Starting Our Potty Training Journey {$250 Value Giveaway!}

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We have just started the potty training journey with our 2 1/2 year old son and it is perfect timing as June marks Potty Training Awareness Month. Our son is definitely ready, he talks about going potty all the time and often lets me know when he has to get a diaper change.

We received a Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership Toolkit that has been fantastic to help set us up for success. The Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership launched earlier this year and it offers a whole new way to potty train. It was created in partnership with renowned child psychologist and potty training expert, Dr. Heather Wittenberg and it’s tailored to work with every child’s unique personality, on their schedule and according to how they learn.

 photo IMG_4719_zps0yd3muei.jpg

mickeyI completed their free, online quiz, and received personalized tips and advised based on my son’s personality. He is a little “Owl” and he is determined, busy and predictable. We just started our journey this week and so far we are doing pretty well with fewer and fewer daily accidents, it is so exciting!

Wondering about your own little one’s potty training personality? Complete the free quiz and find out if they are a Squirrel, Bear Cub, Puppy, Owl or Turtle.

I love that the toolkit has made it super easy for us to get started. The Pull-Ups®Training Pants are great when going to the bathroom so many times during the day and they actually feel cool within seconds of becoming wet, to help him learn when it’s time to go potty. The flushable wipes are great help as well when he wants to wipe himself, as he is learning to do it himself and be independent.


The Fisher Price potty seat has also been a big hit as it plays a song every time he goes potty, he loves that actual musical reward after going potty. He is also a big fan of stickers and the chart to track progress has been a great visual help for both of us.

Finally, he LOVES Mickey and was so excited to see the plush toy. He knows I am saving it as a reward for when he completes all of his stickers and he talks about it daily, he is really looking forward to getting his Mickey Mouse at the end of his potty training journey. We can’t wait to go shopping for some underwear as well. He has already requested Mickey Mouse underwear.

mickey mouse


 photo PullUps_PottyPartnershipToolkit_Boys-1024x685_zpse4sjo7ck.jpgWin it: One very lucky Canadian reader will win a Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership Toolkit (pictured above) including the following:

  • Pull-Ups®Training Pants
  • Big*Kid Flushable Wipes
  • Potty seat and chair
  • Potty training book
  • Milestone chart to track progress
  • Plush toy to reward potty accomplishments
  • $100 Walmart gift card to help you stock up on other potty training essentials outlined in the Potty Partnership Toolkit
  • The approximate value of each Toolkit is $250.

Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good luck friends!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

148 responses to “Starting Our Potty Training Journey {$250 Value Giveaway!}”

  1. my oldest is 3.5. she is autistic and still in diapers. my youngest is 2 years in sept. I am going to be potty training both of them when I am out of work which is in a couple weeks

  2. My grandson personality is Bear cub. Thank you for the chance.

  3. My daughter is the Bear

  4. My little guy is a bear cub!

  5. My son is four and we gave away his potty. My daughter is 7 months not exactly sure on the aminal she is but I took the quiz anyways she’s a owl. Thanks for the chance

  6. My little one is a Bear cub!

  7. Owl too 🙂 would love to win.

  8. For my niece, she got: Your child’s personality is a Squirrel

  9. Mine is an owl.

  10. My child’s personality is a Turtle 🙂

  11. My niece is a Squirrel.

  12. my step grandaughter …Your child’s personality is an Owl

  13. We got puppy, which sounds about right.

  14. My daughter is a turtle!

  15. My granddaughter, Taylor, is a squirrel according to the survey

  16. She is a puppy.

  17. Mine says: Your child’s personality is a Squirrel

  18. My daughter is a turtle!

  19. My son is an Owl…great tips on how to get him on the potty!

  20. Our little one isn’t old enough to potty train, soon though very soon

  21. She is the bear

  22. My son’s an owl! 🙂

  23. My child’s personality is a Turtle.

  24. My little one is a puppy! awe 🙂 That was fun!

  25. The quiz result was “Puppy”.

  26. My youngest is an Owl! Fingers crossed for a smooth training this summer!

  27. My granddaughter is an owl.

  28. Your child’s personality is a Bear
    Footloose and fancy free, Bear Cubs would rather be playing and exploring than settling down to learn to use the potty. Bear Cubs tend to be friendly and relaxed when trying new things and we know exactly how to potty train them.

  29. My grandson got bear

  30. I have twins – one is an Owl and the other a Turtle.

  31. He is a puppy.

  32. my son is an owl, he isn’t a stubborn little guy, have been trying to potty train for a couple of months and its at a stand still now

  33. The quiz result is Puppy.

  34. The result was Squirrel.

  35. I got Squirrel for my nephew, sounds about right!

  36. My child’s personality is an Owl!

  37. Apparently we have a Squirrel in the family

  38. We have a Puppy according to the quiz 🙂

  39. Mine is a Bear!

  40. Based on one grand daughter’s personality, I took this awesome quiz and the result is that she is an OWL, determined, busy and predictable!! So true!!

  41. My daughter is an owl!

  42. JJ’s personality is a Squirrel.

  43. My daughter is a squirrel.

  44. Mine is a squirrel

  45. My son is an owl.

  46. My daughter is a bear cub – if I won this I’d likely share it with friends whose children are newer to the potty training scene. My daughter is just about done with it all.

  47. My nephew is is a Bear cub…

  48. My son is a Turtle, not very aware of accidents at all!

  49. My child’s personality came back as an Owl. Well, she has an owl themed room, so that’s perfect! 🙂

    “Your Owl is determined, busy and predictable. Owls seem to notice everything around them; they make excellent sleuths, picking up on every little nuance. Let Pull-Ups deliver the training tools Owl will need to be a potty pro.”

  50. The quiz result was “Owl”….

  51. Our result was squirrel which is very accurate!

  52. My grandson is a bear cub.

  53. Mini is a puppi

    • i mean puppy

  54. entering for my sister’s baby 😉 thx <3 i dont know all of the answers!

  55. a squirrel. lol

  56. My son is the squirrel…definitely fits him!

  57. My little one is a puppy!

  58. We got owl as well

  59. My nephew is a puppy

  60. He’s a squirrel 🙂

  61. Puppy!

  62. My son is a puppy. Great kit to help little ones make this transition.

  63. Puppy! 🙂 Great quiz.

  64. According to the quiz, my son is an owl.

  65. The quiz results are in. My child’s personality is a Turtle.

  66. Took the quiz. It states….. Your child’s personality is an Owl.

  67. My kid is a Squirrel. That sounds about right.

  68. My daughter is a Squirrel.

  69. My son is a Bear Cub

  70. I also have an owl!

  71. A Squirrrel haha

  72. my kid is an owl

  73. She was a puppy!

  74. A squirrel…how did I know?

  75. he is a squirrel

  76. These were the results of my quiz: Your child’s personality is a Puppy

  77. My son was a bear cub!

  78. My daughter got puppy.

  79. My son was a puppy! Which is funny, he like to pretend he’s a puppy sometimes!

  80. My son got Turtle.

  81. she is a Turtle

  82. The quiz said my son is: Your Owl is determined, busy and predictable. Owls seem to notice everything around them; they make excellent sleuths, picking up on every little nuance. Consistently keeping them in Pull-Ups® Training Pants will help these little ones understand the potty training process, and help them to feel comfortable with this new journey.

    This describes him PERFECTLY.

  83. She is a puppy 😉

  84. our son was an owl

  85. Awww, my little one is a Turtle.

  86. My child got squirrel!

  87. Potty training my children at the moment these things could be very handy for us!

  88. Owl for us.

  89. Mine is an owl

  90. I took the quiz and got the puppy!

  91. This would be for my wonderful godson who is a Puppy according to the quiz: No one is more eager to begin potty training than the Puppy! (OK, except maybe you.) This is a kid who wants to know how the Big Kids use the potty, and we know exactly how to help. It starts with putting your child in Pull-Ups® Training Pants and keeping them in pants throughout your potty training journey!

  92. Nolan seems to be a Bear!

  93. Mine is a bear

  94. My daughter is an owl.

  95. My little one is an bear…describes him perfectly 🙂

  96. My granddaughters personality is a puppy , and sounds like her as well

  97. The quiz says our little guy is a puppy.This would be so awesome to help with his training.He is now 22 months old.

  98. Owl!

  99. Mine is a Turtle

  100. Hahaha….my son is a Squirrel…
    Which is no surprise as he chases them all around the park! :j

  101. My little guy is an owl which also happens to be his favorite animal.

  102. She is a puppy!

  103. my baby’s personality is a puppy

  104. Puppy

  105. Mine is a puppy

  106. My niece is an owl. So true that she notices everything!

  107. I got Your child’s personality is a Squirrel

  108. my child is a puppy.

  109. Looks like my daughter is an owl, too. I like that it means she will work hard and is curious about learning about using the potty.

  110. My child is a Bear

  111. My child is a puppy

  112. My niece is a Bear

  113. We have a squirrel, lol.


  115. My son is an Owl.. Your child’s personality is an Owl
    Your Owl is determined, busy and predictable. Owls seem to notice everything around them; they make excellent sleuths, picking up on every little nuance. Consistently keeping them in Pull-Ups® Training Pants will help these little ones understand the potty training process, and help them to feel comfortable with this new journey.

  116. apparently i have a puppy here!

  117. our child’s personality is an Owl – HA and her bedding is owls as well

  118. My granddaughter is a turtle. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

  119. My daughter is a turtle! Thanks for the chance!

  120. we got Turtle

  121. I have an owl apparently,who knew?

  122. My daughter is a puppy

  123. He’s a puppy!

  124. Squirrel

  125. A Bear Cub, my little lad.

  126. My nephew is a personality is like a puppy’s!

  127. We’ve got a squirrel!

  128. Squirrel.

  129. Puppy

  130. My toddler is an owl.

  131. The quiz says my little one is an owl-who knew?

  132. All about the squirrel.

  133. We’ve got ourselves a bear Cub over here lol

  134. My daughter is an Owl.

  135. My child’s personality is a Puppy

  136. mine is an owl

  137. wow-puppy

  138. My nephew got your personality is a squirrel

  139. an owl for my nephew’s results lol

    Kathryn C

  140. My niece’s potty training personality is PUPPY.

  141. Turtle

  142. I agree my little one is a puppy.

  143. I got puppy for the quiz!

  144. An owl ! Lol

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  146. I got puppy for the quiz lol 😀

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