Santevia: Ozone Food Sanitizer {Review & Giveaway}

santevia food spa

Are you concerned about pesticides, bacteria, and parasites on your food? Did you know that ozone can disinfect food with unprecedented pathogen destruction?

Enter the Santevia Ozone Food Sanitizer. The Food Spa, Ozone Food Sanitizer uses O3 (ozone) to powerfully clean and disinfect your food, so you are left with produce, meats and seafood so clean you can taste the freshness.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer available, it is environmentally friendly and it is three-thousand times more germicidal than chlorine! Ozone is safe and leaves no harmful chemical residual, perfect for disinfecting food.

Santevia food spa

Using the Santevia Food Spa you can easily wash your fruit, veggies, and meats and disinfect microorganisms without adding chemical by-products to the food being treated. You simply add the fruits to the basket, add tap water, select the cycle and turn it on.

Watch a video of the Food Spa in action below:

I love knowing that my food is safe to eat for all of us, specially for my children, I make my infant’s baby food at home and making sure that all the veggies and fruits are clean is a top priority.

The Santevia Ozone Food Sanitizer is not a small appliance but if you do have counter space I recommend keeping out so you can use it during food preparation everyday. I wash all of our fruits and vegetables when I come home from grocery shopping and store them clean in the fridge for the week. Clean and ready to eat always!

Buy it: Purchase the Santevia Ozone Food Sanitizer online HERE for $199.99.  OneSmileyMonkey readers can also use code: “1SMILEYMONKEY” for 10% off any purchase on their site.

Win it: US&CAN readers enter to win a Santevia Ozone Food Sanitizer ($199.99 value!). Enter via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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195 responses to “Santevia: Ozone Food Sanitizer {Review & Giveaway}”

  1. Looks amazing, would love ot win!

  2. Would love one for my fruits and vegggies!

  3. would love anything that helps me to be healthier

  4. I would love to have one so I know the fruits and veggies for my kids are really safe to eat with the skin still on.

  5. we love fresh fruit and I know just by feeling them they are coated with something,, this would be great to use on them

  6. I wash all my fruit 3 -4 times and still am not sure if it’s clean enough. This would be absolutely awesome .

  7. I would love this because your fruits and veggies can never be too clean.

  8. Would be great at cleaning all my garden veg.

  9. I stress out about what’s on my food and this would put my mind at ease, well at least until my little one drops the food on the floor…. but I digress…

  10. Bec I can preserve all my fruits and vegetables fresh for as long as I want.

  11. would love one for fruits and veggies

  12. Would love anything that would help me to keep my family well, reducing chemicals is one of them! Would like to know my fruits & veggies are nice and clean!

  13. We use a lot of fresh produce, so I would love to win this!

  14. I would love to own this because I worry about pesticides etc on/in our food. My niece once had a reaction to some chemicals on strawberries that didn’t get completely washed off, and we also had a scare with some bacteria on meat when I was pregnant, so I think any way to be safer is better! I’ve never heard of a product like this – it sounds great!

  15. I would love to win one of these! 😉

  16. I worry about all the pesticides on fruit but hate to use soap on them when I wash! This looks amazing!

  17. I like my fruit to be clean before eating it

  18. Wow what a great idea.this would be used by alot of people here.thanks for the chance

  19. Great product! I would love to get this for our family!

  20. this would be great to own to get all the wax and everything else off the fruit and veggies, would love to own one of these!!

  21. I want to win this because it would definitely be helpful with fruit and veggies. Since making a lifestyle change and trying to incorporate more healthy options I worry about pesticides and the effect that theyay have on my health and fertility, especially since being diagnosed with PCOS. I have also been incorporating more chicken into my diet and have been seeing a lot of headlines about not washing chicken because of Camplylobacter, which I can’t not wash the chicken because I don’t want to eat all the preservatives that chicken is bathe in before packaging! This would help solve that problem tremendously!

  22. What a wonderful giveaway!! We are welcoming a little baby soon and would love to be able to make our own baby food with clean and safe produce 🙂

  23. I love to make smoothies and pies and other goodies, this would be great to make sure all the “stuff” is off before I feed it to my family.

  24. I want to make sure my fruit and veggies are clean and safe to eat.

  25. Would love this to use on all our fruits and veggies!

  26. I would love to win this because I want to eat clean fruit and vegetables.

  27. I love this idea especially for fruit that is hard to get clean like grapes.

  28. With all the chemicals used in growing,let alone storing and packaging to preserve freshness,this is a needed Item for my kitchen.

  29. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and always feel like they are never clean enough. I’d love to win this so I don’t have to worry about that.

  30. This would be great especially for fruit like grapes that are hard to get clean and I am always worried I havent got all the pestcides or germs off

  31. My health is not good and I worry about getting sick from what I eat.

  32. This is great ! My son is a huge veggie lover and it would be great to help make sure his fruits and veggies were always sanitized and ready to eat 🙂

  33. It is a great way to make our veggies and fruits are really clean

  34. I always wash my fruit and veggies with soap, you never know whats on them! So this would make it easier and quicker! What an awesome piece of equipment!

  35. I would love to have this for our garden foods since we don’t use pesticide. Would help my peace of mind.

  36. to make the food i eat healthier!

  37. It’s very important that my family eats a healthy diet, and this would really us out.

  38. I buy organic… this would be great to have for the occasional conventional fruit or vegetable.

  39. I’d love to win to enjoy the food sanitation benefits.

  40. I would like to have the food sanitizer because I am trying to exercise and take better cleaner food in to become a healthier me.

  41. I’d love to be able to safely disinfect (and know they have truly been disinfected) our fruits and veggies before eating/cooking them!

  42. I would like to make sure that my food is really clean and this would help me.

  43. i would give this to my sister. she’s very careful about the fruits and veg she gives her kids.

  44. I would to make sure my fruits and veggies are clean.

  45. I would love to own one because I always try to clean my fruits and veggies well but I still wonder if they are getting clean enough.

  46. I try to buy organic but it’s not lways possible, so this would be great to complete the safety of fruits and veggies.

  47. Gotta keep it fresh!

  48. Looks like it might be useful for beer making.

  49. I would love to win this as yes I do wash my fruit but I do always think how many hands have touched this and did they wash their hands before touching.

  50. I would like to win because I have a very low immune system and I’m a complete germaphobe.

  51. I would love to know that my fruit is truly clean!

  52. Awesome !

  53. Wow. This is great! I would love this!!

  54. Working at a grocers has pushed me to cleaning produce more than I ever thought; seeing what goes on those things. This would be great in my small kitchen, to help me keep fresh and clean. (I should suggest it to my local coop kitchen too!)

  55. I would love this! I am always worried about the chemicals on our food

  56. Got to have this in this germ world. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  57. I would love to own the Santevia Ozone Food Sanitizer to make sure all my food is safe.

  58. I would love this for clean, healthy fruits and veggies!

  59. I would donate it to my workplace so we can have nicer fruits and veggies,,,

  60. I’d like to have this so that I’m not weirded out by the cleanliness of my fruit.

  61. Id like to win to keep things fresh longer and save money

  62. being vegetarian this would be amazing!

  63. I want to win because I want to make sure my fruits are really clean.

  64. this would be grteat for my fruit and veggies

  65. This would be great as I am always concerned about what might be on our food. Sometimes we can’t afford to buy organic. This would give me some peace of mind.

  66. I would wash my produce in dish soap to ensure sanitation, however, this often leaves a soapy taste. This device would be perfect for my needs.

  67. This is a cool little processor that looks like it would be handy to own and operate without taking up the whole kitchen counter and doesn’t weigh 50 pounds

  68. because I believe it would make our food safer to eat

  69. I would love to win this as I have a little one who has a very sensitive tummy and I believe this will help to make our fruits and veggies the best they could possibly be.

  70. Fresh fruit and veggies of course!

  71. I’m very tough on my fruit, I wash and wash and still feel iffy about it!

  72. This would be a great peace of mind o have at home for the kids so we can be assured that what they eat is safe

  73. To eat healthier

  74. I am a germaphob! I would love to have this to clean all my produce!

  75. I’ve heard about this system and would love to try it

  76. It would be nice to know you can get pesticides off your fruit and vegies.

  77. Safe food without chemicals is very appealing

  78. I would know that the fruit I buy is safe to eat.

  79. To sanitize all our vegetables and fruits, I don’t trust just water does the trick!

  80. I’d love to be able to clean our fruit and veggies without any chemicals!

  81. I would love to own the Santevia Ozone Food Sanitizer because I have better things to worry about than whether or not my food is safe to eat. This would give me the peace of mind that I definitely need right now. Thanks

  82. I’d like to win this because I am a clean freak.

  83. I would love to own it not only to prepare food for myself, husband and children but for my elderly mother as well since she seems to be very sensitive to any residue on her food and I often feed her canned food but she prefers fresh.

  84. My family eats a ton of fruit, this would be perfect for our house!

  85. would love to win this love this product we love our fruits.

  86. I would love this for cleaning fruits and vegetables ! I like knowing they are as clean as I can get them. What a great product!

  87. i would love to win so when i go to the local food market i wont have to worry about all the germs

  88. Would be nice to know that the fruit and veggies that I am eating are really clean!

  89. i would love to win this because i try my best to buy local and they always need a little extra washing, this would really help.

  90. This would be great for us. I make green smoothies everyday for my toddler and I. But unfortunately we don’t have organic fruit in our grocery stores. I use a veggie spray on them instead.

  91. I have this weird allergy to raw fruit, called “Oral Allergy Syndrome.” Wondering if this would help at all. If not, at least food would be healthier and cleaner for the children.

  92. I would love this because your fruits and veggies can never be clean enough!

  93. With my baby I am being careful to select organic foods with no preservatives as much as possible. It would be great to also sanitize foods to make sure that the food is safe for my little one and the entire family.

  94. I am concerned about what is in our fruits and veggies so this would be nice to have.

  95. we buy a lot of fresh fruit and veggies and they go bad so fast,this would save me money

  96. I would love to win as I use a lot of fruits & vegetables daily – juicing & smoothies and my children are always going for fresh fruit – I’d love the peace of mind that we’re all eating safer and I wouldn’t have to pre-scrub everything so much before letting them eat. 😉

  97. I am always worried about the pesticides used on our produce. I would feel much better eating fruits and vegetables after using the Santevia Sanitizer.

  98. I would love this because it’s hard to buy everything organic, and this helps mitigate some of the issues of your run of the mill produce

  99. I want to win it so I can know that my family’s meals are clean and germ free.

  100. OMG! This is so neat. I’ve been going veggie for quite some time now and I do get tired of having to worry about rinsing foods of carefully. This definitely would come in handy!

  101. I’d love to win this for an elderly relative with health issues.

  102. To be more healthy!

  103. I have never seen or heard of this machine, it looks very interesting.

  104. wow this is awesome!

  105. I would love to have one so I know the fruits and veggies for my kids are really safe to eat with the skin still on

  106. would love to have one to help control pathogens that could affect the health & well being of my family

  107. this would be great for hard to clean fruits!

  108. I would love one of these!

  109. Everyone could use this!

  110. I would like to win because it is always best to make sure your fruits and vegetables are clean and sanitized and many can’t be washed with soap and vinegar can only do so much. It would also satisfy the germaphobe in my household.

  111. I would love to win this because I am starting to eat fresh fruits and veggies instead of processed foods. Started going to the gym too. Would love to have this.

  112. It’s a great idea to clean fruits, we could stop peeling fruits for our kids.

  113. So many chemicals on food now a days. Would love to get ride of some of them

  114. Because I want my food to be as clean and pure as possible!

  115. I’m afraid I’m not removing the harmful chemicals on the fruit I give my children. With the help of this machine, my mind would be at ease.

  116. I would love this to help clean the produce for my family! we eat so much produce I would love to make sure it is clean.

  117. I would love love love to win this as my husband and I are expecting very soon and it is my intention to make my own baby food, and knowing that the fruits, veggies and meats I use are safe from harmful chemicals and bacteria is one step in the right direction to a peaceful mind. Knowing I am providing a healthy and safe diet for our newest family member as well as the rest of us will lessen the stress of choosing the right foods.

  118. Wow, I did not know that these even existed!! This would be great to own! Having health issues, or even if not, I could sanitize or rid my fruits and vegtables of pests or pesticides and know I am eating fresh healthy food. What with all the toxins etc. in the air and ground we definately need products of this type. I would love to own one of these food sanitizers.

  119. would love it for fruits and veggies…

  120. This would be great for my dad and myself as we are both extremely sensitive to so many chemicals in our food, sometimes even things labled organic.

  121. I would love to win this for me and my family because your fruits and veggies can never be too clean.

  122. important to wash produce


  124. It is unique. It would make my job so much easier!

  125. Would love to have something that I know cleans my fruits and veggies well!

  126. With baby number 3 on the way, this would be great to have. We would even use this for our own fruits and veggies as well as for food for the baby.

  127. Exactly what I am looking for. Hope I wim

  128. Would love to win! Healthier food!

  129. I would love to win this because it is important to wash your fruits and vegetables before eating and this machine makes it easy to do this

  130. I’d love this because I hate to wonder what nasty chemicals are being sprayed on the foods we eat.

  131. I love the idea of properly cleaning pesticides and poisons before they get into my kids mouths!

  132. I worry about cleaning the fruits & vegetables that we feed to our grandson. We’ve been purchasing organic produce when it’s available, but the options are limited.
    I would feel confident about the food for him if I used Santevia Ozone Food Sanitizer.

  133. to clean my fruit n veggies!

  134. Would be great to know my fruit and veggies are clean

  135. Would love to have this to help jeep the food my three kids eat pesticide free. I always wash my fruits and veggies, but I sometimes wonder if I do a good enough job.

    • LOL!!! Jeep = keep. 🙂

  136. This would be great for cleaning the veggies from my garden

  137. I want to taste my food! Not the chemicals they have put on it!

  138. my kids would love this. to better eating.

  139. would just have so much peace of mind knowing our food is so safe to eat!

  140. I would love to win the Santevia Ozone Food Sanitizer, I grow my veggies and this would be perfect, I live in a steel town, so you never know what is in the soil.

  141. I would feel better about eating food that has been touched by so many people and products.

  142. I need something that will really clean our fruits and veggies for our son!

  143. Owning this would be great so I can stop using the chemical stuff to clean my fruits and veggies.

  144. I get a lot of produce (fruits and vegetables) as I am trying to eat healthy. This would be great to help clean the produce.

  145. Id like to own it because it would work well for cleaning vegetables

  146. I would love an easier way to clean my food before eating it. That is a really cool product.

  147. this looks like fun. be interesting for the kdis and more healthy

  148. I love fresh produce but worry about pesticides.

  149. I would love to win because then I would know for sure that my food is safe to eat! Thanks for the chance!

  150. I plan on making my baby’s food. Being able to safely disinfect the fresh foods before preparing them would be great.

  151. The Santevia Food Spa would be perfect to reassure me that my food is clean.It gives me the shivers to think about where it comes from and how it’s handled before I get it.Thanks so much for a great giveaway that I will enjoy and appreciate winning.

  152. I am adamant about washing my fruit, and veggies, and I am using an ozone generator in my living room. I believe in having my produce chemical, and dirt free, and I love ozone. It is the best way to sanitize.

    • I would also love to use this for my son’s fish, poultry, and meat. The ozone prevents food poisoning.

  153. I am adamant about washing my fruit, and veggies, and I am using an ozone generator in my living room. I believe in having my produce chemical, and dirt, and germ free, and I love ozone. It is the best way to sanitize. I would also love to use this for my son’s fish, poultry, and meat. The ozone prevents food poisoning.

  154. We eat a lot of produce and always wash it but is that good enough? And whom knows what is sprayed etc

  155. I’d love to own this because I don’t trust the food safety of any supermarket produce; like, AT ALL.

  156. Because I’m concerned for the health of my children

  157. I would love this for my family! I would love the confidence that the fruit I choose is clean and therefore healthier for my family! Thanks for the chance!

  158. Good idea!!

  159. Would love ibe to clean and sanitize all the vegetables and fruits from the store and my veggie garden

  160. True story I lived in Peru and all the American women said we had to use a certain liquid to kill everything on the produce. wELL I ASKED OUR dR. GAVE ME FUNNY LOOK AND SAID IT WAS A WOMANS CLEANING PRODUCT AND IT DIDNT DO A THING TO THE PRODUCE. This is so much easier and a lot better for our environment and us.

  161. I would just absolutely love to own this, because now days we definitely don’t know what we are putting into our bodies chemical wise…and this would definitely make me feel so much better about buying produce and feeding it to my family

  162. There are so many new bugs and germs out there that it’s hard to ever feel confident that what I am serving my family has been properly cleaned/sanitized. This would really make me feel better about proper food prep.

  163. ……………………………………..sounds like a neat machine.

  164. WIN WIN WIN

  165. I want to win this because I’m concerned about chemicals and pesticides on my produce. This looks like an awesome product.

  166. keep my family safe from chemicals

  167. We consume alot of fresh fruit and i would like them to last longer and stay fresh longer!

  168. I would love to win because we are big fruit and veggie eaters. I always feel just soaking or rinsing doesn’t get them clean enough.

  169. I want to win this for my boyfriend,he does all the cooking and this would help him a lot when preparing the meal,that way we don’t have to worry if the meats,vegies and fruits were cleaned real good,and if theres anything left on them.

  170. Always worried about what is on my produce. Would love the peace of mind of knowing it is clean.

  171. This would make my fruit and veggie prep so much easier! I would make counter space for it!

  172. no immune system and married to germaphobe grand babies

  173. Quick and easy!

  174. to make my food healthier and better to eat

  175. My daughter is vegan and I worry that in spite of the healthy eating the amount of pesticides may be too high. This would solve that!

  176. I would LOVE to win this to help provide my kids with the healthiest snacks possible and ensure that they’re eating the safest fruits and vegetables.

  177. we eat a lot of fruits and worry about wether or not we are getting all the bad stuff off the skin before we eat it so this would be super helpful and reassuring

  178. knowing that the fruit I serve have been cleaned thoroughly is important when I’m preparing snacks for my kids

  179. I would love to win this awesome Santevia Ozone Food Sanitizer because it would help me to make the solid food for my baby!
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  180. to clean our fruits and veggies for our kids

  181. I would love this as we are eating my veggies and fruit and would like to feel that they are thoroughly clean.

  182. I eat a LOT of fruits and veggies and would like to be sure I get all the pesky fertilizers and bugs completely off!

  183. I often forget to rinse things for myself and find that i sometimes do the same for my daughter, I think it would be a good idea to do it in advance with this so that I always have ready to eat stuff.

  184. would love one for my fruits and veggies

  185. I want to win because I would feel more comfortable eating foods I know have been sanitized correctly!

  186. This would help me protect my kids.

  187. I’d love to win because I’m a total germaphobe and this would save me a tonne of time washing my fruits and veggies over and over and over again!

  188. I’d love to make sure that my food is safe and clean for consumption!

  189. I always wonder how many people before me have handled the fruits and veggies I buy before me, organic or not. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  190. I would love to win it because it would be great to serve clean and healthy fruits and vegetables to my family.

  191. I think it would be great for my great nephew who has severe allergies.

  192. With all the dirt and pesticides on fruits and vegetables, this would give me peace of mind!

  193. My mom would thoroughly enjoy this

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