The days have been sunny and gorgeous lately in Vancouver and summer break is starting in just a few weeks. With the nice temperature change the boys and I have been spending most of our time outdoors playing in our backyard.

Below I share some of our favourite things to do while we are outside and some of the things we are planning to do this summer while enjoying our time outdoors.


Some of our favourites are:

  • Water Balloon Fights 
  • Soccer Games
  • Simple Catch Games
  • Play Tag Together
  • Blow Bubbles
  • Play with a Frisbee
  • Sidewalk Chalk
kid splashing pool
  • Water Play: We have a small kid’s pool that we fill with some water and use to cool down. The boys splash around and have fun under the sun together. We got ours at Home Depot last summer and it has been used a lot so it was a great purchase.


  • Jumping Fun: This spring we got a new Springfree trampoline for the backyard and the boys have been loving it. They have been jumping on it daily and we’ve hosted some fun playdates with friends. We will definitely have some more trampoline parties this summer. A fantastic way to burn energy and exercise while enjoying some fresh air.  Something else we are looking forward to trying out with our trampoline this summer is the new tgoma digital gaming system. Tgoma is the first outdoor interactive gaming system designed for trampolines to get kids active outdoors. So fun!

springfree trampoline

  • Outdoor Toy Play: Sometimes the kids just want to play with their toys and taking some toys out to the backyard or deck is fun. We have a little water table we usually fill with some water and we bring out any water friendly toys or even cups for them to play with. Lots of fun!

water table toys

What are your favourite outdoor actives for your kids? How do you spend your summer days when you stay home? Share them below!