus fraîchement pressé.

  70. I usually have either a smoothie or a bowl of all bran for breakfast 🙂

  71. Bolied egg or cereal with milk

  72. They like to mix it up between cereal, oatmeal or toast.

  73. Toast or cereal

  74. cereal and pancakes

  75. OMG, organic wholesome cereal of course. Wow, cereal-for-a-year is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest

  76. recently she’s been really into smoothies but for the longest time she was an egg monster

  77. My son loves peanut butter toast right now. He goes through phases of what he likes

  78. I am a huge green smoothie fan for breakfast!

  79. We usually have cereal with a banana

  80. Eggs with toast or cereal with milk.

  81. My kids love cereal, waffles, French toast, toast and scrambled eggs and bacon – all kinds of breakfast foods!

  82. Cereal

  83. My little girl loves cereal for breakfast!

  84. my DD loves bagels& fruit salad -i love a hearty meaty big breakfast 🙂


  86. We like smoothies

  87. Cereal and yogurt are usually the usual.

  88. Usually cereal or toast with a piece of fruit.

  89. I have oatmeal for breakfast every day.

  90. My children are all grown..For breakfast I usually have toast & grape jelly with coffee

  91. My kids usually have cereal with milk for breakfast!

  92. Cereal! He’s a cereal nut!

  93. My boys all like Rice Krispies, Mini Wheats and many more

  94. My son loves pancakes for breakfast…but since we are crunched for time, he eats cereal.

  95. We change our morning routine often – cereal, blt’s, smoothies, eggs, pancakes, oatmeal, muffins, waffles. depends on the day and how much time we’ve got.

  96. I don’t usually eat bfast myself, but if I do, it’s scrambled eggs.

  97. Cereals, or eggs and bacon!

  98. Breakfast is usually cereal with milk

  99. English muffin and coffee , is my breakfast sometimes bacon and eggs when hubby cooks … thanks for the chance 🙂

  100. Toast, cereal or oatmeal

  101. Cereal

  102. Cereal and toast

  103. Toast + Cereal + Banana or berries + Milk + Orange juice

  104. Yogurt, fruit and cereal.

  105. Cereal & fruit

  106. My daughter loves having yogurt for breakfast.

  107. it is always toast or cereal on weekdays

  108. Cereal or peanut butter/jam sandwich

  109. My kids eat whatever cereal they pull out for breakfast. Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes and Mini Wheats are all regulars in our cupboard.

  110. Corn pops 🙂 or eggos

  111. Cereal and fruit

  112. Cereal and toast seem to be the perfect breakie for my guy.

  113. I usually have cereal or yogurt with fruit.

  114. We don’t have a usual….sometimes it’s eggs, sometimes cold cereal, sometimes oatmeal, sometimes fruit and yogurt.

  115. Green smoothie…

  116. Cereal,toast a small bowl of mixed fruits or yogurt with milk and juice

  117. Eggs, toast, milk.

  118. We usually have cereal, oat meal or toast.

  119. i usually have yogurt and toast with jam on it!

  120. My little one usually has a bowl of cereal and some fruit.

  121. fruit, banana and coffee

  122. Cereal with fruit, most mornings.

  123. Usually cereal 🙂

  124. cereal or oatmeal depending on the weather.

  125. Oatmeal and raspberries, or a kefir smoothie!

  126. I usually have cereal or toast.

  127. hate to say it but a donut usually is what I eat. thankyou, ken

  128. Cereal usually sometimes eggs

  129. My kids have cereal or waffles.

  130. My whole family loves having cereal or eggs for breakfast.

  131. Usually cereal or oatmeal.

  132. It is a toss up of any cold cereal, hot oatmeal, just toast with peanut butter or a green smoothie. Coffee first – always 🙂 🙂

  133. weetabix, oatmeal, mini wheats or toast

  134. Toast and eggs!

  135. cereal, orange juice, yougurt and coffee

  136. a great new Rice Krispies. I can’t wait to try this new cereal

  137. We usually have cereal & toast with peanut butter.

  138. oatmeal made with frozen berries

  139. I have toast and coffee

  140. Fav is macaroni 🙂

  141. Cereal with milk

  142. Combos cereal with toast grapefruit or orange juice.

  143. Sounds odd but when you have a picky eater you get them to eat what you can that is good enough before school My son loves his rice or soup or english muffins made like pizza for breakfast. Now starting to eat cereal for breakfast but must be certain kinds and only a few

  144. My kids usually eat cold cereals

  145. My son loves cereal!!!

  146. My daughter loves cereal with milk on weekdays, and pancakes on the weekends!

  147. My kids usually eat cereal, raisin toast if we have it or just plain toast with jam or peanut butter. My son also likes oatmeal.

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