Looking for fun activities for the Easter long weekend that are both screen AND sugar-free?

We are partnering with Asmodee Canada to introduce you to their brand new games releases!

Check out their new games below, and enter to WIN a prize pack including all SIX games. ($250 approximate value).

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  1. MONKI is a push-your-luck game where you must collect enough fruit to become king. You could opt to collect multiple fruits during your turn, but beware: if you discover two identical fruits, you won’t collect anything this turn! Ages: 6+ , 2 players.
  2. VOICES IN MY HEAD. The guy is on trial, and his actions will determine if he goes free or to prison. Should he tell the truth, or lie for all he is worth? The decision is up to you in this wacky game of internal conflict in the court of law. “OK Guy, you messed up, but this trial might be your shot at redemption. Ages: 12+, 3-6 players.
  3. STOP THE ROBOTS  will put your observation, critical thinking, and speed to the test! Your mission: alone, or with friends; identify the robots using clues given by your virtual partner! Together, solve puzzles to deactivate the robots who are threatening the city. Hurry up, time is running out! Agers: 7+, 1-6 players.
  4. GATHERING OF THE WICKED. Imagine a dark and desolate realm, filled only with chaos and misfortune, where only the truly evil and most powerful Villains can survive and thrive… It’s time to find out which Disney Villains will reign supreme overall! But one question to bear in mind: In a world where everyone is wicked, is there anyone you can really trust? Ages: 10+, 6-12 players.
  5. BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. February 2022. Arkham. Bureau of Investigation briefing room. Welcome to the Bureau of Investigation, agents. Here are five more lovecraftian cases. Team up and follow the clues, read newspapers, analyze the scenes and, according to your instinct, investigate the suspects sneakily or question them face to face. Be careful out there, you’re heading to Arkham and that’s always strange! Grab your badge and go! Ages: 14+, 1-8 players.
  6. SKULL. Will you be able to reveal the most Flowers without ever revealing a deadly Skull? Skull is a quick and tense bluffing game that subtly mixes risk-taking and tactical decisions. Be bold, take risks! Try to get rid of your Skull by hiding it in the Flowers, but don’t get caught. With its simple rules, original design, and fun-filled gameplay, Skull will quickly become a staple of your game nights. Ages: 10+, 3-6 players.


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win all six board games featured above ( $250 approx. value). Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below.

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