SmartSilk™ Pillow Review & Giveaway {$130 value}

A good night’s sleep is very important, especially after becoming a parent. We parents really do need all the extra energy we can get on a daily basis. If you have a infant and you can only get a few hours of sleep every night then you want to make sure you have the best sleep you can possibly get.

A comfortable pillow can really enhance the quality of your sleep.  I received a couple of SmartSilk™ Pillows to try out and I was able to notice a big difference in comfort level while using it when compared to my normal pillow.  Each  SmartSilk™ Pillow has an all-natural soft cotton outer shell and a polyester micro gel fiber inner that offers an increased level of comfort.

SmartSilk™ Pillows also offer a proven barrier against allergens, dust mites and pet dander. They are certified asthma & allergy friendly and they are specially useful when you or somebody you love suffers from allergies or asthma.

SmartSilk Pillows

Something that I really like about the  SmartSilk™ Pillow is the Smart Temperature Advantage feature.  This pillow naturally adjusts to your body’s temperature, meaning that your head and neck stay at optimal temperature all night.  Pretty neat, right?

The SmartSilk™ Pillow also features moisture wicking properties to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

SmartSilk™ products are also certified to be chemical free, fire retardant and made with all natural SmartSilk™ silk fill. They are resistant to mold & mildew and will not retain odors. The SmartSilk™ Pillows are machine washable with cold water and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

Both my husband and I suffer from allergies and having a pillow that doesn’t accumulate dust mites makes a big difference with our sleep quality.  We both feel well-rested in the mornings and to us that’s priceless. Nothing like having a good night’s sleep night after night.

SmartSilk™ also provides a full array of bedding products including duvets, mattress covers, pillows and pillow covers.  Be sure to visit for more information. Their bedding products range in price from $35 to $400 depending on the product of choice and are available through the website.

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win two standard size pillows from SmartSilk ($130 value).

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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Angela V

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273 responses to “SmartSilk™ Pillow Review & Giveaway {$130 value}”

  1. I would love a smart silk comforter!!!

    • The sheets look awesome

  2. mattress pad covers

  3. I’d love the complete bedding set, it looks so luxurious

  4. SmartSilk™ Crib Bedding

  5. pillows blankets

  6. i would LOVE one of their comforters!

  7. I also like the SmartSilk Mattress Pad!

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  9. Would love any of the products! But we do need a new comforter

  10. I would love the comforters

  11. I’d love a duvet!

  12. I’d love a duvet

  13. would love the mattress protection:-)

  14. I would love to try the pillows. I’ve tried so many pillows lately but haven’t found “the one”.

  15. i like the SmartSilk™ Comforter

    • The SmartSilk™ Complete Bed Set of course!

  16. My granddaufhter would greatly sleep better and safer as her alleegies and asthma has caused her to have pnumonia and double pnumonia and a collapsed lung. I know id would also sleep better as I have severe allergies also.

  17. I’d like to have the king duvet, myself! 🙂

  18. I’d like to own the Duvet/Comforter.

  19. I’d love the Queen duvet

  20. I would love the comforters

  21. I would love to try the pillows!

  22. I would love the Smartsilk Comforter!!

  23. I love that they have crib mattress pads! We no longer need one, but that would have been great when our son was younger. Now, we need the pillows and the mattress covers.

  24. i would love to have one of they’re omforters

  25. I would love to try the whole bed set, it looks so comfortable!

  26. I would love to own the Pillow Protector!

  27. I would love the complete bedding set would be a great item,

  28. I would love to have the smart silk comforter

  29. I would love for our entire family to sleep with the SmartSilk pillows!

  30. I would love to won their mattress pad cover.

  31. comforter

  32. The duvet!

  33. I’d love a new duvet!

  34. The mattress pad

  35. Id love to own the mattress pad!

  36. I’d actually like the complete bed set, fix all my night-time allergy problems in one go. 😉

  37. I would like the mattress pad and pillow protectors.

  38. I would love to try the complete bedding set.

  39. what a nice giveaway.

  40. I am so in need of a new pillow! Every one I have is uncomfortable.

  41. I would like to own the SmartSilk™ Complete Bed Set

  42. I could use the Pillow Protectors.

  43. All of their products look very luxurious but I would love to try the mattress pad. Hubby is always saying he’s too warm and I think this would help.

  44. I like their SmartSilk™ Comforter

  45. I like their King Duvet looks so comfy

  46. Two King sized SmartSilk pillows. These flat pieces of neck non-support that I’m sleeping on now, are not doing the trick for good nights sleep.

  47. The comforters look awesome!

  48. mattress pad cover

  49. I would love to have one of their king size duvets.

  50. The Smartsilk Complete Bedding Set

  51. I would like to own the SmartSilk Mattress Pad

  52. I’d love to have the Comforter. It looks so cozy!

  53. mattress pad!

  54. mattress pad covers

  55. I would also like to try their twin size mattress cover!

  56. One of their duvets

  57. I would love to try a mattress pad.

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  60. I would like to own the Complete Bed set

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  61. one of the comforters for me

  62. I’d like to have the SmartSilk™ Comforter.

  63. I also like their complete bed set that comes with the comforter, mattress pad and pillow protectors.

  64. Complete Bed Set

  65. the crib bedding for my baby girl

  66. I’d love to try some specialized pillows.

  67. i want the mattress protector

  68. I would love the smart silk comforter

  69. New pillows!

  70. I’d love the complete bedding set. It looks amazing and lush!

  71. comforter

  72. I would love the have the SmartSilk Comforter. It looks so warm and light.

  73. Would love the crib padding bedding for my twins

  74. I would love their silk pillows

  75. I would love their smart silk pillows

  76. A smart silk comforter.

  77. like the king duvet

  78. I’d love to win the pillows – nice products

  79. I would love their silk comforter!

  80. I also like the SmartSilk™ Mattress Pad

  81. I would love the California King Comforter!

  82. the comforter or complete bedding set are nice

  83. i’d love to have the comfortor or duvet

  84. i would love a complete bedding set!

  85. would love to win.

  86. would love to win the pillows I desperately need new pillows

  87. Would love to have the Inside the SmartSilk Crib Set.

  88. the complete bedding set

  89. I would also like to have their Mattress Pad.

  90. The mattress pad! 🙂

  91. I would like to have the complete Smartsilk Bedding Set and no I did not copy this remark.

  92. I need the pillows asthma, but love the comforters!

  93. I would love the complete bedding set!

  94. Omgosh, this prize package sounds awesome!!! And, with Spring right around the corner, these pillows would help alot with my allergies!!!!

  95. The pillow sound awesome! I would also like to try their mattress covers.

  96. the pillows make a great prize, as well the duvet/comforters that adjust your body heat for night sweats

  97. I would love the smart silk bedding set

  98. I would love to try the asthma and allergy free pillows. Finding a really good pillow these days I find is extremely hard.

  99. the comforter would be nice, i just discovered a big hole in mine.

  100. I would love to have the complete bed setting.

  101. we need new pillows for our home!

  102. Definitely the pillows….oh a good nights sleep would be great!

  103. I love the silk duvets. They keep you warm without making you sweat. Wonder what the pillow would be like.

  104. I would want their 20×26″ Standard size SmartSilk pillow. My partner has terrible sinuses and I think sleeping for 6-8 hours with his head of something that is non-alergenic would be really beneficial.

  105. complete bed set for sure!!!

  106. The entire bedding linens look fabulously luxurious. I would love to own them all.

  107. surely could use new beddings

  108. I would love one of their comforters, pillows, mattress cover etc…ha!

  109. I need new pillows and would love to try these

  110. I would love to own the complete bedding set!

  111. The crib bedding

  112. smartsilk comforter would be awesome

  113. Would love to win this! Pillows look so comfy!

  114. comforter or pillow 🙂

  115. I would love one of their Comforters 🙂

  116. I would love the pillows for my youngest son. 🙂

  117. I would like to try the Smartsilk comforter!

  118. I would like to own the SmartSilk™ Complete Bed Set.

  119. would love the duvet/comforter but pillows would be wonderful too!

  120. I would love to try the complete bedding set.

  121. comforter 🙂

  122. I also like the mattress pad.

  123. I would love to own the whole Smartsik Complete Bedding Set in Queen Size!

  124. one of the water resistant bed covers. we got one for our sons twin bed but didnt get one for ours but the baby spits up everywhere so it would be nice to have.

  125. I need a good night of sleep!

  126. We’ve tried everything for my husbands allergies but it never occured to me to check the pillows. I’d love to give these pillows a try.

  127. I’d love to own a SmartSilk Mattress Pad

  128. The Smartsilk Complete bedding Set would be soooo nice to have!!

  129. I love the comforter

  130. I like the SmartSilk™ Mattress Pad

  131. Would love to try the comforter to help keep me cool and my husband warm at night

  132. The product I would LOVE to win would be the “Complete Bedding Set”!!

  133. I would love to have the SmartSilk Queen size Comforter

  134. I love the smart silk comforter

  135. my foster child suffers with asthma these pillows would be great for him

  136. Love the duvet!

  137. Would love to win

  138. I’d love one of their mattress pad covers…mine has a big rip in it!

  139. Mattress Pad Cover

  140. the smart silk mattress pad

  141. I would choose the Smartsilk comforter.

  142. I would love the Duvet/comforter

  143. Would love to try the comforter!

  144. I would like the Smart Silk comforter!

  145. SmartSilk Comforter.

  146. I would love some sheets…all of ours are terrible lol

  147. I would really love to try the Smart Silk comforter

  148. I like old faithful, duvet.

  149. February 7-I would love the Duvet–all of the bedding is beauriful.

  150. i like the queen size bed set

  151. I would love to own the Smartsilk complete bedding set

  152. the Comforter

  153. complete bed set

  154. The Complete Bedding Set looks great

  155. I would love to win the Queen duvet.

  156. I would like a duvet

  157. the mattress pad

  158. I’d like to own a Smart Silk Mattress Pad.

  159. I would love a duvet cover!

  160. The crib bedding

  161. Would like to try the product.

  162. Smartsilk comforter is my choice!

  163. One of their cozy and warm Duvets.

  164. I like the SmartSilk™ Comforter!

  165. Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The 2 Standard Size Pillows From Smartsilk.
    In Response To Your Question Of
    What SmartSilk Product Would I Like To Own?
    I Would Like To Have The Comforter.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!

  166. I want the queen duvet

  167. Their mattress pads look great.

  168. the mattress pad would be great!

  169. I like the King Duvet

  170. I’d love the pillows and a duvet. thanks

  171. I would love to own the SmartSilk™ Mattress Pad

  172. SmartSilk™ Complete Bed Set

  173. I would really like to try the SmartSilk™ Comforter. Think I might ask for it for my b-day

  174. the comforter

  175. i really like the mattress pad

  176. The pillows would be an amazing win, but all of their items look so luxurious.

  177. oh the duvet looks devine

  178. I’d love to try the SmartSilk Duvet/Comforter


    SmartSilk™ Mattress Pad.

  180. Always looking for a good mattress protector !!!

  181. I love the complete bedding set.

  182. I would also love to have the comforter

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  185. I like the SmartSilk Comforter.
    Thanks for the chance!

  186. the comforter

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  188. The complete bedding set sounds grand.

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  190. I could use the mattress pad.

  191. the duvet!!

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  193. I’d like their mattress pad covers.

  194. I want a pillow to see if its true they stay cool!

  195. I’d like the SmartSilk Comforter! It all looks great, though! Hard to choose.

  196. definitely a comforter

  197. I would like to win the comforter

  198. The comforter! Looks so cozy!

  199. I would like to try their mattress pad
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  200. I’d like a SmartSilk comforter.

  201. the duvet looks lovely

  202. I’d welcome one of these:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  203. Smart Silk mattress pad

  204. SmartSilk™ Pillow Protector are asthma and allergy friend and that would be nice to have.

  205. I’d love the complete bedding set!

  206. ALL SMARTSILK’S products looks FAB, would love to try the duvet, matress pad & pillows 🙂

  207. i want the comforter

  208. Always looking for great pillows!!

  209. The smartsilk Comforter

  210. The Smartsilk Mattress Pad

  211. I’d love to own the SmartSilk™ Complete Bed Set.

  212. I sure could use the Mattress Pad!

  213. A comforter would be great!

  214. I would like to have a SmartSilk Pillow.

  215. I like the SmartSilk™ Comforter (QUEEN)

  216. I’d love to get the entire bedding set or a set of the pillows! We need a new set, the memory foam ones we had are hurting my neck and keep me up at night when I fight to get comfortable!

  217. I would really like the SmartSilk Pillow because they are made from breathable materials!

  218. SmartSilk™ Comforter

  219. the smart silk comforter

  220. Definitely want to try the pillows!

  221. I would love one of the comforters

  222. I like the mattress pad

  223. Well if I could have anything, I would pick the complete bedding set!

  224. I would like the Smart Silk Comforter

  225. Well besides the pillows the SmartSilk comforter looks nice.

  226. I definitely would want the King Size complete bed set. woohoo!

  227. I would love to own the Crib bedding

  228. Visited SmartSilk and I would like to own their, “SmartSilk™ Mattress Pad”

  229. I would love the Comforter!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  230. I’d like to own a SmartSilk all season Comforter.

  231. I would love the mattress protector

  232. i would like ot have their comforter

  233. The mattress pad because I love a soft bed.

  234. Comforter

  235. This would be so fantastic to win. I have asthma and frequently don’t sleep well due to breathing issues. Anything that would help would be awesome.

  236. I would love to give my daughter the SmartSilk™ Comforter!

  237. would love to have a matress cover

  238. I would love a good night sleep with some good pillows.

  239. I’d like the Smartsilk Comforter

  240. I would like the smartsilk comforter in king

  241. Smartsilk Bedding set

  242. As much as I would love a new comforter, mine is holey, my pillows are flatter than pancakes! I would have to go with the pillows! Thanks for giving me a chance to win! Debby Downes.

  243. The Complete Bedding Set.

  244. I’d love to win one of your duvets!! Simply gorgeous

  245. The sheets are real nice.

  246. smartsilk bedding set

  247. Smart silk comforter

  248. I love to try one of their duves.

  249. Oooops typo – duvet

  250. I would LOVE a king duvet!! <3

  251. Would love to win this!

  252. Hello, OSM. This is my first time here. I would love to have the complete bedding set. Thank you for this giveaway, OSM.

  253. I would love to own a comforter, they look incrediible 🙂

  254. I would love one of the comforters

  255. Mattress pad for sure!! Mine is 10 years old and have indents on both sides. It’s been through 2 pregnancies too! Lol

  256. would love to curl up in these

  257. A new duvet would be wonderful

  258. The complete bedding set 🙂

  259. One thing that I dislike about my pillows is that in summer they are too hot, these pillows sound heavenly!!! Would love two king or queen sized pillows to help ensure a good nights sleep without the extreme temp of my present pillow. Sweet dreams on these!

  260. The Complete Bedding Set would really help with my allergies.

  261. I would actually love a new set of pillows! These ones look amazing!

  262. The mattress pad, definitely. Ours is so worn out.

  263. SmartSilk™ Mattress Pad

  264. I would like to own, SmartSilk™ Mattress Pad.

  265. SmartSilk being cerified asthma & allergy friendly, I would love to have the Complete Bed Set!

  266. king duvet looks so comfy

  267. I would love to have some of the pillow protectors! Just the other night my 3yo was sick & it would have been nice to have a water-repellent cover for her pillow.

  268. SmartSilk™ Comforter
    Thanks for the contest.

  269. a smart silk comforter

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